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Nostradamus & The War x20 - Part IV

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  Fifth page: December 29,2006
This entry is Part II of Hogue's predictions for 2006.  I'm posting only the part that is relevant to the ongoing theme.  For those interested in the rest of his 2006 predictions, check his site.  You might also want to look at my compilation of various seers and psychics and their visions for 2007 on this page

(31 December 2005)
FOR 2006
(PART 2)
The trial of Saddam Hussein in Iraq "has" become a show trial as I predicted. The former dictator in 2006 will successfully promote a myth of defiance that radical Arab movements will admire for decades to come.
In November 2004, I had predicted that if Bush became president America would be in a major Middle Eastern war with Iraq half way through his first term. I said Saddam would soon fall in the invasion, but the US occupation would become a second Vietnam.
Commenting on that prophecy a year ago in December 2004 in a HogueProphecy Bulletin I documented the following observation that is even more pertinent for the year 2006:
"One aspect of my prophecy of four years ago [November 2000] is right on schedule: The war and occupation of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship 'have' destabilized the Middle East. It would seem Nostradamus' 27-year war of the Third Antichrist has indeed begun. The timing of Saddam's quick fall and quick lynching soon next year gives his dark destiny one last claim to be the 'first to fall' in Nostradamus' Third Antichrist prophecies.
"Consider how the near future could worsen, by design or by chance when Saddam dies. His execution will come in 2005 or 2006 at the latest, just when the US military occupation of Iraq is most likely to collapse and a three-way civil war erupts between Kurds, Sunni and Shia Iraqis. The Middle East begins to sink into a widening chaos. Shortly after Saddam's execution, American forces in Iraq find themselves flanked by terrorists undermining the Saudi Arabian rulers to the West. To the East, Shia dominated Iran, a burgeoning nuclear power, openly finances and arms Shia Iraqis in their fight against Sunnis, Kurds and American occupying troops. In the year that Saddam is executed, or shortly afterwards, tensions between the US and Iran lead to a US-Israeli air strike of Iranian command centers, missile and air bases and nuclear weapon manufacturing sites. Iran pumps thousands of troops and irregulars into Afghanistan and Iraq to fight Americans there. Iranian Shahab and Fateh missiles rain down on US bases around the Persian Gulf, in Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait. They fall on the Green Zone in Baghdad. They fall on Israel--a nuclear power with approximately 200 to 400 atomic warheads. When Saddam falls forever, and the war widens, will dreams of Israeli and Palestinian peace be dead? Will Israel strike Iran with her own weapons of mass destruction?
"If all these escalations should transpire and consume the entire Middle Eastern region, the land of biblical Armageddon, in the year or shortly after the year of Saddam Hussein's execution, what then can Nostradamus watchers conclude about the timing?
"Would Saddam Hussein yet become 'Mabus' [the Third Antichrist] the 'first to fall' from which 'shortly after' comes a 'terrible destruction of people and animals' across the Middle East? Was this what Nostradamus saw?"
The year 2006 will find Saddam making the most out of being a false martyr. The name "Saddam" in Arabic means "the one who confronts." Saturn in Leo is Saddam's time. He will exploit his final act on history's stage to the fullest unto his end.
Now a word on the stars and war.
Mundane astrology is another name for the art of predicting world events and the destiny of nations by using star and planetary configurations. This prophetic art cautions us to heed the danger of war erupting whenever Mars is in either in the constellations of Aries (God of War) or in Leo (the God of egomania if in negative aspect). With this in mind, let us examine quickly two astrological prophecies of Nostradamus to see if new war or a widening war in the Middle East could happen in 2006.
Century 1, Quatrain 15 says:
Mars nous menasse par la force bellique,
Septante foys sera le sang espandre:
Auge & ruyne de l'Ecclesiastique,
Et plus ceux qui d'eux rien voudront entendre.
Mars, you menace by the force of war,
Seventy times will he cause blood to be shed:
Increase and ruin for the Clergy,
And more for those who will desire to hear nothing from them.
Here are the possible windows for World War III appearing as a plague of 70 ethnic wars on Earth when the Catholic Church is besieged by secularists and jihadist who do not listen to their teachings. I published the following in 1997 on pp. 79-80 of my book "Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies":
"In the 21st century I would expect the highest potential for war when Mars enters Aries at the same time Saturn enters its two-year transit of Leo (2005-2007) and again when Mars is in Leo in June-July 2006, and in Aries again at the end of the Saturn transit of Leo in May-June 2007."
I still remain hopeful, as I did in 1997, that the prophecy above is about a time window for war a few decades from now. Back then I finished my dissertation on 1 Q15 with this coda:
"The next time Mars aspects Aries and Leo several times during a Saturn-Leo transit (August 2034-October 2036) is during the final degrees of Neptune's transit of Aries. In my opinion, this is the most dangerous time for a third world war in the next century because this would come when the planet's ecology food and water sustainability reached a critical stress point due to pollution and overpoulation. This final and deadly scenario can be avoided if humanity gets now serious about pollution control and zero population growth."
A more specific astrological prophecy calculating the times of war comes from the right interpretation of Century 4, Quatrain 67 of Nostradamus:
L'an que Saturne & Mars esgaux combust,
L'air fort seiché, longue traiection:
Par feux secrets, d'ardeur grand lieu adust
Peu pluye, vent chault, guerres, incursions.
In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air is very dry, a long comet:
From hidden fires a great place burns with heat,
Little rain, hot wind, wars and raids.
Let us review what I wrote in 1997 about Saturn and Mars being the triggers for new wars or the escalation of current wars on p. 350 of "Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies":
"When Saturn and Mars are 'equally fiery' that means they are conjoined in a fire sign, preferably one of those most responsible for wars and raids, Aries or Leo. Many 20th century wars and military offensives parallel this aspect. For example, in September through early November of 1917 Saturn and Mars were in Leo during the climax of several campaigns during the third year of World War I. This time window gave us a view of the Third Battle of Ypres, the first and second battles of Passchendaele on the Western Front, the eleventh Battle of Isonzo and the Battle of Caporetto on the Italian Front. In addition, Allenby's campaign in Palestine against the Turks was reaching its climax.
"In World War II Saturn entered Aries about the time Hitler's forces entered Warsaw in late September 1939 and was equally fiery with Mars in Aries all through the terrible Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland in 1939-40.
"Mars and Saturn were again together in Leo during the Indian Partition of autumn 1947, when over 10 million people were displaced and forced to wander over the dusty tracks of the dry months of autumn to find new homes in the newly divided countries of India and Pakistan. The two planets passed through Leo exactly during the same time period that the bloody riots and sectarian strife of the partition killed an estimated one million Hindus and Moslems. Mars joined Saturn in Aries at the onset of the Tet Offensive in January and February of 1968, when Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops made a surprise attack on 30 towns in South Vietnam, including the capital, Saigon, and Hue.
"Mars was in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius during the great Iranian human wave offensive of early 1987 during the First Gulf War (Iran vs. Iraq). Saturn and Mars were in Aries in April of 1996, when hundreds of katyushka rockets launched by Hizbullah rebels in southern Lebanon unleashed the greatest Israeli air, sea, and land bombardment since their invasion of Lebanon in 1982."
The next "equally fiery" configuration of Mars and Saturn comes in June-July of 2006 when both planets are equally fiery in the sign of Leo.
Ten years ago my contacts to the Israeli Cabalist community told me that in 2006 Israel might face crisis and a major war.
Dr. Louis Turi recently came to a similar conclusion calculating the stars using a medieval astrological discipline most likely practiced by Nostradamus himself. One that marks the significance of aspects with the natal position or transit of the earth's north and south nodes in a chart--otherwise known as the Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail. In his recently released predictions for the New Year (See http://www.drturi.com/), Dr. Turi explained that the Dragon's head transit into Pisces will spark a Middle Eastern war.
This transit happens in June 2006!
If only level heads in Israel, Iran and the Arab nations would use Saturn in Leo's fire to launch new peace initiatives rather than war. So many astrological factors conspire against a peaceful passage through June-July of 2006 because of the collective unawareness of our leaders and people to the influential forces of Saturn and Mars "equally fiery" in Leo. Ultimatums, dictatorial stubbornness, reactive passions rule the hot days of the next summer. One hopes that they will be a time for peace, but it looks more like a time for war.
Here is the list with the planet and the constellation noted of other times to come when Mars and Saturn are "equally fiery."
Dec 2006, Jan. 2007--Mars (Sagittarius) Saturn (Leo)
May/June 2007--Mars (Aries), Saturn (Leo)
Feb/Mar 2015--Mars (Aries), Saturn (Sagittarius)
Sept/Oct 2016--Both in Sagittarius
Jan-Mar 2017--Mars (Aries), Saturn (Sagittarius)
July-Sept 2017--Mars (Leo), Saturn (Sagittarius)
May-June 2025--Mars (Leo), Saturn (Aries)
April/May 2026--Both in Aries!
Oct/Nov 2026--Mars (Leo), Saturn (Aries)
The final three times show these planets in the strongest aspect for setting the world on fire in wars. May we avert that future now by beginning the process of transforming anger into compassionate deeds.
On this New Year's Eve the great forces of history pause before the first hour for a new and decisive year strikes in human destiny.
Dan Oldenburg, my astrological consultant on a number of my earlier books, reminded me of the following, just a few days ago. He said, "The grand cross in (Tropical) mid-Fixed [signs] is happening right now. Mars in Taurus, Saturn in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Aquarius. It's close to the so-called Occult Gates (15 degrees Fixed), so there's a lot of HIDDEN but very powerful stuff going on in all secret societies right now... Big decisions being made regarding direction and emphasis that will reverberate for a long time."
What positive resolutions can an individual make to turn crisis into transformation while living through such a new year as 2006?
I would like to give an answer to all of your most frequently asked questions on this matter. I tenderly invite you to consider only those observations that resonate in your hara-heart.
QUESTION: What do you see next for the coming decades?
A century of evolutionary crisis for the human race. The time has finally come to begin growing. We have not evolved much beyond the physical. Now consciousness must evolve or it will vanish from this earth. We enter the travail of a hundred years. Bear down on the contractions with joy and expectation of the coming birth of a new humanity, rather than dwell upon the pain of that birth process.
QUESTION: It feels like the world is just spiraling out of control...is it?
The old human being is dying. Let him die in peace. Let not the old human drag down into his grave those who want to grow and evolve. He will try. He will not succeed.
QUESTION: Do you have any words of comfort or advice in this time?
Comfort is a sentiment of the old man. Leave it behind. Be challenged and excited, not burdened and fearful, of the coming times. Comfort nourishes our habit to be unconscious and mechanical personalities seeking the fulfillment of false dreams that ever turn into nightmares.
The sleeper must awaken from comfort and from habit. Rise and spread your wings of reality. Bright is the daylight of human reality in consciousness. Bright and blissful is the reality that dispels the shadows of our personalities and their murky "comforting" dreams.
QUESTION: What can we do to stop this dire future and turn it all around?
Flow with the awakening new era of the Aquarian Age. The dying age of Pisces was an era overshadowed by superstition and blind belief. Aquarius is about science and experiencing truth. It will not be an age for "believers" but for "knowers," "experiencers" and spiritual "explorers." Faith will pass away and in its place will be "Trust."
Faith and Trust aren't the same thing. Faith is borrowed from the outside. We are trained to have faith in this or that. Trust, however, is something from within. It is a force, and expression of our consciousness and innate love. It needs no one to be trustworthy of its trust. It can even trust the unknowable. Trust gives wings to the soul's flight through pathless awareness of its being.
QUESTION: So many people are in so much pain...What can I do?
Become a meditator, a practitioner of the spiritual science of Self-Observation. If you wish to end pain and suffering, then look first within and understand the mechanics of your own adopted and programmed pain and suffering. Society in its unconsciousness makes us habituated to being divided and fearful personalities--we wear "persona" (masks)--over the original face of our being.
Meditation techniques are available to help us catch a glimpse of a world that is right here, right now--existing in pure "effect" without a need for a "cause." I can share with you links to the books and meditation techniques of my own teacher, if you but give me permission. These techniques have helped me weather these stormy times with more joy and serenity than I could ever possibly imagine.
I wish to conclude by wishing you all a happy and centered spirit that celebrates the challenges and trials of the new year and years to come.
Always remember...
Out of chaos, stars are born. Out of travail comes a new child. Summer's bloom of summer past must die so that new spring growth flourishes. Seasons of the cosmos are like seasons of the year. Pisces leaves fade and are underfoot in the winter of crisis. We enter that change now. Celebrate the passage as best you can, for dying winter leaves of Pisces passing, seed the flowers of the coming Aquarian "spring."

