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The nineteen entries are in chronological order, from Sept. 2001 to Dec. 2006, with the sections divided into separate colors.  I took to collecting the John Hogue notices to see how accurate the predictions might be over the course of time.
As scholarly and profound as John Hogue attempts to be when relating his interpretations of the Nostradamus puzzles, he still seems to be stretching his imaginative resources to their limits when he presents us with his periodic newsletters.  I've been collecting these news briefs from Hogue since 9/11.  In every one of them there is a sense that the man is casting the net over current events hoping to collect the right ingredients to qualify as prime staples in solving a given quatrain.
In the same vein but from a different source is Dolores Cannon.  Here's a link to her website with some Nostradamus prophecies.  How she came across her interpretations is a whole other subject.  It's far too much to include here but well worth investigating for yourself. 


           Fifth page: December 29, 2006/


Nostradamus Prophecies And WTC -
Separating False From Real
By John Hogue

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As promised in my first press release about the terrorist attacks on New York, issued on 12 September 2001, I now give you all an in-depth and referenced examination on the following themes in the prophecies of the 16th-century seer, Nostradamus, they are:

1. Exposing the false prophecy of Nostradamus attributed to the attack on New York and who is responsible for spreading it.

2. Introducing the REAL prophecies of Nostradamus concerning the present and future attacks on New York City, and the global consequences of these attacks in our future.

3. Decoding the real name of the terrorist responsible for these that indicate he is Nostradamus' long awaited "Third Antichrist" he code named "Mabus."

4. We will examine prophecies that point to the swift and sudden destruction of this "Mabus" in our near future.

5. The death of Mabus will not close the case on his crime against humanity. His martyrdom may herald a bloody, 27-year world war of terrorism.

6. The current president is in danger of falling as a casualty of war by next year. A new president taking office in America can cut short the potentially long and catastrophic war sometime after April or June of 2002 and as late as 2004.

7. And finally, we will examine an important clue in Nostradamus' apocalyptic writings alluding to a far more positive vision of our future. It is hidden in his terrifying prophecy about "the King of Terror, descending from the skies" on or shortly after July of either 1999 or 2000.

Please feel free to share this following open press release to all and everyone you choose. I only ask that you accurately represent my words and credit the source to me and my site http://www.hogueprophecy.com


On the same day terrorist attacks hurled jet airliners as missiles at America, the news and internet services spread a terror of another kind. A fraudulent prophecy attributed to Nostradamus. My publicists at Thorsons (A Division of HarperCollins Publishers) and I have discovered who is responsible for the fraud's rapid spread all over the world. A report from Reuters News Agency! Apparently the journalists at Reuters have forgotten the basic rule of good journalism: verify your facts! Clearly no one at that news agency checked the accuracy of the prophecy with a single Nostradamus scholar before they tossed it to global media outlets, like a bloody glove from O. J. Simpson, for sensational public consumption.

I invite Reuters to make amends for their professional mistake. I hereby grant them permission to send this press release on their wire services to the world at large. I ask Reuters to give an interpretation based on authentic and verifiable prophecies of Nostradamus prophecies its day in the sun.

Here is the "Hoax-tradamus" prophecy Reuters did not check:

In the year of the new century and nine months, From the sky will come a great King of Terror... The sky will burn at forty-five degrees. Fire approaches the great new city... In the city of york there will be a great collapse, 2 twin brothers torn apart by chaos While the fortress falls the great leader will succumb Third big war will begin when the big city is burning.

Nostradamus: written in 1564
Let me advise you all, and the press at large, that you can always smell a rat in Nostradamus prophecy when the prediction has no indexed volume and quatrain number. Even in his own day, Nostradamus had to counter the publication of false books of prophecy attributed to his name. He protected himself and us by indexing every prediction for verification.

The first two lines of this clever fraud mangle real lines of Nostradamus coming from Century 10, Quatrain 72. Then the fraud's next two lines are stolen outright and out of context from the real lines of Century 6 Quatrain 97. Finally, there are no documented prophecies that even come close to what Reuters spread all over the planet as words written by Nostradamus from the year 1564.


Rather than fawn and frighten people with a fraud, I ask those of you in the press to disseminate the following two prophecies. These are REAL prophecies that some scholars of Nostradamus in the past have placed before you as warnings of future attacks on New York. In my case I have been placing these prophecies before the media for over 15 years. Here are the real and indexed predictions translated directly from the earliest editions of Nostradamus' original Renaissance French work, "Les Propheties" (first printed in serialized form between 1555 and 1568).
C6 Q97 reads:

At forty-five degrees latitude, the sky will burn, Fire approaches the great new city, Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up, When they want to have verification from the Normans (the French)
"New" York "city" is near latitude 45 degrees. It is relatively young as cities go and there are no cities exactly on this latitude that one could call "new" and significant enough to alert Nostradamus' attention. Lines 2 and 3 could describe the flaming engines of two jet airliners approaching the great new city. They crash into the World Trade Center towers. Huge fireballs of "scattered flame" erupt while intelligence sources in the US seek verification from their French opposites about rumors of an imminent attack on America.

Indeed there were warnings coming from Europe at the time of the attack! If one can enlarge Nostradamus' theme then more huge and scattered flames are coming. There will be a huge scattered array of terrorist targets blazing around the world very soon.

Now to the second "real" prophecy that narrows the focus on New York as Nostradamus' intended "new city" under attack:

C10 Q49 reads:

Garden of the world near the new city, In the path of the hollow mountains: It will be seized and plunged into a boiling cauldron, Drinking by force the waters poisoned by sulfur.

If you were to stand on the western shore of the Hudson River, in New Jersey (also known as the "Garden State"), and look across to Manhattan Island, you would see the man made "mountains" of New York. Even New Yorkers describe their boulevards as "canyons" among the mountainous skyscrapers. If you have ever flown into New York, or stood upon the shores of the Hudson, you might use Nostradamus' 16th century metaphor of "hollow mountains" to describe the once Everest-like monuments of human architecture that until recently cast a giant shadow over the southern tip of the financial district of Manhattan.

"In the path" of those "hollow" mountains raced terrorists in hijacked jet liners ready to unleash their mortal blows. The hollow mountains are "seized and plunged" into the boiling "vat" or "cuue" as Nostradamus describes it in Renaissance French. The "cuue" is a fermenting cauldron wherein. Nostradamus, a physician and cosmetics manufacturer by profession, would plunge materials for the mixing of his medicines and cosmetics. The cauldron would summon boiling clouds as objects were seized and thown into it. I believe his use of "cuue" is a poetic attempt to capture the vision of vast, mountainous buildings being pushed down by gravity. It describes the hollow mountains crumbling and melting away in the ferment of boiling clouds made of their own pulverized debris. The last line may attempt to describe the toxicity of the debris cloud that blanketed New York City with the stench of asbestos laced dust.

This final line of Century 10 Quatrain 49 could also augur a future and far more catastrophic attack on New York.
Starting all the way back to 1986, I began warning my readers that this prophecy may describe an terrorist attack on New York's financial district. I thought the attacker would use a small nuclear weapon or other weapons of mass destruction.

The prediction that says, "It will be seized and plunged into a boiling cauldron, drinking by force the waters poisoned by sulfur," may describe yet another terrorist attack on New York. The next attack could come from terrorists hiding a crude nuclear device hidden in the belly of a cargo ship anchored off south Manhattan island.

Back in 1994, in "Millennium Book of Prophecy" (http://www.hogueprophecy.com/millbk.htm), I warned of attacks on New York and other cities by something as seemingly incongruous and harmless as a small plane loaded with plutonium or anthrax dust. The plane could pass over the towers of the hollow mountains sprinkling their noisome loads on unsuspecting civilians. As I write this, there are indications that such an attack in immanent. Reuters has received news from the well-regarded Jiji News Agency in Japan that such an attack by small private planes and/or crop dusters could be days or weeks away.

I pray that such a future will be prevented by the vigilance of the American people. I also pray that my interpretation of prophecies of mass terrorism are only terrible, because they are terribly wrong.


Those of you who have read my books since 1987 know that I believe Nostradamus pointed to a third world war of international terrorism slated to begin around, or a few years after, July of 1999. New York (was) is the prime target. My understanding of the prophecies led me to believe that the terrorist leader responsible for masterminding the attack would be one of the first to fall in this war. I believe this man will be Nostradamus' "Third Antichrist." He is also code named "Mabus" in the prophecies. By the way, the first two Antichrists were code named "Napaulon Roy" (Napoleon King), and "Hister" (Hitler). If one accepts that Nostradamus only lightly scrambled the real names of the first two, then the letters masking the real name of "Mabus" must be relatively easy to decode.

