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I'm intrigued by the unconventional and bizarre.  To take a serious look at something as potentially devastating as atomic aggression from unknown sources, or the current ongoing geo-political conflicts from the perspective of bible prophesy is not as far fetched as it may first appear, even when you search for answers in the code that is supposedly embedded in the arcane text of the scriptures.


Timely articles on current bible codes can be found at www.biblecodedigest.com.  And, as in all prophecy, only time will tell how accurate the prophetic messages might be.  Whether there is any truth to this or not, there is no mistaking the inescapable fact that we are all living in very interesting times.


Also, check out www.hiddencodes.com for more code information.  This site is a bit over the edge, so proceed with caution.  Sherry Shriner is one of many internet oracles.  Her stance is to the far left.  Her interpretations are laden with sci-fi/biblical scenarios, encompassing theories taken from David Icke and others that can be very entertaining and mind-blowing in their own right,  and positively frightening if you're inclined to believe in any of it.  


And here's another one.  It doesn't deal specifically with bible "code" but does deal with bible prophecy as it relates to modern times:  www.cuttingedge.org.   These guys are not your average right-wing evangelicals.  They have tons of information on their site propping up their own "get saved" agenda. Again, take the information with caution.  Prophecy, ancient or modern, is in the eye of the beholder and is contingent on how that information is interpreted. 


For those of you that want to know about apocalyptic prophesies throughout the ages, check out this site: www.abhota.info/end1.htm.   According to this extensive list, which careens well into the future, we should have been history a long, long time ago.


And the people at "True Bible Code" want us to know that 2008 is the year we will experience Armageddon.  From the looks of it they appear to be renegade Jehovah Witnesses.  Check them out at www.truebiblecode.com. Coincidently, Carl Calleman, biologist, scholar, and eminent Mayan Calendar researcher also says that 2008 is the likely timeline for something like Armageddon to take place, and if the financial meltdown is any indication then I suppose we have gone through a sort of Armageddon.   


Then there's this site, www.revelation13.net, that has a host of prophetic sources and methods, including bible code based on the King James English bible.  Most codes are translated from Hebrew.  Prophetic years covered are from 2008-2015.


Also of interest, especially in these conflicting times, is a website on Islam 101.  Because of the continuing Middle East turmoil, and because I knew next to nothing about the religion, I found it informative and helpful in trying to understand what's behind so much strife. It gives the uninitiated insight into what Islam is without leaning, for the most part, left or right.  Here's the site: www.islam101.com
What I find interesting in all this is that these people use similar instruments and methods to come up with their prophecies, forecasts, etc, and yet they are, in many cases, so very far apart in their conclusions and scenarios.  What they  have in common with each other, as well as with seers such as Edger Cayce, the Mayans and their obsession with the year 2012 A.D., is their agreement that we are on a sure-footed course toward self destruction, either at our own hands and/or by a combination of natural disasters and disease.  Additionally, the overwhelming consensus is that no matter what happens, these foreboding events are destined to occur (some say are already occurring) within a relatively short amount of time in the very near future...
Then there's something called "reverse-speech."  This is when a person is recorded and then their words played backwards to get an underlying, hidden (and allegedly) more truthful meaning to their language, like an encrypted truth code.  It can result in some very bizarre interpretations.  To read a discussion on the subject between Sherry Shriner and practicing reverse-speech researcher, Peggy Kane, click here.  Peggy Kane also has a blog that gives a more up-to-date dose of what she's up to.  Although I have my misgivings about her bizarre interpretation, you may want to check them out. 
Other notable sites:

And here's a Google video about yet another form of the Bible Code from infinitybiblecode.org:


Latest Bible Code Discoveries

This list runs from newest to oldest articles.

  • Oil in the Sea: The Deepwater Horizon Disaster

  • On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig experienced an explosion that resulted in the biggest off-shore oil spill in U.S. history. The codes in this article highlight the grievous nature of the oil spill, with the potential for causing illness, killing wildlife, and forcing us to face our dependence on oil and the guilt we feel because of it. In addition, the haunting similarity of this event to Revelation 8:8-9, reminds us of the fragility of life and the nearness of the End Times.