Prophecies for "Mayday" 2006
We come to a milestone in future history at the onset of May in the shape of two anniversaries:
Mission "Unaccomplished" in Iraq
Three years ago this May, President G.W. Bush under a banner declaring "Mission Accomplish," announced major operations in his invasion and occupation of Saddam Hussein's Iraq were over. Three years, 2,401 US dead and 18,000 US wounded later (not to mention over 100,000 dead Iraqis), what has been "accomplished" is a mission to disaster. Perhaps it was foreseen in the mid-16th century in the prophecies of Nostradamus. Since I began commenting on Century 3, Quatrain 61 nearly three years ago, its meaning seems ever more clear.
La grande bande & secte crucigere,
Se dressera en Mesopotamie:
Du proche fleuue compagnie legere,
Que telle loy tiendra pour ennemie.
The great host and sect of the crusaders,
Will be massed in Mesopotamia [modern day Iraq]:
Of the nearby river the fast company,
That such law will hold for the enemy.
Let us take a fresh look at the first half of the prophecy.
The great host and sect of the crusaders, will be massed in Mesopotamia [modern day Iraq]:
The French verb "dresser" ("dessera" in future tense) in line two not only implies massing, mounting or arraying a military host or invading army, but can also mean erecting bases of operation and camps for that occupying force. It is often the case that Nostradamus implies multiple meanings of a verb to cover much ground with a minimum of verbiage. Therefore, "dressera" not only could describe a future buildup of troops but also evokes visions of other meanings, such as soldiers pitching tents in vast camps in the deserts of Iraq. It evokes images of troops that will be "drilled" (dressera) and trained, standing arrayed in serried "dressed" ranks standing at attention, ramrod straight, in such camps. Verb use also implies the evolution of these camps into permanent bases because French uses "dresser" in sentences about building construction subjects. Perhaps Nostradamus used this verb to foretell visions of multi-billion dollar construction projects laying the foundations for 14 permanent self-contained US bases across Iraq. It could presage the construction of a massive labyrinth of fortified high rise buildings looming over the Baghdad skyline along the banks of the Tigris River. It is the new US Embassy--a 21st century version of a castle fortress complex covering an area the size of Vatican City.
Over four centuries ago, Nostradamus described a "host" of occupation soldiers in the same terms used by Iraqi insurgents and al-Qaeda operatives as another army of invading Christian "crusaders."
The Christian Crusades never set foot on Iraq. There has NEVER been a great host of predominantly Christian soldiers camped across Iraq until 2003. This prophecy is about our times. Moreover, a majority of the rank and file of the US force bear witness to an evangelical religious conviction comparable to the knights of the Holy Christian Crusades. Their Islamist enemies recognize it today. Nostradamus recognized it nearly 450 years before it happened.
This prophecy is talking about a plan for a permanent occupation of a Christian-centric, Western army in modern-day Iraq.
Will that plan succeed?
The last two lines give us a clue to the outcome:
Of the nearby river the fast company, that such law will hold for the enemy.
The invasion of "fast" armored companies of US and Coalition troops raced north towards Baghdad grinding up desert rooster tails of sand alongside the Euphrates River. Line three has returned to the initial invasion, but line four hints at what will be the outcome. The "loy" (that is French for: "the law, statute, act or rule") will "hold" for the enemy of these modern crusaders.
Nostradamus is speaking of the Islamic "Sharia" law.
Three years ago when the US "Mission" was "accomplished," Saddam Hussein's regime became history. Then the Bush administration promoted democracy to eclipse the first motivation for war--Saddam's stockpiled weapons of mass destruction--were not found. The crusaders had a new crusade. They would teach the Iraqi people how to vote and be democratic under their watchful guns. In the meantime, the insurrection the crusaders never planed for grew. After many frustrating delays a democratic Iraqi election has brought into power a government run by the majority Shia citizens. Now they secretly aim to rule the country under Islamic, Sharia law, as it is stiffly interpreted by Shia clerics--the black robed and turbaned Ayatollahs.
On May 1, 2006, it would seem the "Law" of Sharia is holding and will hold in the parliament of the new Iraqi government. It will hold in the streets of 60 percent of the population guarded by the black clad Shia militias grasping their Kalashnikovs in the Mesopotamian heartland of Iraq.
It would seem that on some not-too-distant future anniversary of President Bush's "Mission Accomplished"--perhaps May 2007--the modern crusaders could find themselves besieged in their "castle" US Embassy, or 14 castle bases across Iraq. Not only are their armoured patrols beset on one side of the mean streets by a Sunni insurgency but attacked on the other side by a new insurgency supported by Iraq's majority Arab Shias.
The future is beginning to sound similar to Tennyson’s poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade: Sunni Wahabis to the left of them, Shias to the right of them, fighting for a radical version of "the Law" -Allah.
The Shia fighters harbor a view of militant Sharia law born in the first modern Islamic revolution back in 1979, among Shi'ite Persians in neighboring Iran.