Before we decode his name, let us comprehensively examine the two authentic prophecies written by Nostradamus concerning his fate.

The first is Century 2 Quatrain 62:

Mabus will soon die, then will come, A horrible undoing of people and animals, At once one will see vengeance, One-hundred powers (Nations), thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Century 8 Quatrain 77 continues the theme:

The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated, Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last. The heretics are dead, captives exiled, Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened, icy hail covering the earth.

I have long interpreted the appearance of the comet Hale-Bopp in 1997 as the clue to Mabus surfacing in our near future. I believed that Nostradamus points to him (at least in part) in a related Quatrain 72 of Century 10 as the "king of terror, descending from the skies" either in "1999 and seven months" (July 1999) or "1999 plus seven months" (July 2000). Although few could ignore the apt comparison of civilian jets crashing into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center towers as a "terror descending from the skies," I also believe these dates approximate the descent of another catastrophe from the skies -- global warming. Indeed, the spike in accounts of record breaking temperatures and a rash of freak weather during the period of 12 months beginning with July of 1999 through July of 2000 did alert the world and the mainstream media that global warming was a real problem.

There are many in the Nostradamus field who felt let down that no significant terrorist attacks came either in July of 1999 or 2000. Did Nostradamus get it wrong?

I believe the advent of "Mabus" has arrived, if slightly later than expected by Nostradamus.

I for one, do not fault a man predicting events 450 years in the future who misses his written date by two years and four months or 14 months, depending on which "July" Nostradamus intended.

If you examine closely the Mabus and Third Antichrist prophecies of Nostradamus, they reveal a rich assortment of parallel clues to what may happen as a consequence to the terrorist attacks on America on 11 September 2001.

Both prophecies clearly promise the rapid destruction of the Third Antichrist at the onset of his war. For instance the first prediction says "Mabus will soon die..." matches the second prediction's phrase that the Third Antichrist is "very soon annihilated."

Once he dies the first prophecy adds, "Then will come a horrible undoing of people and animals." The second continues the same apocalyptic vision but adds more specific and horrific descriptions about the dead and dying. They are soaked and stained red by icy hail showers.

These awful images bring to mind the result of a war bringing climatic catastrophe to the earth; one where "a reddened, icy hail covering the earth" is a watered down version of a nuclear winter -- or what I have called a nuclear autumn. Could dust and fire clouds cool down the climate after a sustained nuclear attack by the Anti-Terrorist Alliance against cities and countries that harbor terrorists in the Near East?

Is there another interpretation?

Did Nostradamus -- a man of the Renaissance period -- find it hard to explain a future plague raining from biological and chemical agents?

His nightmare visions of a "terrible undoing of people and animals" and "blood-soaked human bodies....a reddened, icy hail..." etc., could be his attempt to describe the "rain" from clouds of reddish and milky white biological or chemical agents falling upon the dead. Thus a rain that kills both human beings and animals alike in our future can come from a hail shower, if you will, of radioactive isotopes, Serin pesticide, or Anthrax bacteria.

The "Third Antichrist" prophecy of Century 8 Quatrain 77 may augur condemnation, labeling the shadowy minions of Mabus as "heretics." Perhaps Nostradamus means they do not follow the teachings of their religion. "Islam means "peace." Moreover, they are "captives exiled," indicating that many terrorist operatives will soon be arrested and find their way into prisons far from their homelands.

The closing words of the Mabus prophecy of Century 2 Quatrain 62, imply an overwhelming counterattack: "At once one will see vengeance" coming from "one-hundred powers..."

The current US coalition against terrorism numbers around one-hundred nations.

The mention of "thirst" and "famine" are common in what one could call Nostradamus' numerous third world war prophecies. (I invite you to verify this by reading my translations of the following prophecies with my commentaries in "Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies." (http://www.hogueprophecy.com/ncomplet.htm) Quatrain 98 of Century 5 speaks of a global drought over the Northern Hemisphere's grain belts at latitude 48. In Quatrain 67 of Centuries 1 and 4, you will find mention of a terrible worldwide famine. These perhaps are the future results of today's growing stresses on food and water demands coming from overpopulation. Dozens of other prophecies in Nostradamus infer that our growing numbers could eventually overtax civilization and become a far more powerful factor than terrorism in dragging the world down into a third world war. If my reading of Nostradamus' numerous astrological dates for such a war and ecological disasters are correct then we still have around 20 years' time to avoid this world war "free-for-all" over dwindling resources.


Who is Mabus? Can we identify his real name and use this prophecy to target him before he targets the world?
Back in early June of 2001 I wrote the following passage in a bulletin at my web site (http://www.hogueprophecy.com/archiv20.htm). I applied the laws of anagram used by Nostradamus to possibly decode his name as a contemporary terrorist operative:

(Beginning of Quote): According to my interpretation of this enigmatic code name in such books as "Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies" and "Nostradamus: The New Revelations"(http://www.hogueprophecy.com/nthenew.htm), I posed that Mabus is a North African or Middle Eastern Arab terrorist. I base my theory on Nostradamus' habit of hiding his messages in classical cryptograms. To me, Mabus stands for Thurbo "Majus," the classical Roman name given to the "infernal God of Hannibal" referred to in Quatrain 30 of Century 2 (See pages 177-179 of "Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies"). Majus (Mabus) is the Romanized name for the city God of Carthage in North Africa. The ruins of Carthage, in Tunisia, are but a few miles from what was once the chief headquarters for the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) for much of the 1960s and 70s. Thus any number of shadowy figures of Arab terrorism have spent their time near Thurbo Majus, hiding their true identities under code names beginning with "Abu" (Arabic for "father").

The wide use of Abu fits the prophet's rules of anagram decoding. You can drop one or two letters in a word, for instance, the "m" and "s" from "mABUs" and you get "Abu." The Majus-Mabus link implies those individuals or organizations using that PLO North African base or those organizations and their operatives who are code named "Abu" -- such as Abu Amar, Abu Nidal, or Abu Abbas, etc. -- as candidates for the Third Antichrist.

Beyond the PLO connection, Nostradamus scholar, Bardo Kidogo, uses classical Persian metaphors to unveil Mabus as a modern-day Iranian Ayatollah. He sees Mabus as a cryptogram for Gobrayas Megabyzus who was one of several conspirators who overthrew a Zoroastrian priest (or magus) who had usurped the throne of Persia (Iran) in ancient times. Megabyzus (Mabus) later helped Darius become Emperor of Persia. Later, as a governor of Persian holdings in Europe, Megabyzus showed himself to be a real tyrant with a flair for terrorism. His favorite modus operandi was to attack enemy states from within. I would add that currently leading Ayatollahs in Iran's Islamic fundamentalist leadership are encouraging and financing fringe Palestinian terrorist organizations such as Hamas, as well as the Shi'ite-Lebanese Hizbullah. Hizbullah regularly shells Israeli targets from Lebanon and more than once has nearly triggered a widening Middle Eastern war in the last eight months of the new Intifada. Spokesmen for Hamas have stepped forward and claimed responsibility for the recent Tel Aviv disco bombing.

Mabus could also be currently hiding out in Afghanistan. The Saudi terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, who commands his war of jihad on America and Israel from a base camp in remote Afghanistan, often sees Western reporters phonetically misspell the Arabic pronunciation of his first name. It is "Usama." Thus a true phonetic spelling makes his name a classic fit for Mabus if one follows Nostradamus' rules of wordplay. "Usama" = maaus. Drop the redundant "a" and replace with a single letter allowed by the rule and Insert a "b" = Mabus.

Then there is Saddam Hussein of Iraq. You can find his name matching that of Mabus by using a simple occult word game. First spell m-a-b-u-s backwards; then turn any letters around that can represent a new letter once reversed, such as "b" turned to a "d." Thus, "Mabus" spelled backwards is "Sudam." Use the law of replacing one letter and you get "Sadam." Phonetic redundancies allow you to spell it with an extra "d" and it becomes "Saddam."