  • Climate Change: The Great Debate, Part I

  • A great debate rages over whether or not the world is getting warmer. The codes express a broad spectrum of points of view on this topic in the news.

  • Crisis Clusters III: Success and Failure in Leadership

  • The final three clusters on the topics of Barack Obama, the Global Financial Crisis, the Swine Flu, Global Crisis and Famine, and a variety of America-related search terms point to success and failure in leadership. In addition, new Obama codes are presented that have not been previously published.

  • Haitian Earthquake II: A Moment of Truth

  • The Haitian earthquake codes not only echo the devastation of the earthquake, but they point to it being a moment of truth for Haiti.

  • Earthquakes: Chile, Haiti, and Around the World

  • On February 27, 2010, just six weeks after the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, an 8.8 earthquake hit Chile. We searched for two spellings of Concepción and for Chilean Quake. We also ran searches for more generic terms: Earthquake (three spellings), The Earth Shook, Wounded by the Quake, Injured by the Quake, Quake Survivors, and Quake Orphans. Four of the 11 searches resulted in lengthy extensions at a 50% to 80% return rate.

  • Haitian Earthquake: Codes Graphically Depict the Destruction

  • On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake battered the Republic of Haiti causing massive destruction and loss of life, particularly in its capital, Port-au-Prince. Initial searches in the codes reveal descriptions of the destruction.

  • Crisis Clusters II: Everything Has Its Time

  • In this article, we present the next three clusters on the topics of Barack Obama, the Global Financial Crisis, the Swine Flu, Global Crisis and Famine, and a variety of America-related search terms. In addition, new Obama codes are presented that have not been previously published.

  • Buddha Codes in Ecclesiastes and Proverbs

  • In our continuing research on Buddha in the Bible Codes, we were prompted by Buddha's proverbs, which remind us of Solomon's writings, to look for Buddha in Ecclesiastes 1-7, 11, and Proverbs 1-29. The number of search terms where an extension was found was exceptionally high, and their content was particularly relevant.

  • God and Jesus in Proverbs 30:4: Jesus Will Mend My People

  • In a continuing effort to examine codes that pass through Scriptures that ask the question Who is Like God?, we searched for God and Jesus in Proverbs 30:4. The resulting codes are significant and memorable.

  • Prophet and Messiah: Garlic in a Lion's Tooth

  • Lengthy Prophet and Messiah codes echo Scripture and point to God's omniscience and creativity.

  • World Plague ELSs and the Discovery of Swine Flu Clusters

  • World Plague ELSs and the discovery of Swine Flu code clusters in Scriptures that speak of God's wrath.

  • Crisis Clusters Point to Serving God, Not Money

  • Barack Obama, Global Financial Crisis, Swine Flu, and Famine codes cluster in Scriptures that admonish to serve God and not money.

  • 2012: Is the End Coming?

  • As 2012 approaches, the furor mounts over whether there is any significance to the date that the Mayan calendar ends—December 21, 2012. There is even a big-budget action movie on the subject coming out in November 2009. Lengthy codes on the subject may shed some light.

  • Buddhist Codes Continue to Astonish

  • In our continuing efforts to research Buddha and Buddhism in the codes, using terms such as Dalai Lama, Siddhartha, and The Buddha, we have a diverse collection of codes to present that continue to astonish in content and location.

  • Crossroads: Netanyahu and Obama in Major End Times Cluster

  • Are Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama poised at the crossroads of history in the Middle East? Their names intersect in Ezekiel 38:3 and appear throughout Ezekiel 37-40. The resulting codes may point to End Times events.

  • America Terms Provide Revealing Glimpses

  • Codes on America, New York, White House, U.S. Government, Congress, and Treasury Department, provide glimpses into the economic crisis.

  • Global Crisis Codes Echo Current Concerns

  • Following the publication of The Global Economic Crisis codes, requests to search for Global Crisis, Global Famine, and Great Famine became prominent. The resulting codes echo current concerns.