The Inception of John Hogue's Controversial Interpretation that Ayatollahs are the key to the next Great Middle Eastern War.
Twenty years ago this May, I released my first book, "Nostradamus and the Millennium." In brief, the book proposed that Nostradamus' visions of "black ones" or a land of "two rivers" that is "black in aspect" called "Mesopotamia" describe modern-day Iraq, which the Tigris and Euphrates traverse. I interpreted the general tenor of these prophecies to be about an escalation and spread of Iranian Islamic radicalism from Iran first to Iraq. Other prophecies describe its spread across the Middle East from there. Ayatollah Khomeini, resplendent in his severe black robes and turban and his similarly grim clad clerics are the source. At the time I conceived the interpretation (1986) Saddam Hussein's Iraq was fighting a war he recklessly started with Iran six years before. It appeared that over a million of Khomeini's Iranian jihadists would soon overrun his entrenched armies with human wave offensives. I concluded wrongly that Khomeini's black robed Iranian Ayatollahs would soon occupy Basra and then spread their revolution to Egypt, Syria and perhaps end in a confrontation with Israel.
It often happens when one studies prophecy that an interpretation is basically correct or on track but the timing of the sequence of events and the exact identity of the catalysts can be off. For example, you can correctly predict, as I did in 1986, that Saddam Hussein would fall and be replaced by Ayatollahs, but be wrong about the year--even the decade. A Shia takeover of Iraq did not happen in 1988 but it looks like it will happen in 2006, because Shia Ayatollahs dictate politics to the new Iraqi government at present. The new Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki has close ties to and receives aid from the Islamic revolutionary government of Ayatollahs running Iran.
I was not factually right when I said Ayatollah Khomeini himself would occupy Iraq, but in essence I was not wrong. He was the catalyst, but it now appears that his successor, Ayatollah Khamenei, evoking his spirit, will be the one to spread radical Shia beliefs west into Iraq. Indeed he "has" infected them! The elections in Iraq have given the country over to the Shia majority. The itinery of destiny seems set. The acts or the ineffectualness of an intolerant Shia dominated government could break the tentative Iraqi union with Kurdish and Sunni minorities. The resulting civil war would break up Iraq. The country then becomes a base of operations for Shia militias "and" Sunni al-Qaeda insurgencies infiltrated west into Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Palestine.
Is this not already happening?
Is there not a widely popular, radical Islamic party in Egypt now openly poised to defy the appointed successor of President Mubarak? Did not the Lebanese elections of last year also bring Hizbullah into a powerful position in their parliament? Is not Hamas now in charge of the Palestinian Authority government?
The land of "Mesopotamia" as Nostradamus described it in his prophecies has not only become "black in aspect" from clouds of burning Kuwaiti oil fields during the Gulf War of 1991. It is "black" in clouds of burning oil right now from pipe lines blown up almost daily by Iraqi insurgents during the current US occupation of Iraq. It grows black in aspect in the Mesopotamian heartland of Shia dominated southern Iraq with a host of black clad Shia militias dominating the streets. It is "black" in the aspect of veils and shadors in a new dress code for women, invoked by a severe interpretation of Sharia law. It forces ladies of a once secular Iraq to walk the streets covered head to toe in black.
It would seem that my 20-year old interpretation has life again. Perhaps even fulfillment at hand. The fire of a radical Islamic revolution is spreading slowly out of Iran. Could a US attack on Iran start a stampede westward?
The verses of Nostradamus become rapidly clear as events in the present meet the future. Century 4, Quatrain 67 says:
In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air is very dry, a long comet:
From hidden fires a great place burns with heat,
Little rain, hot wind, wars and raids.
This is that year! Mars (symbolic God of War) joins Saturn (symbolic God of Karmic comeupance) in the fire sign Leo from 4 June through 22 July. This is the first of two time windows for war this year. The "air is very dry" because of the droughts of global warming, and because it is a war unleashed in the brutal summer months of the Mideast. "Hidden fires" is often a metaphor Nostradamus uses to hint at future nuclear fires, "hidden" plagues of radiation, nuclear reactors. Perhaps as soon as this summer, the "hidden" fires will soon burn in Iranian underground nuclear factories destroyed by US and/or Israeli combined air strikes. Perhaps the "long comet” is the prophet's 16th-century metaphor for combined US and Israeli air strikes on Iran or one of thousands of Iranian Shahab regional ballistic missiles that will plunge in retaliation on US bases in the Middle East and Israel
Bellicose actions when Mars and Saturn are equally fiery the summer of 2006 may give birth to a new kind of world war under the skies desiccated and globally warming. Air strikes on Iran may instigate a long and lingering counterstroke, a war of terrorist "raids" and counter "raids" that Nostradamus elsewhere in his prophecies says will last from 25 to 27 years.
As I said a little earlier, there is more than one astrological time window to consider. Nostradamus' meaning for "equally fiery" can also be deciphered as Saturn and Mars transiting two different fire signs in the zodiac at the same time.
I tend to support the first possibility (two planets passing through one fire sign) because of other clues in the prophecy. If my hunch is correct then air strikes on Iran are coming as soon as June 2006 or as late as August 2006 because an event presaged by an astrological configuration often takes place shortly after the configuration has passed.
One thing I am sure of. Bush (in his mind) is going to war with Iran and he still possesses ample psychological capital to pull it off. That capital is our inability to think that he and his cabinet are "that" stupid.
He at least is that stupid.
He aims to widen his disastrous war in Iraq with air strikes on Iran although he has exhausted his political capital even with many leaders of his Republican Party and his popularity in American polls has tanked. He will strain a stressed economy and stretch an already overextended military with a widening war.
Gas is approaching $4 a gallon in America. Air strikes on Iran will see Ayatollah Khamenei and his dark lackey, President Ahmedinejad, blockade the Strait of Hormuz to oil exports by sea, close the spigot on pipelines to the West by land. Bush will go to war with them, even though their ability to make nuclear weapons is ten years off, and the price of oil per barrel will soar beyond $100 because of conflict. Bush will go to war and cripple the US economy and if push comes to shove perhaps China, a sympathetic economic ally of Iran, will exert economic pressure as a weapon against the US for the first time.
Soon after Bush's air strikes, he may fulfill the following scenario, according to an updated version of my 20-year old interpretation of Nostradamus: a million insurgents will move west from Iran into Iraq. The plague of militant Islam will spread from there to Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. Iranian regional ballistic missiles will bomb American bases in the Gulf states of Bahrain, Qatar, the U.A.E. and in Iraq. A swarm of Iranian ship-to-ship and surface-to-ship supersonic Sunburn missiles will ambush US naval ships in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea. ("Sunburn" sounds like a missile that is "equally fiery" too.) Some US ships will be hit. Some even sunk. In Iraq the human tide of Iranian insurgents crossing into the urban jungles of Iraq will besiege US occupation forces. Militias in the Shia dominated south will cut their lines of supply and communication to ports in the gulf. US troops will have to fight their way through to re-supply. In this widening disaster, US forces could begin losing as many killed and wounded each week as they lost in three years of Iraqi occupation--an untenable military situation unless there is a massive buildup of more assets.
Believe it, Bush is stupid enough to trigger a new Middle Eastern war to rival all those that preceded it. He is an Armageddonist Christian, no less out of touch with higher Christian values than Islamist Armageddonists, such as Usama bin Laden, Ayatollah Khamenei and Iranian President Ahmedinejad are perversely out of tune with the higher values of Islam.
This nightmare about to fall on us envisioned by these creatures of doomsday, can be averted if the American people say "stop!" The American people can whip both their Democratic and Republican legislators into action with their voices, their letters and emails. Remind the members of the US House of Representatives and the Senate that they have the constitutional power to sanction the president from rushing to war.
Such a protest from within America and from abroad may stay Bush's hand this summer. But do not relax your awareness.
Look again to Saturn and Mars being "equally fiery" at the same time in two different fire signs from December 2006 through January 2007. On 7 December, Mars enters the fire sign of Sagittarius while Saturn continues its slow burning move through Leo. It leaves Sag. on 17 January 2007. If the mid-term elections are a political disaster for the Bush administration, and Democrats gain a slight majority in the House and perhaps even in the Senate, that would mean Bush has only until the end of January 2007 to ram his grand neo-can agenda through. He can take down at least two members of the "Axis of Evil" (Iraq and Iran) before he loses Congress to the fuss and feathered Donkeycrats.
This bellicose aspect of Saturn and Mars coincides with the last chance a lame duck president has to launch air strikes on Iran before a new and Democrat dominated Congress can block it.
It is up to the American people to say it loud and clear to a "lame" Congress which ducks its constitutional responsibilities. Demand your legislators stop the president from dragging the nation deeper into ruinous war. Put the fear of God into your representatives in Washington--or better, put the fear of the president's rush to Armageddon into them.
There is time to negotiate a positive outcome to the US-Iran crisis and make this 20th anniversary of my apocalyptic interpretation of Nostradamus forever wrong.