Despite the current bellicose climate between Israelis and Palestinians, I still hold that Saddam Hussein of Iraq is the chief candidate for Mabus, to date. He considers himself the protector of extremist Palestinian aspirations -- namely; the deep rooted desire to push Israelis into the sea and take back all Palestinian lands seized in Israel's 1948 war of independence. He has pledged a force of up to 5 million armed Iraqi Mujahadeen poised to assist their Palestinian brethren in the coming conflict. Intelligence reports indicate that Saddam Hussein is rapidly rebuilding his chemical and biological weapons arsenals. He may yet produce atomic bombs -- either smuggled from former Soviet sources or through manufacturing a crude bomb of his own. The most conservative Pentagon estimates say Iraq could build or procure an atomic weapon in less that five years.
(End of quote)


If my interpretations from June 2001 are accurate then you will see the perpetrator of the attack on America this September of 2001 banished and annihilated no later than early April of 2002. That conclusion can be derived from an understanding of Quatrain 24 of Century 6, which reads:

Mars and the sceptre (of Jupiter) will meet in conjunction, A clamitous war under Cancer: A short time afterward a new king will be annointed, Who will brng peace to the earth for a long time.

The JPL American Ephemeris sets the next conjunction of Mars and Jupiter for early April of 2002. The early-20th century Nostradamus scholar, Wllner, puts it for 24 June 2002. I believe the first calculation is more accurate but I would not rule out the drift of predicted events to a slightly later time, like the summer of next year.

America is ruled by the sign of Cancer in astrology. The current American president, George W. Bush, is also born under the sign of Cancer. Thus one could decode the second line of the prophecy above to read "a calamitous war under America and its leader." If this is a correct decoding of the line, then America's war waged by President Bush against terrorism will be a calamity for his country, the American economy, and perhaps bring catastrophe even to himself.

The reason for this interpretation goes beyond the prophecies of Nostradamus. Predictive astrology warns us that the U.S. presidential campaign of 2000 was once again under the shadow of malefic planetary conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn. This conjunction takes place once every 20 years. Every president, ever since 1840, who has campaigned under this conjunction in a year ending with a zero has faced near-fatal harm or death through illness during their presidency. President Bush must weather this dire destiny, with its threat of sudden health crises or assassination, just like President Reagan before him, and John F. Kennedy, Roosevelt, Harding, McKinnley, Garfield, Lincoln, and Harrison. In my own presidential predictions logged over the years I have stated clearly that the current president -- whether it would be Gore or Bush -- is in danger of dying in office before finishing his term. I began publicly stating this danger since 1998. At that time I declared that we may lose the next president in a crash of Airforce One, or see him die from a sudden and unexpected heart attack.

Let us return to Nostradamus, and Century 6 Quatrain 24. Perhaps by April or June of next year, President Bush will be a casualty in this war as well as the fearsome Mabus. The perceived threat to Airforce One and the President from terrorist attack on 11 September -- and the continued trouble Vice-President Cheney has with heart disease -- unfortunately plays into this prophecy. I still hold a hope that my predictions are wrong about both men.


I fear that Nostradamus in Century 6 Quatrain 24 points to more tragedy visiting America. Still, there is some hope for a positive outcome and soon. Shortly after April or June of 2002 a new leader is elected. Perhaps this is a vice-president taking office or even a new president elected in 2004. Time will only tell. The line in Nostradamus' prophecy that says, "he will bring peace to the earth for a long time" may give us hope for a rapid resolution of what could have been a war lasting twenty-seven years.

The astrological key word "Cancer" and phrase "calamitous war" in Century 6 Quatrain 24 links the prophecy to the notorious "King of terror/July 1999" prophecy of Century 10 Quatrain 72.

Cancer in astrology rules the month of July. I have always believed that this prophecy about a calamitous war under Cancer ending in April or June of 2002 is an alternative future outcome to a war started by a "king of terror" descending from the skies around or after July of 1999.

Here is the full text of the 1999 prediction, line-by-line, with my inserted notes:

In 1999 and seven months...
(In other words, in the month ruled by Cancer.)
...the great king of terror will descend from the skies.
(That terror descended in hijacked civilian jet airliners crashing into the Pentagon and the "hollow mountains" of the World Trade Center.)

...He will resurrect the king of the Mongols...
(I believe this statement shows a 16th-century man recognizing the assent of China as a superpower to rival its influence in world history to that of its Mongols overlords of the past. If "he" infers the Third Antichrist, then a future conflict between China and America could be over the horizon because of his terrorism.)

...Before and after Mars rules happily.
Most interpreters and amateur Nostradamus scholars overlook the occult significance of the use of Mars in the last line of C10 Q72. They usually translate this to mean "war" because conventional wisdom in occult circles says Mars rules war. Those interpreters are wrong. A more thorough understanding of the symbolic potentials of Mars in predictive astrology could see the final line of this dark and terrifying prediction translated with a silver lining.

In its lower mystical potentials, Mars does stand for war, droughts, famines, the release of suppressed and explosive anger, self-righteous cruelty, heated words, and perhaps in an abstract sense the heating up of the climate from global warming. If you translate the phrase "before and after, Mars rules happily" by inserting the planet's higher symbolic aspect then "Mars" represents the god of magic and spiritual transformation. Thus if we combine the two prophecies of C10 Q72 and C6 Q24 together, the new millennium may start with a calamitous war against terrorism fought under those of the sign of Cancer (America). In other words "before" we have Mars representing war. Then America could shift the vision of Mars towards its higher aspect sometime after April or even June of 2002. In other words, "after" that time Mars "rules happily" in peace and a political climate of fresh and inspired beginnings.

If this interpretation is correct then we will see a new leader rise to take the reins of America either in mid-term of the current presidency or "shortly afterwards" by 2004. Look to him to bring on the potential of a future ruled by the higher aspect of Mars -- long and sustained peace. In this positive translation of Mars the resurrected Mongol who is a metaphor for the rise of China as a superpower is not the murderous Genghis Khan, but his grandson, the more civilized and peace loving Kublai Khan. Rather than China going to war with America as a competitor, they as superpowers find a balance in power that increases prosperity and peace on earth.

I believe what I wrote back in 1997 can yet apply to a hopeful outcome of today's terrible events. At that time I wrote, "The rise of China as a superpower to match the United States could bring balance and stability to the world. The quality of effort, courage, and skill that leaders of both great nations employ to effect the change from nationalist to internationalist government before and 27 years after 1999 will determine which aspect of "Mars" will "rule" -- bloody war or benign enlightenment" ("Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies," pg. 800.)

We cannot fulfill both these destinies of War or Peace together. The current leader of America may die in the coming struggle, but perhaps a new leader will take his place. Under a new administration, America may back away from its own historic part in its dysfunctional and self-righteous relationship with the Middle and Near East. May America's current and future leaders rule with the understanding that all people and all things are divine, and deserve our tolerance and love.

We stand at a crossroads on the Cusp of time. One destiny leads to sustained terror and war, the other to understanding and peace. The actions of history's power players around April or June of 2002 can create a new world war or set us on a course for a spiritual awakening that brings a millennium of peace.

I pray for peace for all, and a life lived beyond those conditioned habits of history that have doomed each generation up to the present time to be so predictable,
John Hogue

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(1 FEBRUARY 2002)

And the Terror Triumvirate Foreseen by Nostradamus

Dear Friends,
We are entering February 2002. Some of you may remember that my astrological calculations and oracular gut feelings expressed previously in bulletins and on radio appearance pointed to February, April and the Summer of this new year as times when we could see a sudden escalation of violence in the world war of terrorism.

The rhetoric has already escalated. January closed with US President Bush giving his first State of the Union speech before Congressnow immortalized as the Axis of Evil speech. In it the president defined any nation that harbors terrorists and seeks weapons of mass destruction as evil. In other words, President Bush has officially added Iran, and North Korea to his target list with Saddam Husseins Iraq. Moreover, the leader of the free world, who has at his disposal the largest arsenal of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons in history, has condemned these countries as evil and put them on notice that at any time they may face the full economic and military wrath of the United States unless they curtail any association with terrorist organizations, and stop seeking, exporting, or manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

After making his State of the Union ultimatums, the president closed January with far more sweeping fire and brimstone bellicosity in every subsequent Axis of Evil speech he made. In turn the leaders of Iraq and Iran have dismissed Bushs new Marvel-Comics-like label with their own sweeping and categorically cartoon literate reactions. Saddam Hussein called Bushs Axis of Evil definition stupid. President Khatami of Iran first publicly stated his sadness at the US presidents aggressive and sweeping definition of Iran as an evil nation, then later called Bush a bismuth. The official response from the North Korean government described Bushs statement as tantamount to a declaration of war and added rather ominously that a first strike capability is not the exclusive option of the United States. Adding insult to brinkmanship, January ended with many US television news channels offering up images of Kim Dae Jung, the democratically elected president of South Korea, when commenting on North Korea and its dictator, Kim Jong Il.