  • Swine Flu

  • The media has been filled with reports on the Swine Flu. What do the codes have to say about it?

    A shorter version of this article was previously published under Hot Topics. This expanded version appeared for the first time in the May/June 2009 digest.

  • The Trinity in Genesis 1:1

  • Are there significant codes on the Trinity that appear in Genesis 1:1? Do some wrap back around the Torah and Tanakh?

  • The Global Economic Crisis: Codes Detail Numerous Causes and Effects

  • Given the state of the global economy and the many requests we have received to research it, BCD decided to run a series of searches on economic terms. The content of the extended codes includes more than a dozen causes of the crisis, affirms its global extent, and mentions a number of its effects.

  • Gaza Operation: A Highly Improbable Collection of Codes

  • On December 27, 2008, Israel Defense Forces launched a military campaign against the governing party of Gaza—Hamas. We searched for 19 terms suggested by Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., in the Bible code regarding this event. Twenty-three lengthy codes were found ranging from 13 to 54 letters long.

    A preliminary version of this article was posted under Hot Topics on January 21, 2009. This expanded version of the article appeared for the first time in the January/February 2009 Digest.

  • Yeshua the Messiah Codes: A Highly Improbable Collection

  • We searched for Yeshua the Messiah and The Messiah Yeshua ELSs in the Tanakh, and the findings were highly improbable.

  • Palin and Biden Codes

  • Sarah Palin and Joe Biden have both added their own brand of controversy to the already controversial U.S. presidential election. What do the Bible codes have to say about these vice presidential candidates? Check out the unusual codes in this article. [This article was posted to the BCD site on October 29, 2008, six days before the U.S. presidential election. BCD subscribers were notified of the posting on the same day.]

  • Inherent Tensions Between Buddhism and Christianity
    We began by looking for occurrences of Siddhartha as a Bible code and found two instances. The one with the shortest skip (-4,543) also included Jesus in the extended code. But not only that, the code had a profound message—Buddhism and Christianity conflict with one another in some ways.

  • Startling Election Codes Continue to Surface

  • With the U.S. presidential elections nearing, we decided to examine additional codes for McCain, J. McCain, and two different spellings of B. Obama.

  • Dramatic Buddhist Codes Discovered

  • The number and quality of the previous Buddha findings published in the March/April 2008 digest prompted us to search for the terms Buddhism and Buddhist as well.

  • 108-Letter-Long Buddhist Code Wraps Around the Tanakh Nine Times

  • A 108-letter-long extended code that makes clear sense to Buddhists, and it wraps around the entire Tanakh a record 9.03 times. Because of the presence of several highly improbable features, this code defies chance as a rational explanation.

  • Who Is the True Messiah? The Introduction

  • What happens when BCD and Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., search for the sentence Who is the true messiah? Check out the surprising findings.

  • Who Is the True Messiah? The 61-Letter Code

  • In-depth analysis of the 61-letter-long Who is the true messiah? code.

  • Startling Election Codes Surface

  • In the wake of the ongoing political campaigns of the three remaining U.S. presidential contenders, BCD asked Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., to example terms for the names of each of the candidate for possible extensions. What he found were numerous extended codes that reflect the turbulent and contentious nature of the current campaigns.

  • Jerusalem Terrorist Attack Codes

  • In March 2008, eight students were tragically killed and nine were wounded when a man began firing a gun in the Mercaz Harav yeshiva's library. Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., examined five findings of the name of the school for extensions, which in English means Center of the Rabbi.

  • Round Two: Highly Significant Buddha Codes Found in Isaiah 40-46

  • We explore more significant Buddha codes found in Isaiah 40-46.

  • Annapolis

  • Tuesday, November 27, 2007, the Annapolis Summit took place. Prior to the Summit, BCD ran three searches each on two spellings of the name Annapolis. This article outlines the intriguing and improbable results.

  • There Is No One Like God

  • In our continuing research into codes passing through the "Who Is Like God?" verses of Isaiah 40-46, we searched for the phrases There Is No Man, Indeed No Man, Indeed No One, and Who Is Like God?