(26 June 2006)

Has the "Third Antichrist" of Nostradamus Died?
On the day after the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year of the new millennium, a terror from the skies fell upon a reinforced house nestled in a peaceful grove of date palms thirty miles north of Baghdad, killing a beast who could be a candidate for Nostradamus' Third Antichrist. That is the day after 6/6/6 when two US Airforce GPS guided 500 pound bombs met their long, lightning fast shadows in fire and dust over a canopy of palms. They made a crater out of the safe house of al-Qaeda's evil insurgent leader in Iraq.
The agent of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's death was not the terror from the skies foretold by the 16th century prophet in Quatrain 72 of Century 10 of his book of predictions. This "advent" prophecy of the third and final installment of his Antichrists (the last two being "Hister"--Hitler, and "Napaulon Roy"--Napoleon King) describes "September month" of the year "1999" and not the day after 6/6/6. Some believe 1999 is a coded date. Reverse nines and ones and you may get the real day and year intended: September 9.11.1. Thus, the Third Antichrist advances before history's collective perception with the attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Is he, therefore, the leader of al-Qaeda or a lieutenant who will gain greater fame than the founder, Usama bin Laden, thanks to the attack on September 11?
A clever Nostradamian as dyslexically vertical in thinking as the prophet could entertain turning "1999" upside down to get "6/6/6 + 1 day" to represent 7 June and make some link to the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi with the advent of the Third Antichrist. The reason being that Nostradamus foretold this dark figure, unlike his predecessors, will obtain his ultimate infamy through death in the early stages of a world war that will last 27 years. One could argue that there is a link to the "king of terror" descending from the skies on the war's birth day in 1999 (9.11.1) with the death day of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. You could say that fate turned 1999 and his fortunes upside down on the date of 6/6/6 plus 1.
Ever since Abu Musab al-Zarqawi crawled out from under a rock into history's light a few years ago, he has become the most popular candidate for decoding the enigmatic name given by Nostradamus for the third and final Antichrist.
We are now suffering the opening stages of the war of this Third Antichrist. It is popularly believed that Nostradamus scheduled his appearance around the arrival of a great comet that all could see with the naked eye. That could be Comet Hale-Bopp. It's transit of 1997 skies presaged the grim and notorious "1999/9.11.1" prophecy by only a few years. The potential code name of the Antichrist is "Mabus." The prophecy numbered Century 2 Quatrain 62 describes his fate. A translation in English reads:
Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One-hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.
My long held interpretation of the above proposes that "Mabus" unlike his Anti-Christian predecessors is one of the first to die in the world war of terrorism he unleashes. His death will mark a horrible undoing or destruction of both people "and" animals, linking this war with other Nostradamian prophecies about plagues of human invention, such as plagues of radiation, biological and chemical weapons that kill people and animals stained with lethal, icelike or red rains. The death of "Mabus" starts a great terror war of vengeance and counter-vengeance involving 100 powers (countries) "when the comet will pass." Hale-Bopp did pass in 1997. We have lived since that time under dramatically hotter climate, endured greater droughts ("thirst") than ever recorded and seen historic outbreaks of"famine" in Africa. Other Nostradamian prophecies pick up the metaphor of a comet passing on a different errand, One that is long in shape, dragging a tail of sparks falling on cities. Will the "comet" like missiles "pass" once this candidate for Mabus is dead?
A tale of terror descending from the skies comes full circle for the man whose name many believe most easily decodes the Mabus enigma. Just three brief years into his insurrection, at the point of fulfilling a dream of plunging Iraq into a religious civil war, US smart bombs launched overhead blew apart a safe house where Zarqawi and some al-Qaeda commanders met. US forces later found the sole survivor was Zarqawi, with lungs imploded by the blast concussion. He lingered 51 minutes in semi-consciouness before expiring in time for his fatal photo op. Zarqawi's lifeless face, a photographer's version of a death mask, soon appeared on the covers of news magazines and was broadcast on television around the world. Time will tell whether this photo will become the icon of martyrdom inspiring future jihadist in his name to launch missiles and blow up both people and animals.
There are a number of ways you can apply Nostradamus' laws of anagram to get "Mabus" from a phonetic spelling in Roman letters of the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's name:
1.) Drop the "M" and the "s" from "Mabus" and you get "Abu"--or "father" in Arabic--The prefix all Arab terrorists use these days, including al-Zarqawi.
2.) His second name "Musab" is a literal mix of the letters that spell "Mabus."
3.) Even "Zarqawi" in a stretch of the rules can make a match when applying the anagram technique of reverse lettering. You can make a new letter in lower case of any letter turned upside down or around. You can replace letters that sound similar, such as a "z" for an "s." Thus, "zarqawi" becomes "sarqawi” if "z" becomes "s." Turn "q" into a "b" and "w" into an "m". Now "sarbami" mixed around gets you "Mabas" if you drop the maximum limit of two superfluous letters, such as "r" or "i."
It is because of these relatively easy word games that thousands of you over the years have sent me letters asking if Abu Musab is Mabus, the Third Antichrist.. Now that he has fallen, and despite how much the shoe of anagram fits his evil footprint in prophecy. I do not think the shoe fits. I untie the shoestrings setting free the foot--hopefully not into my mouth--and hold fast to a comment I wrote about Zarqawi and his Mabus connenction as a form response to many of your similar questions sent over the years since he first appeared in Iraq:
I am watching Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's progress. There is still some doubt whether he is a fiction made up by a US Administration desperate to create new boogie men to scare the American people into obedience. If you don't have a nemesis, you need to cook one up, especially if you want people to be in a hypnotic state of fear and perpetual imminent threat after capturing Saddam and failing to capture Bin Laden. Abu Musab may also be a real terrorist enjoying stepping into the bigger britches of myth sewn together by US Psyops. The name approximation to Mabus is almost too good to be true. It is almost like someone in the CIA or NSC was trying to compose an Arabic name that played with the anagram in various ways: (M)abu(s) (M)usa(b)= "Mabus" of a "USA"; or Musab= (M)(ab)(us); a typical anagram letter switch from the middle of the word to the end.