It seems that February will not be a month for moderation and sober leadership, but a month of infantile name calling and dangerous ultimatums. It will be a month of simplistic rather than seminal political maneuvers. Bushs Axis of Evil label and his ever more strident you are either with us or against us stance has already hurt the popular movement of moderates inside Iran. Rather than strengthen the quiet revolution to overthrow Islamic extremism in the Iranian government, Iranians generally view Bushs definition as a condemnation of their whole nation. Their fear of an of immanent attack has only strengthened the power of the committee of Ayatollahs who are a law above the religiously moderate and democratically elected Iranian President.

Europeans and their leaders view Bushs free and ever more frequent use of the e (evil) word, with greater foreboding. The United States closest Western European allies voice their unease at what appears to be his intention to dictate terms and strategies unilaterally. Yet, President Bushs new level of rousing rhetoric has seen his popularity in some American polls rise beyond the 90 percentile range.

Thus we enter a new month with three countries defined as evil enemies of the United States. No sooner (and certainly not before) the three were defined as an Axis of Evil the American news organs produce a "timely" introduction of documents fished out of the ruins of al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan, probably more than a month ago, depicting crude drawings of Seattles Space needle and US nuclear power plants on al-Qaedas wish list of future US assets and reactors targeted for destruction.

Although many people mostly outside of the US view Bushs combativeness and unilateralism as becoming ever more a part of the problem as those nations harboring terrorists, his critics should take notice that he is onto something.

I believe that George W. Bush has correctly defined the new axis alliance of a new world war, and Nostradamus may have foreseen this axis of terror over four centuries ago.

For fifteen years and counting, I have published my belief that a passage from Nostradamus Epistle to King Henry II of France, written in 1558, defined the alliances and bloody outcome of a future war waged between two great northern superpowers and an Eastern triumvirate of terrorist nations.

I present the following passage from the Epistle and my translation and interpretation, taken from pages 588591 of Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies. It is the most complete synthesis of all the elements of a number of recorded interpretations I have made through the years about the triumvirate-of-terror theme. Indeed, most of the following interpretations, which were published in 1997, found themselves in articles printed as far back as 1984.


Quelle grande oppression que par lors sera faicte sus les princes & gouuerneurs des royaumes, mesmes de ceux qui seront maritimes & orientaux & leurs langues entremeslees grande societe, la langue des Latins & des Arabes par la cmunication punique, & seront tous ces Roys orietaux chassez, profligez, exterminez, non du tout par le moye des forces des Roys dAquilon, & par la proximit de nostre siecle par le moyen des trois vnys secretremet cercht la mort & insidies par embusches lvn de lautre, & durera le renouuellement de triumuirat sept ans, que la renommee de telle secte fera son estendue par lvniuers & sera soubstenu le sacrifice de la saincte & immaculee hostie, & seront lors les Seigneurs deux en nombre dAquilon victorieux sur les orientaux, & sera en iceux faict si grand bruict & tumulte bellique, que tout iceluy orient tremblera de leffrayeur diceux freres non freres Aquilonaires.

What a great oppression then will fall upon the princes and governors of kingdoms and especially those that shall live near the sea and eastward, their language intermixed in a great society (of nations); The language of the Latin nations and of the Arabic intermixed via the North African interchange, and all these Eastern Kings shall be driven away, beaten and annihilated, not altogether by the means of the forces from the Kings of the North -- and by the near proximity of our century -- by means of three secretly united seeking for death by ambushes (terrorism) one against the other; and the renewal of the Triumvirate shall last for seven years; yet, the fame of such a sect shall spread the world over, and the sacrifice of the holy and immaculate host shall be upheld, and then shall the lords be two in number of the North (bloc?), victorious over the Eastern ones and there shall be a great noise and warlike tumult that all the East shall quake and fear those two brothers of the North who are yet not brothers.

Nostradamus steps back to paint us a broader picture of what appears to be World War III alliances. Sides will be drawn seven years before the end of the 20th century, or the war will be fought sometime after 1999 and will last for seven years. A triumvirate of Eastern Kings will secretly unite, using ambushes and anarchy as their main weapons against their chief nemeses, the Kings of the North -- possibly America, the EC, and Russia. Language intermixed with a great society of nations places this prophecy in modern times. Note the North African allusion to Tunisia, the headquarters of the PLO. Libyas close ties with France and Italy through oil are also inferred. Because Nostradamus usually defines all points beyond Greece as Asia, this Eastern alliance has every chance of being a Mid-Eastern and even North African Axis alliance.

I can only assume from continual references throughout the Bible, and the auguring of Nostradamus and other prophetic giants such as Edgar Cayce and Cheiro, that the three most likely combinations for candidates for this triumvirate are Libya, Syria, and Iran; Egypt, Syria and Iran; or even Sudan, Libya and Iran. Elsewhere in the quatrains we have already examined references to Mesopotamia -- Iraq -- playing a primary role in the greater war to come. Operation Desert Storm may be no more than an early episode in a long pan-Islamic war with the West that will make some of Americas staunchest Arab Coalition allies, like Syria and Egypt, into greater enemies than the Iraqis. Whoever the Mid-Eastern triumvirate finally turns out to be, they will find support from some greater Eastern King, implying the leader of the Peoples Republic of China or North Korea.

The Arab triumvirate and its Eastern ally, China, suffer the mother of all massacres through the overwhelming firepower of the great northern powers. If by near proximity of our century, Nostradamus means Armageddon is at hand, he is as inaccurate on dating the final battle as St John of Revelation was in the first century A.D., when he slotted the Second Coming of Christ in his own near future.

Nostradamus, like many of historys greatest prophets, shares a collective vision that the Cold War scenario had little prophetic weight. If theres to be a third world war, it will come from a conflict of biblical proportions in the Middle East. And, the quatrains strongly suggest that such a war comes only after Russia drops communism and is brothers, or friends, with the United States. But beware, the brotherhood is premature. When Nostradamus says they are not yet brothers he makes a word-play link to 2Q89s two great friends who are halved. Nostradamus uses demis, which can be the French damis (of friends), or the Latin word demis (being halved or split apart). The instigator for this split could be Mabus (2Q62) and/or the Third Antichrist, who may use submarines based in either Libya or the Persian Gulf to trigger a terrorist event so horrendous that it undermines the Russo-American alliance.



Since the terrible events of 9-11, thousands of you have sent me prophetic leads, questions and observations concerning prophecies written by the French seer, Nostradamus, and how they may be applied to the attack on the World Trade Center. The global attention focused on my work no longer makes it feasible for me to answer each of you individually, sorry to say. I can promise you that I will read all of your letters; however, my personal responses will be few and far between for the next year or so as I am about to begin writing my tenth book,.

Today, I will address some of the shared questions and comments many of you have sent me after a reading of the press release dated 24 September 2001. (If you have not read it yet, the press release will remain posted on my home page for a few more months before I move it to the HogueProphecy Archives.)

Now to your collective questions:

Can one see the original manuscript of Nostradamus?

I have a copy of the principle edition of his complete prophecies. You can find them either in the Bibliotque Nationale in Paris, or at the Muse dAix-en-Provence. You can see all the original spelling of his quatrain prophecies and two famous prophetic letters in my book, Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies.

Are copies of his writings tainted or changed from the original versions?

Yes. A number of scholars down through the centuries have modernized the spelling of his texts. Even Edgar Leonis masterpiece of scholarship on Nostradamus, published in 1961, suffers from editing and cleaning up the prophets strange and tangled writings. These efforts are usually done in good faith and in the sincere attempt to clarify what the prophet is trying to say. I take the view that if Nostradamus wanted his utterances to read clearly he would not have taken so much time and effort to write, as he admits, in a nebulous fashion. (An extensive essay on Nostradamus premeditated effort to code and obscure his prophecies can be had by reading the opening chapters of Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies.)

Does Nostradamus mention globalization as the next step in our social and political future?