  • Aharon the Priest Highlights

  • We present some brief highlights from Moshe Aharon Shak's two-part article on Aharon (Aaron) the Priest.

  • Aharon the Priest—Part II

  • Is Aharon's life outlined in detail in a short section in the Bible where the term Aharon is found at an overwhelming frequency? Moshe Aharon Shak presents the second half of his extensive findings.

  • Highly Significant Buddha Codes Found in Isaiah 40-46

  • After completing our searches for extensions to Yeshua ELSs found in the "Who is Like God?" verses of Isaiah 40-46, it occurred to us that it would be interesting to also search for extensions to Buddha ELSs in these same verses. And, while at it, we also searched for extensions to Muhammad and Moses ELSs in those same verses.

  • Aharon (Aaron) the Priest—Part I

  • Is Aharon's life outlined in detail in a short section in the Bible where the term Aharon is found at an overwhelming frequency? Moshe Aharon Shak presents his extensive findings in a two-part article.

  • Yeshua Codes in Isaiah 40–46

  • BCD examines Jesus (Yeshua) codes in Isaiah 40–46 to determine whether the findings are random or intentional.

  • Shimon Peres—Wins

  • On the eve of the Israeli Presidential Election, Moshe Aharon Shak discovered codes to indicate that Peres would win.

  • Remarkable Psalm 22 Cluster Grows

  • The already remarkable Psalm 22 cluster continues to grow with the addition of 15 lengthy ELSs.

  • Is Jesus the Messiah?

  • Could Bible codes possibly add anything definitive to the two-millennia-long controversy over Christian claims that Jesus of Nazareth was/is the Messiah of the Jews? We explore a rich host of clues from the codes.

  • Isaiah 53 Code's Explosion

  • Examining previous BCD code finds in Isaiah 53 for extensions resulted in an explosion of codes.

  • The War at the End of Times

  • Moshe Aharon Shak discovers 10 lengthy extensions of war ELSs in Ezekiel 40.

  • Articles About The Da Vinci Code

  • Dan Brown's controversial bestseller has stirred much interest about codes. We present six articles that survey the waterfront of this topic.

  • The Unexpected Effects of Letter Differences on Codes

  • Do textual differences invalidate codes or create opportunities for additional codes?

  • The Effects of a Letter Insertion

  • Using the Gettysburg Address, this article illustrates what a single letter difference in the text does to a code.

  • Looking for the King of Kings

  • Surprisingly, the book of Esther is the only book in the Bible that does not contain any of the Names of G-d in the surface text, though His Presence is felt throughout the narrative. There is, however, a much greater-than-expected number of appearances of YHWH ELSs in key passages in Esther. Moshe Aharon Shak presents dozens of intriguing, longer codes containing the most sacred name of G-d.

  • The 296-Letter-Long Shimon Peres Code

  • The length of the longest Bible code found to date has doubled. Moshe Aharon Shak presents his findings.

  • New 40-Letter Code Discovered

  • New code dramatically links Isaiah 53 with Gospel accounts of the transfiguration of Christ.

  • Skeptics' Criticisms Lead to Discovery of Much Longer Code

  • In preparing a rebuttal to Brendan McKay's and Dave Thomas's attack on the 22-letter "Gushing" code found by BCD, a longer 40-letter code was found.

  • Uncovering More of the Tapestry

  • How the new 40-letter code closely links with the literal text that it passes through.

  • Do Longer Codes Express Points of View?

  • Our picks of the most intriguing codes from various viewpoints.

  • Newest Code Discoveries

  • Here's a rundown on our latest discoveries

  • 147-Letter Mel Gibson Code Discovered

  • Orthodox Jewish Viewpoint Seems to be Dominant in New ELS

  • Mel Gibson Focus of Code Study

  • Fascinating ELSs emerge on man behind "The Passion of the Christ" film

  • Top 20 Longest Codes (2002–2003) Discovered by BCD Researchers

  • Newly reorganized listing presented along with descriptions

  • Codes in Bible vs. Any Book
    A review of the current finds by cluster.

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