Upon his death nearly three years after writing the above, news outlets in their obituaries of Zarqawi, especially those reporting from beyond US borders and corporate control, also concluded that he was a more sexed up boogie man than he actually was. Zarqawi's relatively small band of foreign jihadists, Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (misrepresented in the US press as al-Qaeda in Iraq) was relatively lost in the crowd of hundreds of home grown Iraqi insurgent organizations. A mix of Zarqawi's hard sell of brutality, beheadings and Mosque bombings blended with the Bush administration's need to cover-up what was not, as they projected for years, a foreign jihadist insurgency in Iraq, pumped up Zarqawi's image there. It would seem that even the father of al-Qaeda, Usama bin Laden, exploited the power of the Abu Musab myth. He expansively granted him the title of his chief lieutenant for al-Qaeda operations in Iraq only last year. Privately the relationship between Usama and Abu Musab was going south. The blasting of the Samara Shia Mosque last year had backfired. Worldwide Muslim opinion was turning against al-Qaeda because of it. Brother Sunni insurgent groups were openly clashing with Zarqawi's men on the streets of Iraq. Even a pained bin Laden openly voiced concern that good relations with the insurgency required al-Qaeda find an Iraqi leader to replace Zarqawi.
Time was against Zarqawi's Mabus myth. Two five hundred pound bombs and martyrdom forestalled what might have been a rapid fall from grace and influence in the rebellion in the near future.
I would conclude that he was a real terrorist who by coincidence rather than commission by US Psyops wickedly fit the Mabus decoding. He was too good--or better, too terrible--to be true for propaganda purposes by both sides. Either death or disagreements about strategy with his bosses would have tainted his dark star. The US administration habitually fingered him for almost everything nasty happening in Iraq and it started to wear a bit thin. The ruthless atrocities of Al-Qaeda's man in Mesopotamia began dividing the insurgency.
Zarqawi will be remembered as one of the many similarly spelled Arabic named terrorists that could of, should of, would of fulfilled the Mabus prophecy but did not. Still, one must never be too possessed by an opinion or interpretation of signs when uncovering the elusive path of the future. The man who lay dying in a US stretcher among the ruins of his safe house, his back turned on his captors, the last phrases of a mumbled Islamic prayer ascending lifeless, bloody lips, could be the Abu Musab "Mabus" Nostradamus intended. If he is, then the following steps require fulfillment according to the wording of Century 2 Quatrain 62:
1.) Zarqawi "soon dies"--in other words, after a brief and bloody run of three years he is martyred for his cause as he always wanted. And now his name will become a cry of defiance, perhaps even a "Zarqawi" movement will come about or a Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Brigade of bloodthirsty terrorists will descend on Iraq.
2.) What then should soon follow his death is a terrible destruction and undoing of people and animals--the 27 year war of terror mentioned elsewhere in Nostradamus' Antichrist prophecies.. The war would have to come as a consequence of fulfilling Zarqawi's other cherished death wish: a full-fledged civil war between Shia and Sunni Iraqis. Al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia under his command did change the focus of the insurrection in the last nine months from a mostly Sunni versus US occupation insurgency into a low grade Sunni versus Shia sectarian civil war with death squads from either community hunting down and executing around a hundred victims a day across Iraq. Perhaps many more. The mainstream press hardly reports on widespread ethnic cleansing, yet so far, starting last year, tens of thousands of Sunnis have been forced out of Shia dominated southern Iraq. Shias by the tens of thousands have evacuated the Sunni triangle. Every night across Iraq people of a minority ethnic persuasion receive a knock on the door from black hooded thugs--militiamen from the surrounding majority population be it Sunni or Shia--ordering them to leave immediately or be killed on the morrow.
Zarqawi's people stole the limelight and stoked the smoldering civil war with the bombing of Shia Mosques and holy sites. It might have happened anyway without him, but the dye of this myth is cast in Zarqawi stains of black forever. If he was Mabus then after his death the simmering civil war should explode across Iraq, drawing in more Sunni terrorists from across the Islamic world. The Iraqi Shia majority will seek and get Iran to come in. Iran will then enter open conflict with the US over Iraq. If the US attacks Iran, they will attack Israel and Israel will respond in kind. Then a region wide war would begin the terrible undoing of people and animals in the Middle East
3.) The apocalyptic fulfillment of this prophecy must be soon after Mabus' death, or "at once" as Nostradamus put it. Quickly, like a desert brush fire, a hundred hands or powers seek vengeance and counter vengeance across the region. There must soon come a war, thirst and famine "when the comet passes." If by "comet" we read "missile" then within a few weeks or months after the death of Zarqawi there must be a war of missiles--most likely salvoes of such grim weaponry tracing their long comet tails over the airspace of Iran, over US assets and bases in the Persian Gulf and Iraq. Iranian missiles will strike Israel who in turn will launch retaliatory missile attacks on Iran.
I cannot see anything less disastrous fulfilling the prophecy of a "horrible undoing" of man and animal than a full scale war with missiles raining chemical, biological and perhaps even nuclear warheads across the Middle East. The US administration has openly talked about using nukes on Iran's nuclear industry. Iran possesses WMD arsenals of chemical and biological agents fatal to men and animals. So too does Israel, which also possesses an estimated stockpile of 200 nuclear warheads.
In my previous article we considered Nostradamus' astrological prophecy in Century 4, Quatrain 67, which says:
In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air is very dry, a long comet:
From hidden fires a great place burns with heat,
Little rain, hot wind, wars and raids.
At the time of this writing, Saturn and Mars are equally fiery and bellicose in the sign of Leo. Back on 7 June, Zarqawi was bombed to girl and boy virgin reveries of the hereafter while overhead Mars (God of War) had just entered the first degree of Leo--black Saturn was at 7 degrees Leo. They were within two degrees conjunction from 16 until 21 June. I would presume that important and secret decisions were made by the Pentagon for a planned war in the Middle East at that time, despite the distraction of a new and bellicose standoff between North Korea and the US beginning right at the end of the conjunction when North Korea's announced plans to test launch their Taepo Dong ICBM missile. It has a capacity to hurle one of their estimated ten nuclear warheads on US cities from the Pacific Coast to the Mississippi River. There are rumblings in US government and Pentagon circles that a US air attack on North Korea's launch site is imminent. Just the kind of rash martial temptations Saturn and Mars conjure in the unconscious and reactive habits of human beings.
Mars will end its transit of equal fire with Saturn in Leo on 22 July. A full-scale civil war in Iraq and/or a widening conflict including Iran and Israel can happen at any time during or a few months after the end of this astrological aspect. Perhaps fate and fiery planets will throw a little doomsday Korean seasoning into the mix.
If war soon breaks out, and no other significant candidate for "Mabus" should die, such as Usama bin Laden or G. W. Bush*, only then can we seriously claim for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi the Nostradamian title, Third Antichrist.