Yes, for better or worse. He is one of the few prophets who speaks about Europeans as if they are members of a nation. Perhaps he has seen the coming of the European Union and the coming of the supernation.

Is oil mentioned as a future source of conflict?

Indirectly. Consider the following prophecy (Century 4 Quatrain 39) and interpretation from Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies, written in 1995.

(Please note that I will first give you the original text before my English translation for all samples:)

Les Rhodiens demanderont secours,
Par le neglect de ses hoyrs delaisse:
Lempire Arabe reualera son cours,
Par Hesperies la cause redresse.(*)

The people of Rhodes will demand relief,
Abandoned by neglect of their heirs:
The Arab Empire will assess its course,
Its cause revived* again by the West.

(*) Revived (redresse): in the 1970s, President Assad of Syria and Saddam Hussein of Iraq worked together as leading personages of the Arab Baathist (or Arab Revival) party, a political movement dedicated to uniting the Arab world into one Pan-Islamic superpower.

The generalities of the first two lines can either paint a historical background for Nostradamus time or offer a prediction for the 20th century. First the historical slant: The conquest of Rhodes in 1522 by the Ottoman Turks required that Charles V move the Knights of Saint John to a new home on the Island of Malta. In other words the people of Rhodes are neglected by their knights, who under the terms of their surrender to the Sultan must leave the island. Now for the prophetic angle: The heirs of Rhodes, the Ottoman Turks, later lost this neglected island possession in a war with Italy in 1912.

The last two lines take us beyond our own time into the future of Pan-Arabism.

Nostradamus writings include prophecies that a fierce Mohammedan chieftain will invade the soft underbelly of Christian Europe. In the 16th and 17th centuries interpreters believed this Mohammedan would come with his hordes from the North African region of the Ottoman Empire. But the Turkish overlords and their Barbare/Libyan allies never made good these interpreted threats because the Arab Turkish empire began to cumble not long after Nostradamus death.

Fast forward to the 20th century and historical events that revitalize the prophetic debate. Here we have Nostradamus predicting that an Arab empire would rise again: Abandoned by neglect of their heirs, / The arab Empire will assess its course, / Its cause revived again by the West.

Oil has certainly revived the Arab Empire lost through the heirs of the 16th-century Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent. Furthermore, in the post-millenial world the Wests hunger for Arab oil will swell to even more outlandish proportions. In 1993 it was reported Americas dependence on foreign oil imports has risen to an all-time high of 50 percent. OPEC rather than the Ottomans will rise again as the demand for petroleum makes the dominant Arab wing of the oil cartel the power brokers of energy for the developed world.

Did people predict 9-11 before it happened?

I believe Nostradamus foresaw it centuries ago and my views on the matter are posted on my home page since 24 September. I certainly have received many testimonials from people claiming to have seen the attack before the event. Unfortunately, a testimonial coming after the event cannot be used as evidence of authentic prescience, even if the person sending such a testimonial knows it is true. On 10 September, I also had a powerful premonition that something was about to happen. I could not exactly pinpoint whether it was my death coming or death coming to a number of people collectively.

I have witnesses. I know the premonition was real, and I also know that my premonitions were not video taped, documented and sealed beforehand and therefore cannot stand as objective proof for those outside my intimate circle.

Does Century 1 Quatrain 9 in Nostradamus describe a warning of an attack on New York when it says: From the East will come a treacherous act?

No. Nostradamus use of the Hadrie anagram in subsequent lines points to an attack by the Ottoman Turks against Cyprus in the latter half of the 16th century. Hadrie is his anagram for Henry IV of France. Thus the time frame is late 16th, early 17th century and not today.

Is the phrase Twin Towers mentioned in Nostradamus?

No. I have at my disposal a database of all 36,000 words Nostradamus used in his prophecies. There is nothing in his use of French that places twin with tower(s). On the other hand, there are references to towers in the plural, shaking in a new city. I will address this Arethusa prophecy (C1 Q87) in the questions and answer segment of a future bulletin.

Does Century 10 Quatrain 82 describe the planes crashing into the towers in New York and the shower of glass falling like knives on the pedestrians below?

Let us look at the prophecy in Renaissance French and then in English:

Cris, pleurs, larmes viendront auec coteaux,
Semblant fouyr donront dernier assault:
Lentour parques planter profonds plateaux,
Vifs repoussez & meurdris de prinsault.

Cries, weeping, tears will come with knives
Seeming to flee they will deliver a final assault.
Around the parks; they will set up vast platforms,
Violently repelled and murdered instantly.

One could apply these images to the New York attacks but there are no specific clues,
such as we saw above for the symbol of three lions for modern India in C7 Q16.
Therefore, I cannot rule out another horrifying event other than 9-11 recounted in
Century 10 Quatrain 82.

Does C9 Q92 relate to the new city New York attacks on 9-11?

Here is the French and English:

Le Roy vouldra dans cit neufue entrer,
Par ennemis expugner lon viendra:
Captif libere faux dire & perpetrer,
Roy dehors estre, loing dennemis tiendra.

The king will want to enter the new city,
Through its (his) enemies they will come to subdue it (him):
Captives liberated to speak and act falsely
King to be outside, he will keep far from the enemy.

Yes, I believe it may refer to President Bush as the king who is denied access to a new city that did not exist when Nostradamus lived Washington DC. On the morning of September 11, Airforce One with the president on board could not enter Washington. It was diverted because a fourth hijacked plane was on an attack run for the capital.

The captives could be the many terrorists released during the 1990s as an Israeli peace offering to the Palestinians, during the peace talks. After their release, many of these captives found their way to al-Qaeda terrorist training camps. You could say that these hundreds of released terrorists now speak and act falsely in the name of Islam.

You will find a more comprehensive examination of this prophecy when the third edition of my first book on Nostradamus hits the bookstores early March 2002. The new title for the book (formerly known in its previous evolutions as Nostradamus and the Millennium [1987], and Nostradamus: The New Revelations [1994]) will be Nostradamus: The New Millennium.

More replies to your comments and questions will come in the next bulletin posted in the next four to six weeks. Until then, kindest regards and blessings to you all.

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Hogue Prophecy Bulletin
(1 July 2002)



At the end of May, I wrote to you about the danger of nuclear war in the Indian sub-continent. The monsoon has come, and despite a strong lobbying of the Indian Prime Minister by the Indian General Staff to wage a limited conventional war to wipe out the terrorist camps in Pakistani held Kashmir, it would seem their war mongering has reached a deaf ear. The monsoon rains have come at last, and I believe they will hose down the hot heads on either side until October. At the end of the monsoon season, the prevailing winds wheel around 180 degrees and blow from the Northeast to the Southeast. At such a time the threat of nuclear war in the sub-continent may return. There are indications that al-Qaeda and Kashmiri terrorists are planning another round of border crossings in the autumn. If President Musharraf of Pakistan cannot make his promises stick to secure the border, then India will endure new terrorist attacks that could trigger another round of doomsday bating and nuclear threats. STRATFOR reports that it is al-Qaeda’s clear intention to instigate a nuclear war between Pakistan and India through their like-minded vassals in the Kashmiri terrorist camps. These militant Islamists are ready to sacrifice Pakistan if it takes a nuclear exchange to unite the Islamic world in a struggle against a perceived threat to its existence from the Hindus, Christians and Jews that surround it. The prevailing winds of November through December of 2002 make a conventional Indian strike on Kashmiri camps far more likely. India may call Pakistan’s nuclear bluff because fallout from radiation clouds will generally blow back on Pakistan’s cities and fields. It is to be hoped that a diplomatic breakthrough will close the Indian borders to terrorists and nuclear missiles will slip back into their silo sheaths and bomb chests.

Today we will examine the second of three future dangers emerging out of important historic developments from May 2002. It concerns two treaties signed during this year’s Memorial Day weekend. The first treaty, signed in Moscow by President Putin of Russia and President Bush of the United States, pledges to reduce strategic nuclear arms by significant levels. The second treaty, signed in Rome by Bush, Putin and the signatories of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), normalizes relations with Russia and gives the former Cold War adversary equal voice (but no veto power) in NATO decisions. These developments at present sound a note of hope for peace in our future. There are, however, disturbing prophetic indications set in motion by the signing of these treaties. The promises of peace in May 2002 could be the first step taken in an unsteady alliance of former adversaries that will lead down destiny’s road to a nuclear war no one anticipated, either 3 to 13 years from now.

