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These are some of the initial emails sent out by Watkins for his pyufos list.  They will give the reader a flavor of who he is and what he believes. 
Message: 3        
   Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 14:33:35 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>
Subject: I Have Been Diagnosed As Mentally Ill - Part 1

Dear Group,
Just for the record, one day, a few years ago, I heard the voice that calls itself YAHWEH tell me to go see a psychiatrist.
I said no way!
But, let it suffice to say, that as time went on, YAHWEH showed me that this is exactly what he wanted me to do, so I did as I was instructed.
So, I hesitantly went to the Department of Mental Health, in Los Angeles, and saw a psychologist and psychiatrist.
They asked me about the voice I hear that calls itself YAHWEH, how He lives on other planets, and travel around the universe in spaceships.
Then, I told him that spaceships and UFOs appear on my signal and I could prove it.
The psyche looked at me, probably stranger than he has ever looked at anyone before.
Boy, you should have seen the look on his face!
Then, he said something like: Listen closely to me. There is something wrong with you. You have a schizo disorder.
Then, I said: But, how could there be something wrong with me when actual spaceships and UFOs appear on my command and let me film them, and I can show you the footage.
He waved his hands as if it was not possible for it to happen.
And, then he said you may think you filmed something, but you did not film anything.
I said: What!
How can I be mentally ill when the voice I hear, that calls itself YAHWEH, proves it exist to me above any shadow of a doubt?
How can I be mentally ill when the voice I hear, that calls itself YAHWEH, sends UFOs and spaceships on my signal?
You may not understand what is happening with me but how can I be mentally ill?
I am not mentally ill!
And, he said: You may not believe that you are mentally ill, but you are mentally ill.
I said no more.
And, he declared me as mentally ill by the power invested in him by the state of California.
The deep thing about it is that he declared me mentally ill with in a few minutes of talking to me.
I think it was no more than about 10 minutes of talking with me.
To make a long story short, I was declared mentally ill from that day on and currently I am a client at Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health at their Mental Health Authority called "The Village."
Also, I have been given geodon, lithium, risperdal and a couple of other medications to stop me from hearing the Voice that calls itself YAHWEH.
Here is the link to their site:
The psychiatrist I have now is not the person I was speaking about.
My current psychiatrist, at "The Village" is Doctor Mark Ragin.
Now, that I have made this known to you in Part 1, I will let you know the conclusion in Part 2 as soon as I can.
The reason why I decided to tell you all this is because so many of you are writing me calling me crazy that I decided that if I let you know that I am crazy, only according to the State of California, maybe you all will feel better and say - now it makes sense.
Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

Message: 6        
   Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 11:24:16 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>
Subject: The Information On YAHWEH's Name Is The Key To Summoning

Dear Group,
The reason why I sent out my research to you on YAHWEH's name is so you would know the truth about His name and that it is YAHWEH beyond any shadow of a doubt.
Some of you want to know how I summon sightings.
Well, I am preparing to start creating the teachings on how summoning works and what the key to doing it is.
I guarantee you that anyone who does this will be able to summon UFOs on your signal like I do, but maybe not as much as I do, but you will get several of them to appear before you.
Now, the key to high-level summoning THE WAY I DO IT, and not the way others do it, is to know the name YAHWEH and how to properly invoke the power of His name.
This is a very simple process to get started with; however, if you want to have the kind of summoning relationship I have, you have to make certain committments to YAHWEH or you will not have any more power to summon sightings than your average summoner.
More about all this later.
As I said, the key to high-level summoning is that you must know the name YAHWEH.
I sent you the first two documents on YAHWEH's name for your consideration.
Now, in a few days, I will send you the details on how to summon in the name YAHWEH.
I will complete it, and afterwards, I must send it to someone who will review it first.
Then, I will send it to the group.
This gives you time to get to know the name better based on my research.
But, get started studying my research first, afterwards, I will send you links to other sites that reveal the truth about YAHWEH's name.
So those of you who want to summon, get ready to start preparing for the study of it.
Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

Message: 9        
   Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 20:53:41 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>
Subject: The World's First Summoning Site Has Been Secured!