(22 July 2006)


(1.) Israel Attacked and Attacking Iranian backed
Hezbullah and Hamas.

(2.) Iranians aid and abet North Korea's Missile Tests.

(3.) While Lebanon burns and Iraq Descends int o open Civil War.

In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air is very dry, a long comet:
From hidden fires a great place burns with heat,
Little rain, hot wind, wars and raids.

Nostradamus (1556) Century 4 Quatrain 67

The Nos tradamian prophecy suggesting great heat waves, hidden fires, wars and raids during a future transit of Mars across Saturn in the fire sign of Leo seems to be about our times. Mars began its transit of Leo on 4 June, conjoining with Saturn in mid June. Ma rs ends the transit of Leo later today (22 July).

I write this on the eleventh day of what I will call the Israeli-Hezbullah War. It began when a terrorist unit of Hezbullah raided an Israeli armored personnel carrier, killed eight and abducted two Israe li soldiers on their northern border with Lebanon. Israeli retribution in the next few days was swift and devastating to Lebanon's infrastructure. Hezbullah's leader, the Shia cleric Nasrallah, declared open war on Israel. The long cylindrical shafts of a thousand low and high caliber Katyushka rockets built in Iran so far have rained down like Nostradamus' long comet across Northern Israel as far south as Haifa and Nazareth. An even larger rain of lethal Israeli ordinance fell on Lebanon setting a number of its heavily populated urban forests of high rise apartments from Sidon, Tyre all the way north to Beirut on fire. Over a half million Lebanese civilians pick their way over bombed out roads moving to the northern frontiers of Lebanon and east across t he Syrian border. ! Hundreds of Israeli and perhaps thousands of Lebanese civilians lie dead or injured. I write this on the day thousands of Israeli troops began incursions in force into Lebanon. A new and bloody phase of the war begins: close quarter comb at between thousands of Hezbullah fighters and Israeli soldiers. Thousands more Lebanese fighters from other militias, as well as the Lebanese army, pledge to fight alongside Hezbullah to stop the invasion of their country by threatening a protracted guer illa war.

I write this on the 18th day after North Korea test fired up to six regional--and one intercontinental ballistic--missiles in defiance of American threats to desist. A new crisis was born. Japan's parliament for the first time considered overturning over a half-century old constitutional restriction on their military waging preepmtive strikes on other countries. The ominous splashdown of North Korean missiles off their Western coastline so spooked Japanese legislators that they openly debated a new Pearl Harbor scenario. This time North Korean missile launch sites might suffer a surprise Japanese naval and air attack before they can rocket death down on Japanese cities. I write this on the day the world press confirmed rumors that Iranian offi cials and missile scientists stood side by side in solidarity with North Korean generals and scientists at the test launch sites of those No-Dong and Taepo Dong missiles.

I write this on the 27th day after what I call the Israeli-Hamas War began with th e kidnapping of an Israeli soldier by Hamas terrorists in a raid out of the Gaza strip into southern Israel. Tanks of Zion have since then rumbled into the Gaza strip. The armed forces of Israel have begun a systematic, though far less devastating campaig n compared to what would come in Lebanon, degrading Gaza's infrastructure with bombs and their own "long comet"-like missiles.