I would like to walk you through a selection of excerpts from the writings of Nostradamus. I believe they point to the alliance of great kings or brothers of the northern hemisphere who come together in a new alliance specifically to fight an alliance of Eastern Kings (nations). In my “Axis of Evil” bulletin of Feb. 2002, I quoted passages of Nostradamus detailing a triumvirate of terrorist sanctioning nations from the Near East that use ambush and supterfuge to wage war with the Northern Kings. It is important to note that this alliance of the great northerners takes place when one of them is at the peak of its power on land and sea and air. The new northern alliance terrifies the Eastern Kings and their defeat and near annihilation by the overwhelming force of the Northern Kings seems assured. Peace does not follow. The Kings of the North will go to war with each other either three or thirteen years after the ink dried on their hopeful peace treaties. Their alliance is undermined by a “babare” source (a potential code name for a “Barbary” Libyan or North African source). They go to war and devastate the world, but the victor is born, as Nostradamus says in French “par terre Americh” (on American soil).

You can check my indexed translations against the original French by consulting a copy of “Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies.” I have inserted my comments in brackets to better introduce my interpretation.

“Oneday the two great leaders will become friends [the Latin/French blended word Nostradamus uses for ‘friend’ {demis} can also mean, ‘halved’ or ‘split’]. their great power will be seen to increase. The new land [America?] will be at the height of its power.” (C2 Q89)

“And when shall the lords be two in number, victorious in the north against the Eastern ones, there shall be a great noise and warlike tumult that all the East shall quake for fear of those two brothers of the North who are not yet brothers...they will be victorious against the Easterners.” (Epistle to Henry) II)

“Great disagreement and discord in order to obtain lands [i.e., the Balkans, Central Asian and Arab oil fields, and Israeli-Palestinian disputes over the Holy Land]. Kingdoms given to men incapable of prudence. Then for the great brothers [US & Russia?] death and dissention.” (C2 Q94)

“The rule left to two [Russian and America?]. They will hold it for a very short time. Three years and seven months having passed, they will go to war. Their two vassals rebel against them. The victor is born on American soil.” (C4 Q95)

“The two will not remain allied for long: within 13 years they will give in to Barbary [Libyan-Arab] power. There will be such a loss on both sides, that one [perhaps America in this case] will bless the bark of Peter and the cape of the pope.” (C5 Q78

“There will be let loose living fire and hidden death. Horror inside dreadful globes. By night the city will be reduced to dust...” (C5 Q8)

“At sunrise one will see a great fire. Noise and light extending towards the North. Within the earth death and cries are heard. Death awaiting them through weapons, fire and famine.” (C2 Q91)

“The world will be so diministhed, and its people will be so so few that no one will be willing or in enough numbers to till the fields...” (The Epistle)

The dramatic shifts in strategic alliances initiated by the Bush administration with their former enemy turned “brothers” in the war against terrorism send my intuitive hackles dancing. A decade stall in Strategic Arms Reductions is now on the fast track to ratification and even an accelleration of cold war disarmament. Back on the Memorial Day weekend when Americans customarily celebrate the memory of all those who died in previous wars and the last world war in particular, the Russian and American presidents signed up for a ten year plan that reduces the intercontinental ballistic missile arsenals of Russia and US by two-thirds. Showing that these new brothers are not yet brothers, as Nostradamus may imply in his prophecies, we see either side submitting to their share of hard to swallow concessions for the treaty to go forward. Russia’s Putin wanted both the missiles “and” warheads slated for destruction. Bush did not want to sign any official and binding treaty for disarmament. He was happy to keep all this talk of disarmament open and non-binding. In the end, Bush agreed to a binding agreement as long as he could destroy the missiles but save and stockpile both American and Russian warheads. (I suspect for a radioactively black rainy day.) So, on paper, by the time the Mayans spin the sun wheel of their grand calendar cycle again in 2011-2012, you will see America reduce its strategic missile tipped warheads to 1,800. Russia will scale down her doomsday bang to a mere 2,200 missiles.

Feel safer?

I definitely do not!

I have warned in print for decades that such agreements as these where foreseen by Nostradamus and many other prophets as part of a “disarming dream” that will lead us down to the nightmare of nuclear war. They plant the seeds of a false sense of security while the world enters a new era where the odds of nuclear weapons being used in future wars are far higher than at any time during the Cold War. Scaling down the “official” strategic doomsday bang to levels that terrified us during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 is bad enough. A disarmament agreement like this treaty betrays an open disregard for tens of thousands of non-strategic nukes possessed by America and Russia. This new treaty keeps the strategic warheads stored for a future rearmament race while it overlooks tagging for destruction tens of thousands of nuclear torpedoes, nuclear mines, nuclear artillery shells and stockpiles of jet-delivered nuclear bombs. Nor does it even address the few thousand strategic nuclear bombs possessed by lesser nuclear powers like Britain, France, Israel, China, Pakistan and India.

These two new “brothers” of nuclear disarmament are clearly eager not to dismantle the tens of thousands of smaller tactical nuclear weapons they both possess. Indeed, it seems their numbers will increase!

The US Pentagon with the blessings and encouragement of the Bush administration are openly changing the rules of nuclear engagement. Strategic nukes may be out of favor, but the Pentagon is openly considering the use of smaller yield, tactical nuclear warheads in battlefield situations or against hard and reinforced targets. Not just on other nuclear powers, mind you, but the Pentagon is opening the option to launch atomic weapons even at non-nuclear states as a precautionary act.

Here are the four contingencies as quoted from the 56-page classified Nuclear Posture Review obtained by the LA Times and the New York Times in early March 2002:

•Nuclear  weapons could be used in three types of situation: against targets able to withstand non-nuclear attack; in retaliation for attack with nuclear biological or chemical weapons; or “in the event of surprising military developments.”

•The Pentagon should be prepared to use nuclear weapons during an Arab-Israeli conflict, an Iraqi attack on Israel or its neighbors, a North Korean attack on South Korea or a military confrontation between China and Taiwan (a scenario in which Chinese leaders may try to forcefully integrate Taiwan with the mainland China).

•Countries such as Iran, Syria and Libya could be involved in immediate, potential or unexpected contingencies requiring “nuclear strike capabilities.”

•The United States should be prepared to launch a nuclear strike to destroy stocks of weapons of mass destruction, such as biological and chemical arms.

In short, the unthinkable has become thinkable. Nuclear weapons make a historic move from mere deterrence to active use in future wars. The ethical line between nuclear and conventional war will disappear.

If, during the Cold War, an American president openly considered limited use of nuclear weapons of any kind as a first option to a perceived threat, most people might question his sanity. During the Cold War you just didn’t let the nuclear genie out of the bottle unless attacked first by nuclear weapons of your enemy. Use them first and you set in motion a cascade of nuclear weapons use across the world. The Pentagon staffers and the president think that they can initiate using nukes in the fog and chaos of future wars while limiting the spread of their use. That line of thinking sounds to me like a recovered alcoholic saying he could sustain his sobriety with limited use of Jack Daniels Whisky.

It is this kind of twisted thinking that could take us down the road of fulfilling a number of collective prophetic warnings from ancient and modern seers alike. They say there will most definitely be three world wars in human history and the third war is a complete surprise. It is fought by two friends in an alliance after they have defeated a common Eastern enemy with what sounds like a limited use of weapons of mass destruction. (You can read about these collective scenarios in Part Two of “The Millennium Book of Prophecy” under the chapter title “The Third World’s War.”)

The disarmament treaty and alliances signed by Russia and America last Memorial Day weekend saw a major tug of that shroud of denial over humanity’s eyes. A cancerous seed has been planted beneath the outward facade of peaceful disarmament. It marks the beginning of a campaign to convince the public that the dangers of nuclear war are overrated. This deep and foreseen denial could settle over our minds until the day we awaken to a full nuclear exchange no one believed possible.

People are ready to nod off in agreement when their political leaders blithely count the doomsday math of the peaceful arsenal of 3,800 ICBMs remaining after 2012 arms reduction deadline. This is near the number of nuclear weapons the Soviets and Americans would have launched or dropped on each other back in the hecatombic days of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

Did we feel safe from a nuclear holocaust then?

The brothers of the north are preparing the way for the use some of the estimated 25,000 non-strategic nuclear warheads at their disposal to fight a new world war on terrorism. In the meantime, this new treaty marks two thirds of the current 10 to 12,000 strategic Russian and American nuclear warheads topping missiles for removal and stockpiling. It is much easier to mass produce a missile than construct a nuclear warhead from scratch. If the enemy of 20 years ago can become one’s friend, the converse is also possible ten or twenty years from now. Thanks to an unethical compromise between brothers who are not yet brothers in the true and trusting sense, those parked strategic warheads could find themselves once again screwed on the bodies of new Intercontinental ballistic missiles in a future cold war face off. Do not be fooled. We will not be facing a mere 3,800 stratetic warheads after 2012. This so-called disarmament treaty has not destroyed a single strategic warhead menacing the world today! They will be waiting for us, and the current US president is responsible for keeping the apocalyptic danger alive in the name of peace and disarmament.

A new cold war could see today’s friendly northern “brother” and oil exporter become tomorrow’s enemy oil drug pusher. Russia could cut off the flow for America’s fossil goo addiction when America by the next decade will export nearly 80 percent of its oil from overseas—from Russia! That is the future trend. That is the deal maker behind all this talk of disarmament. America’s long term strategy sees it move away from the chaos and instability of its ever more radicalized Islamic oil producing allies; the same former allies to be targeted sooner or later in a war on terrorism.

Any denial of these facts and extrapolated developments comes from being under the spell of foretold disarming dreams.

When the president announced after signing this treaty that he has “liquidated the dangers of the Cold War,” I hear a new Chamberlain making that immortal mistake of a declaration (“Peace for our time!”) made just before a new world war:

This false sense of peace for our times casts a haze over our reason and promotes a disregard for the facts. It is the same “peace” that the 17th century German seer, Stormberger, and others warned would prevail before the final conflagration of a third world war.

We should remember (and make our leaders of Russia and America never forget) Stormberger’s chilling prophecy about a Third World War:

“With open eyes will the nations of the Earth enter into these catastrophes.”

Remind your congresspersons, senators and president that brother American and brother Russian are “not yet brothers,” as Nostradamus warned. They have signed a peace sleeping pact that could become yours and everyone’s global war nightmare. It may be that we have only three or thirteen years left to wake them up before it is too late.

There is a proof reading error in the previous bulletin of 31 May that has some of you astrologers out there star-hopping mad or cosmically puzzled. There is a Jupiter/MARS conjunction at the end of June — and NOT the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. I meant to type “Mars” rather than “Saturn.” My apologies. Blame it on the Mercury retrograde in Gemini in May. This conjunction will be the topic of my next bulletin in August unless current events (and the time and energy it takes to write my tenth book) change or delay my plans. The next bulletin will complete my discourse on the theme of three dangers seeded in the spring and early summer that threaten our future if they remain unexposed.

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Hogue Prophecy Bulletin
(30 September 2002)

Today we will examine the third of three potential future dangers looming from key and prophetically forewarned milestones in current world events taking place in the late spring and early summer of 2002. The first danger concerned the still looming potential of a nuclear war in South Asia. The second considered the signing and ratification of a new disarmament treaty between Russia and America — plus a treaty bringing closer ties for Russia with NATO — at the end of May 2000. Rather than bring peace, the treaties could initiate Nostradamus’ three-to-thirteen year countdown for war between Russia and America.

Now we examine the third and perhaps most immediately troubling danger.

Early in July of 2002, an important astrological configuration, foreseen by the 16th-century French seer, Nostradamus, might open a window for peace on earth and forestall an alternative destiny of a 27-year war of international terrorism. It could depend on America taking a bold new foreign policy change of course in its half-century dysfunctional relationship with the Middle East. The change may come as a result of a catastrophic war waged in the Middle East by the Bush administration sometime at, or shortly after, end of this year.

Back in November of 2000, I was asked to assess the coming Bush administration. I foresaw President Bush dragging the United States into a ruinous, full-scale war in the Middle East, most likely with Iraq, by the end of 2002. Since that time, I have recorded for posterity in bulletins, in media appearances, and in books — such as “Nostradamus: The New Millennium," and “Essential Nostradamus” — a particular interpretation for Quatrain 24 of Century 6. I believe it is a forecast of a war waged by the current president, followed by the potential of an enlightened peace ushered in by his successor appearing on the scene no later than 2004.

The prophecy reads:

Mars & le sceptre se trouuera conioinct,
Dessoubz Cancer calamiteuse guerre:
Vn peu apres sera nouueau Roy oingt,
Qui par long temps pacifiera la terre.

Mars and the sceptre (of Jupiter) will meet in conjunction,
A calamitous war under Cancer:
A short time afterward a new king will be anointed,
Who will bring peace to the earth for a long time.

I believe this prophecy targets the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars that already passed at the end of last June, beginning of July, of this year. The conjunction opens a brief window of historic opportunity in time and destiny. And, it concerns not only the president personally (and karmically) but also the country of America and its people as a whole.) Astrologically speaking, America, like its current president, was born under the sign of Cancer. The leadership in America changes after this conjunction, in the span of months or in a few years. A new leader comes who instigates a historic change in American foreign policies. There is a chance that this new leader will effectively negate Nostradamus’ most dire timeline of predictions for war and global devastation. He, or she, brings peace to the earth, rather than poor crude oil on the fire of a 27-year war of the Third Antichrist.

Up to now, America's relationship with the Middle East, whether guided by Democrat or Republican presidential administrations, has been obsessed with one fundamental concern. Not a respect for Islam. Not a love for the cultures of the region. Let us Americans be honest with ourselves.

We are there for the oil.

The people with the oil in that region know this and see through our succession of Democrat and Republican administrations that preach democracy, freedom and fair play in that region, when there is none.

I do not deny the ample dysfunction coming from the Arab and Islamist side of this tragic equation. However, as far as the prophecy above reads to my mind, it focuses on “calamity” coming to those ruled under the Cancer “moon” sign. It stands for America, rushing headlong into a new crusade against those of the “moon” sign of the crescent — Islam.

War is always the outcome of historic misunderstandings and myopia. I feel I cannot remove the splinter in the Arab eye. But, as I am born an American, perhaps I have some karmic obligation to briefly describe for you the whole beam of international policy errors hiding in the American eye.

While destroying al-Qaeda, I was hoping that the Bush administration would constructively respond to the cries of Arab people, living in fear of a Middle Eastern nation that already has 200 nuclear weapons pointed at their cities, and hides a stockpile of biological and chemical weapons that could kill every man, woman and child in the region a hundred times over.

I'm not talking about Saddam Hussein and Iraq. I'm talking about the hypocrisy in US policies that feed and sustain a Saddam “insanity” in Iraq.

For decades-in-counting, presidents Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. have sought to destroy and/or contain the efforts of any Arab Middle Eastern country that seeks to build and obtain weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). They have done this while ignoring the vast stockpile of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of a Middle Eastern country called Israel. The Arabs decry the American foreign policy that preaches against the creation of WMDs for one side but not the other.

Try to put yourself in the Arab's shoes.

I ask Americans to consider this hypothetical scenario. We're back in the cold war. The Soviet Union has hundreds of nuclear weapons pointed at us. We Americans don't have a single bomb. Whenever we try to build one, the United Nations condemns it, and says we are a very dangerous rogue nation for trying to make such weapons. We protest that we don't feel safe with the Soviet Union pointing hundreds of atomic bombs at us, but the UN makes nary a mention of the Soviet arsenal's  existence, or even seems to care?

Would Americans feel secure? Would they do nothing when faced with this threat? If the UN decided that America must submit itself to coercive inspections because it “may” be developing an atomic bomb in six months, would Americans gracefully comply? Perhaps. But they might think about those Soviet missiles pointed at them too, and secretly move their tools and materials to build and hide their own nuclear weapons program from UN weapons inspectors.

Clearly American administrations, past and present, do not bring equal pressure to “all” nations in the Middle East to dismantle their weapons of mass destruction. And, until they do, no side in any dispute there will disarm. Those without them, will seek them.

A monster like Saddam Hussein is sustained by the insecurity and inequality bread by America playing favorites in the WMD issue. Hitler cleverly manipulated the injustice of the Versailles Treaty to keep himself in power. Saddam Hussein manipulates support in Iraq and the Arab world at large by condemning the real hypocrisy of Americans accepting Israel's doomsday arsenal pointed at Iraqis and other Arab nations.