I write this three years and 83 days after President Bush stood on a US aircraft carrier deck under a sign saying "Mission Acco mplished" and made a photo op-friendly speech about all major military action in his invasion of Iraq ending.

I write this six weeks and three days after the the terrorist leader of al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (Iraq), Abu Musab al-Zarqawi--a clear candidate for Nostradamus' Third Antichrist "Mabus" (code for "Musab"?)--was killed by US airstrikes on his safe house 30 miles North of Baghdad.

I write this on the day it was reported that 6,000 Iraqi civilians in the last seven weeks have died from sectarian violence between Shia and Sunnis across Iraq. I write this after a bloody fortnight of new wars in the Middle East and a missile crisis with North Korea has turned the news media's attention away from the bigger story. They overlooked a deadlier flash poi nt for the spread this summer of the fires of war under the bellicose sign of Mars transiting Saturn in Leo. Our attention has been diverted from a dangerous turn for the worst in Iraq. The long smoldering threat of religious civil war in Iraq has sprouted naked fires. It would seem that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has gotten his death wish.

I share quotes with you today from the past year of HogueProphecy Bulletins that presaged all the above concerning what would happen in the summer of 2006.

It is indeed a summer much like that inferred by Nostradamus, where the air is "very dry." Enough so that great brushfires rage across the American West and along the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The "great place" of Europe is under record temperatures, and much of N orth America "burns with heat" under protracted heat waves above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Hidden fires also plume from clandestine missile launches across Lebanon, Gaza and Israel. North Korea aims to arm their test missiles with the "hidden fires" of nuclear warheads. Iran arms Hezbullah with long cometlike rockets while it works to "hide" the fires of its own nuclear program deep within underground facilities.

Here are some of the passages in the last year of HogueProphecy Bulletins that presaged this:

"Mars will end its transit of equal fire with Saturn in Leo on 22 July. A full-scale civil war in Iraq and/or a widening conflict including Iran and Israel can happen at any time during or a few months after the end of this astrological aspect. Perhaps f ate and fiery planets will throw a little doomsday Korean seasoning into the mix."

(The Death of Abus Musab Al-Zarqawi--26 June 2006)

"What I said about the latter-half of 2005, in my last New Year prophecy report will be magnified this year (SEE Satur n's President: 24 December 2004.
www.hogueprophecy.com/archiv42.htm). It will not be a time to hold onto old and habitual ways and resist adapting new ideas to meet the challenges of a new era. A leader or people not heeding Saturn's transit through the next 23 degrees of Leo will face the coming challenges looking backwards. They will become more bellicose rather than diplomatic, more self-righteous and dismissive when criticized. They will seek to end wars in 2006 only to widen them because they will be stubbornly blind to their part, their unconscious contribution, to the problems of the world. They will be closed when they should be open, wax dictatorial when they ought to conciliate."

(Predictions for 2006 and Beyond, Part 1--31 December 200 5)

"Saturn in Leo will see try to achieve is goals, no matter what cautions cry. And in doing what he thinks is good, he will make things worse, in the Middle East, in Korea, in the American economy and in the domestic life of his people."

(Predictions for 2006 and Beyond, Part 1--31 December 2005)

"If only level heads in Israel, Iran and the Arab nations would use Saturn in Leo's fire to launch new peace initiatives rather than war. So many astrological factors conspire against a peaceful passage through June-July of 2006 because of the collective unawareness of our leaders and people to the influential forces of Saturn and Mars "equally fiery" in Leo. Ultimatums, dictatorial stubbornness, reactive passions rule the hot days of the next summer. One hopes that they will be a time for peace, but it looks more like a time for war."

(Predictions for 2006 and Beyond, Part 2--31 December 2005)

END OF QUOTES---------------------

The Middle East stands on the verge of angry stars of war. America's proxy (Israel) fights its battle against terror for them. Iran and Syria fight their poxy terrorist war in return on Israel and America through Hamas, Hezbullah, and Shia militias in Iraq. Open clashes between US-Israeli forces against Syria and Iran may erupt any time this summer.

The US Secretary of State, Condi Rice, flies to Israel tomorrow (23 Jul y) to begin diplomatic efforts to end the Hezbullah-Hamas wars and forestall a full-scale Israeli invasion of Lebanon. It so happens that Sunday is the first full day after Mars left the sign of Leo. Mars enters Virgo, the ruler of discernment or judgemen talism depending on whether wisdom or ego reigns. May Rice and the diplomatic missions of France, Germany, the UN, also gathering in Israel this weekend, be successfully discerning. I doubt they will if negotiations do not include Syria and Iran.

Saturn continues its peace-limitating transit of Leo until September 2007. Negotiating a road map to Middle Eastern peace could still see diplomats take self-centered "my way or the highway" stances in peace talks that go nowhere.

There will be a call for an international UN stabilization force to guard Southern Lebanon. Most likely this will happen after Israeli troops occupying the area hand it over to the UN forces. I am wondering how they will adequately do this while bogged down in a guerilla war with the Lebanese and Hezbullah. The potential for UN intervention begs me to explore soon the famous and often mistranslated prophecy of Nostradamus in Century 2 Quatrain 2. It describes a leader in the Middle East with a "blue turban." The literal translation of "teste bleu" is "blue head." Perhaps rather than turbans, Nostradamus infers the blue helmet of UN troops guarding the Israeli-Lebanese border in the near future. I will also soon share with you the prophecy that names "Hamas" and its future outright i n a trick word play.

(28 July 2006)



A Prophecy about the Fate of the Palestinian Terrorist Organization in a

widening Middle Eastern War



La republique miserable infelice,

Sera vastee de nouueau magistrat:

Leur grand amas de l'exile malefice,

Fera Sueue rauir leur grand contracts.


The miserable, unhappy, republic,

Will be devastated by the new magistrate:

Their great amassing of wicked exile,

Will cause the Swiss to carry off their great contracts.


Nostradamus (1555) Century 1 Quatrain 61



Nostradamus grew up in a world captivated by word plays and cryptograms. In previous bulletins we explored the better known rules of anagram that decode names of leaders, combative countries and places involved in events transpiring in the widening war spreading across the Middle East. Today we look at more abstract forms of word puzzle used by Nostradamus. He may have sometimes disguised a subject as a verb.


Back when I last deciphered this quatrain in 1996 for my book "Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies" (http://www.hogueprophecy.com/ncomplet.htm),

mainstream opinion up to that time believed Catholic Nostradamus was prophetically attacking his contemporary, John Calvin, the shepherd to Protestant citizens of Geneva, Switzerland, and de facto "magistrate" or leader of that theocratic city-state. I was the first Nostradamian scholar to throw the quatrain's interpretation forward in time with the theory that the verb "amas" could disguise the name of the radical Palestinian terrorist organization (H)amas:


 "Rather than stay with the mainstream theory I will pin this quatrain on the near-future destiny of the Palestinian state, under its new (and first) president, Yasser Arafat. Those doing all the 'amassing' (or better, 'Hamassing') against Arafat are the anti-Zionist Palestinian faction, Hamas... With this said, I sense that Yasser Arafat's presidency will be a bust. Perhaps he is assassinated. There seem to be few good leaders to replace him."


Ten years have passed since I wrote those words. Yasser Arafat's presidency ran its course plagued by urban war with Israel on the streets of  Palestinian slums and cities. He could not rein in armed radical militias in his own Fatah Party. Certainly his chief political adversaries, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas, did whatever they could to successfully undermine Arafat's power from within Palestinian lands. He had not the political clout to stop Hamas from waging its terrorist bombing campaign in Israel without threatening a Palestinian civil war. Israel in turn punished and degraded Arafat's feeble rule by systematically bombing his government's offices and police stations across the Gaza Strip and the West Bank territories. Arafat spent his final years in Ramallah a prisoner in his own bombed out presidential complex, ringed by Israeli tanks. He had become scarcely more than a president of his ruined compound. The peace process with Israel was in stalemate for years. By 2004, even a majority of Palestinian leaders grudgingly came around to Israel's position. As long as a defiant Arafat stubbornly hung onto power among the ruins of his de facto, Israeli tank imposed house arrest  there would be no progress toward peace, or an independent Palestinian state.


Then, in the autumn of 2004, the legendary survivor of many battles and disasters suddenly fell ill. Arafat had a sickness of the blood his doctors in Palestine--and later in Paris where he was sent for emergency care--could not diagnose. Arafat died under the shadow of rumors that his party leadership poisoned their president.


It would seem that what I predicted ten years ago about his first successor at least has come true. Arafat's heir designate, Mahmoud Abbas, was elected president by the Palestinians for a four-year term in January 2005. So far he was proven to be a weak and ineffectual leader. The frustrated Palestinian people used the ballot box exactly a year later to undermine Abbas further. Their vote threw his and the late Arafat's Fatah party out of power, replacing it with a large parliamentary majority for Hamas. Now Abbas the moderate is a politically undermined president of Palestine, playing unwilling figurehead to a radical Islamist Palestinian government.


A decade ago I finished recording my take on Century 1 Quatrain 61 cautioning the following about turning a verb into a noun for Hamas with a prediction:


"My decoding hinges on whether the French word for 'amassing,' 'amas,â?T is in fact a cryptogram for (H)amas, whose operatives may perform some act of terrorism so heinous that it derails the efforts of peacemakers from the Middle East all the way to the peace tables of Geneva."


Geneva seems to represent a contemporary theme to Nostradamus' time: the fate of John Calvin's theocratic Calvinist state. At other times the wording sounds contemporary to the present. In other prophecies of Nostradamus, Geneva symbolizes some important place where diplomats draft peace treaties. It is a well-known fact that the League of Nations hailed Geneva as its world capital. The league's successor, The United Nations, still uses Geneva as its secondary capital to New York. The UN compound in Geneva has been the location for the negotiation and signing of numerous international peace accords in the last 60 years, chief among these was the Palestinian peace accord drafted after the Gulf War of 1991. Since then, it has been the template for all contracts of peace put forth to solve the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. Thus Geneva (Swiss) can be a symbolic reference to the fate of such peace efforts in Nostradamus' prophecies.


Fortified with this information let us return to Century 1, Quatrain 61 to refresh our view of Nostradamus' word plays line by line. Perhaps after ten years we might together discover new signs about the future of Hamas:


"The miserable, unhappy republic..."


The dreams of a Palestinian state are going up in the smoke of Islamist rockets and Israeli air and ground attacks across the Gaza Strip since Hamas came to power in Palestinian lands six months ago. An act of democracy touted by US president Bush as a panacea for bringing peace and people power in the Middle East brought a terrorist organization into power. A majority of Palestinians elected a party committed to continuing an armed conflict with Israel. The election result effectively ended peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis. Israel immediately worked to undermine Hamas as an effective governing party, withholding payment of border tariff taxes. These were a key source of income necessary to sustain any Palestinian government and pay its police force and state employees. A radical Iran stepped in to finance Palestinian state and humanitary needs bringing Hamas and Palestine into tighter embrace with Israel's greatest enemy. Then, the abduction of an Israeli soldier at the end of June 2006 by Hamas guerillas infiltrating Israeli territory brought on a new war.


The people of Palestine are indeed miserable, unhappy as the prophecy says. The lights in the slums of the Gaza Strip have gone out after power stations were bombed by Israeli jets. A humanitary crisis looms as Palestinian guerillas fight Israeli tanks ringing Palestinian settlements and dodge Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City killing and wounding scores of civilians. It would seem that the Palestinian dream of an independent state has, in the case of 1.2 million Palestinians in Gaza, yet again transformed into the nightmare of a vast Palestinian concentration camp besieged by Israeli guns and missiles. Worse, says Nostradamus, may be coming to this

miserable and unhappy republic in the near future.


"...will be devastated by the new magistrate..."


In the 16th century, a magistrate was elected or appointed by vote. The inference here is not a king but an elected leader, a new party in power. I read Hamas and its appointed Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya, as the "magistrate." So my prediction is this: While Hamas is in power, Palestine will face a devastation it has never before endured. My interpretation, by the way, does not rule out the new magistrate being the recently elected prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert. One could say the Israeli leader is a magistrate of Palestinian lands under Israeli occupation..


Now to the last two lines of the quatrain:


"...Their great amassing (Hamas) of wicked exile will cause the Swiss to carry off their great contracts."


As I said earlier, the Swiss could stand symbolically for Geneva, the

second capital of the United Nations. The "contracts" are peace treaties, UN resolutions and the like. The Hamas Party's prime minister in Palestine is not the real leader of Hamas but a facilitator of Khaled Meshaal who lives in exile in Damascus, Syria. It is said he receives his orders from Tehran, a place he frequently flies to from Damascus. The Israeli secret services believe it was Meshaal who ordered the attack into Israel for hostages. The incursion jump started the new Hamas-Israeli conflict. More abductions of Israeli troops by Hezbullah along the Lebanese border tripwired the explosion of a larger war in mid July between Hezbullah and Israel.


The next escalation could draw Syria, then finally Iran into the mounting conflagration. If my interpretation is right, the Swiss--read Geneva and the UN--will not succeed in stabilizing a buffer zone between Hezbullah and Israel in Southern Lebanon with a robust peace enforcing army. UN negotiations cannot stop this war. It will run its course.


Perhaps the gathering of "wicked exile(s)" include Hamas "amassing" terrorist cells in Europe to strike at Israeli embassies, synagogues and businesses. Maybe Nostradamus, back in the 16th century, misread his vision and amalgamated Sunni Muslim Hamas with Shia Hezbullah. The latter does have terrorist cells in Europe who may spring to action any moment.  Sunni-centered Al-Qaeda might launch attacks in Europe in the name of Hamas and the Sunni Palestinian people. Such a terrorist attack in Europe--whoever the Sunni or  Shia source--may precipitate the retreat of peacemakers back to Geneva with their offers of contracts for peace until war in the Middle East has run its apocalyptic course.