If America were to play fair, rather than play favorites, they could take that threat away from Iraq, pressure Israel to dismantle its WMDs, and thereby undermine Saddam Hussein's manipulation of an injustice for his own evil designs.

Stability and equanimity are anathema to the Hitlers and Saddams of the world. Take a people's reasons to fear away and you change the political climate, and emasculate those who cannot rule over us without mongering fear in us.

July's conjunction of planets have come and gone. One might have hoped that the shock of 9-11 might have brought a healthy reexamination of America's part in egging on the mess that is Middle Eastern extremism. All signs point to President Bush and his handlers reinforcing the same sins of the past — even magnifying them — as they push for war.

This White House feeds the old and hypocritical game of those before it. America praises freedom and democracy while backing dictators who have killed democracy in their countries. The Bush administration preaches “enduring freedom”  for its people, while practicing dictatorial surrogation of other people by way of the monetary and military support it offers — again — to new “friendly” dictator allies, such as President Musharraf in Pakistan.

The many Arabs, Afghanis, Iranians and Pakistanis I met in the coffee shops of university towns across South Asia made “this” American painfully aware of my country's historic conceit and arrogance when it walks the apocalyptic “walk” while talking democracy “talk.”

It would not be surprising to me if in a few years our dictatorial “buddy” in Islamabad faced the same fate of Saddam Hussein. The last dictator “friend” turned “fiend” of the United States.

America preaches freedom, props up dictators, and even provides them with the materials and intelligence to wage wars on their neighbors and their own people with weapons of mass destruction. Before Saddam Hussein gassed Kurdish villages, he received from the Reagan Administration the materials to build these weapons. He also received daily US military satellite intelligence to target and kill tens of thousands of Iranian troops with chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq War.

What goes around eventually comes around. Wisdom lost is a comuppance earned.

Perhaps this current president has already set in motion a momentum for war that his pride and prejudice cannot reverse. Christmas 2002 may not bring “Peace on Earth, good will to men.” In the worst case scenario, the new year will open with a war that could drag on for nearly three decades and derail the American civilization.


The prophecy of Nostradamus may imply, “a short time afterwards” (namely, after July of 2002), “a new king (president) will be anointed (elected) who will bring peace to the earth for a long time.”

Defining what is “short” in time for a seer writing prophecies spanning across the centuries may mean a passage of months or a few years. Perhaps the change in leadership comes from the current president dying in office, or more hopefully from a new administration elected in 2004. Only events and time will tell which fate awaits the American presidency.

There is hope that peace and a new understanding about the Middle East will prevail. It could come from America collectively enduring a hard karmic lesson for its past hypocrisies in the name of democracy, freedom and peace. In 2004, the American electorate might stop the social and economic discord caused by another politically crippled Texan president, stuck in the Middle Eastern quagmire of a new Vietnam. The chastened American people might elect a new “king” who “will bring peace to the earth for a long time.”

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The HogueProphecy




Nostradamus (Century 2 Quatrain 62)


(3 February 2003)

It has been my experience as a prophecy scholar that when events foreseen by the 16th-century seer Nostradamus are about to be fulfilled, details as bright as the sun begin cutting through the apparent cloudiness of his prophecies in rapid succession.

It is my belief that last Saturday’s space shuttle disaster (1 February.) is the first illumination of a succession of events coming in the next few months concerning Century 2 Quatrain 62.

Nostradamus’ famous “Mabus” prophecy is about to be fulfilled. A translation in English reads:

Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One-hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

Nostradamus wrote two prophecies concerning the advent, destruction and 27-year war of the third of three antichrists. He hid the name of the first antichrist under the anagram “Napaulon Roy” (Napoleon King); the second he called “Hister” (Hitler); the third is either code named “Mabus” (C2 Q62), or he is addressed as the “Third Antichrist” of Century 8 Quatrain 77. For now I will give you brief interpretive conclusions about the Mabus/Third Antichrist prophecies. If you wish to examine how I came to these conclusions I invite you to read HogueProphecy bulletins posted at the HogueProphecy Bulletin Archives site .”

Two finalists compete for the title of “Mabus” By following the laws of anagram you turn the “M” and “a” in “Mabus” upside down and they become “g. W.” The “h” then is left silent in Latinized French, thus “bus” becomes “bus(h).” “Mabus” therefore becomes G.W. Bus(h).

As I have been saying for over 15 years now, you can also get Saddam (Hussein) out of “Mabus” by using the anagram game of reverse lettering. Put Mabus into lower case letters — “mabus.” Reverse them and you get “subam.” Reverse any letter that makes another letter and you get “sudam.” The laws of anagram allow for doubling one letter, so you can get “suddam.” You are allowed one vowel’s replacement with another, so you can replace “u” with “a” to spell “saddam.”

I have shared my belief on the record for nine years-and-counting that Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist is none other than Saddam Hussein. However; as events catch up with augury, an interpreter must be open minded to the ever clearer understanding that often comes when the light of future events foreseen draw near to the present.

No matter how repugnant this revelation may be to myself and to other Americans, I cannot rule out the growing prescient evidence that the Third Antichrist may be the the American president. G.W. Bush, rather than Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. It is also necessary to confront the ugly possibility that Nostradamus has once again mistaken his symbols and made a composite out of two adversarial leaders. In other words, Mabus is a composite of Bush and Saddam Hussein. They are the two-faced catalyst for the Third World War.

The events of the next few months will judge my interpretation of the Mabus prophecy true or false. If my understanding of Nostradamus is correct then sometime around the new moon of 3 March 2003 (UPDATE-3/18/03: A little later in March, it would seem), the United States will invade Iraq. Saddam Hussein will be killed in one of his bunkers by a missile, or by a coup. If he is “Mabus” then he “soon dies.” He therefore is one of the first casualties of this new war. His death is not the beginning of the end of troubles, but the end of the beginning of a 27-war of terror. A number of Nostradamus’ prophecies imply that this war’s final stages could see nuclear exchanges between old adversaries of the Cold War era: Russia and America, as well as a nuclear exchange between America and China — all taking place sometime no later than the end of the 2020s. In other words, a rush to war will hasten the death of Mabus, and his death brings this terrible apocalypse upon humanity. Nostradamus in Century 8 Quatrain 77 says:

The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated.
Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last.
The heretics are dead, captives exiled,
Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened, icy hail covering the earth.

The Third Antichrist — this man named Mabus — is the first to go down. Whether this first casualty of war turns out to be the president of America or of Iraq — or both — the war of Mabus is just beginning. It is a war motivated by “heretic” religious views. Its catalyst harbors extreme fundamentalist and apocalyptic religious views, be they Christian (in the case of Bush) or Islamic (in the case of Saddam Hussein). Islamist terrorists are already the “captives, exiled” filling U.S. POW camp at Guatanamo Bay, Cuba. The final line could be a horrific description of the human wreckage one might behold if the death of the American president or the Iraqi president should inspire a catastrophic retaliatory revenge attack (“a great undoing [or destruction] of people and animals]). Nostradamus in other quatrains hints of “new plagues” unleashed across the earth from this war. Perhaps the red stain upon corpses and the icy hail are a 16th century man’s attempt to describe those killed by a rain of chemical and biological weapons.

Perhaps “Mabus soon dies” in the next few weeks, after “the comet” passes.

Nestled in the grass in a field in eastern Texas, lies a mission patch from the fallen space shuttle Columbia. It somehow had miraculously survived its fiery fall out of the morning sky. The names of the seven heroic astronauts who died make an outline of their space shuttle. A glowing trail like a comet’s tale streaks through the shuttle’s outline ending in a many pointed star. It is a star very similar to that filmed by a hundred amateur video cameras across Texas as it fell to earth like a flaming comet.

Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals... when the comet will pass.

Has the comet just passed?

Is this the chilling portent of things to come for America if they should hurry off to war?

Destiny holds it breath as America primes its war machine.

(UPDATE-3/17/03: It would seem that moonlit deserts don’t concern the US President as his special forces must pass over these to secure oil fields and landing fields in the initial stages. According to the US ultimatum today, it would seem that war could begin any time after Wednesday, 19 March; even though the waning moon will nearly be full. One might expect the attack could be delayed until the moon is in its last quarter on 24 March as this would bring the invasion in the darkness of evening before the moon rises around midnight. Then again, anyone who has been to the Middle East knows that the heat is coming. It has already begun. Perhaps the God of War is too short tempered, too hot and bothered, to relent.)

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