Dear List,
Today, world history was made when, in the name of YAHWEH, I was blessed to purchase the rights to the world's first summoning site!
It is the official place where my summonings will be conducted in the Las Vegas area from now on.
Also, it will be the exact spot where YAHWEH's spaceships will appear over when the first one descends before July 15th.
It will be the most perfect spot out of all Las Vegas to see the spaceship.
I borrowed the money I needed to go and secure the large property where I will be performing my summonings.
Last year I spoke to the owner and he wanted more money than I could afford.
I was shame to go before him with not much money, but I thought about what YAHWEH told me, which was to just give him $100 and tell him that it was all I had.
When I saw he, he rejoiced and said that he heard that I was on the talk shows.
He was so happy when I told him that I only had $100, he gladly accepted it.
Then, we talked about our deal and me having full rights to the property and got an understanding between us.
At first, I was in city parks with the media, and I was catering to them according to their will.
However, now they must cater to me at my summoning site according to my will.
Speaking of the media, something is up!
It won't be long now.
I don't want to say anything right now so my enemies won't find out.
It looks like, it really won't be long before the summonings can begin!
I will keep you posted.
I will go there tomorrow and do a video and let you see the property.
Afterwards, I will upload it to a free download site for you to see.
Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

Message: 12       
   Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 19:19:24 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>
Subject: Warning! Please Unsubscribe If You Don't Want To Be Offended!

Dear List,
I am preparing to talk about things in relationship to YAHWEH and summoning that will go against your most precious beliefs, especially those relating to you god and religion.
If you don't want to be offended, please unsubscribe.
This way, the only people in my group will be those who are willing to hear things against their god, religion, and most precious beliefs.
I have given you fair warning.
The things I am preparing to say will be devastating to you mind and your concept of the Creator and all religions.
However, in the midst of all this, I be revealing the Great Secret Truth that has been hidden from us for many, many centuries.

Message: 13       
   Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 22:11:10 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>
Subject: Here's Sighting No. 1 Film At Summoning Site

Dear List,
Today, June 10, 2005, we went to our summoning site that we acquired the rights to for a hundred dollars.
And, as soon as we stepped on the property and summoned, a glowing orb appeared on my request to YAHWEH to send it.
It is jittery in the video, but you can still see it, and we had to edit excess footage, to make the video smaller for uploading
I have been blessed by YAHWEH to make history as the first man to call down UFOs before a television station camera.
Also, I have been blessed by YAHWEH to make history as the first man to secure the world's first summoning site.
It is raw land now, but it will be developed.
And, finally, I was blessed by YAHWEH today to film the world's first sighting on a summoning site.
There is only one other historical achievement for YAHWEH to bless me in now and that is to be the world's first man to call down a spaceship on his command.
Here is the link to today's sighting - a glowing orb that was hard to capture on film with our little cheap Sony consumer digital camcorders.
Sighting No. 1 At Las Vegas Summoning Site
Sincerly Yours In YAHWEH'S Name,
Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

Message: 18       
   Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 08:02:12 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>
Subject: Christian Confessions That Prove The Gospels Are Forgeries!


A collection of confessions from Christian scholars, minister, researchers, and authors proving that the New Testament Gospels were not written by the disciples of our Messiah!

Contains very sensitive information that your Christian religious leaders don't what you to know about the gospels and keep away from you at all cost!

complied from the research references of:

Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh


All emphasis, captitalizations, underlines, etc. done by me to aid in the reading of the quotes



Confession 1

Holy Bible-Fireside Bible Publishers, Wichita, Kansas, pg 578h:

"For more than twenty five years after Christ's ascension to heaven, the facts about his conception, birth, life, and ministry, and the tenets of the Christian faith as taught by Jesus himself were propagated ONLY BY WORD OF MOUTH."

Confession 2

The New Testament - Confratemity of Christian Doctrine - Benziger Brothers, Inc., New York, Boston, Cincinnati, Chicago, San Francisco, page xvi:

"The titles prefixed to the four Gospels, THOUGH NOT ORIGINAL, are of early date. They are mentioned in the latter part of the second century in the churches of Lyons, Rome and Alexandria. Thus one can reasonably conclude that THEY WERE ADDED TO THE GOSPELS during the first half of the second century. These titles indicate the human or secondary authors and not that the gospels were written merely according to the preaching, mind, or authority of St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John."

Confession 3

The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths And Secrets - Barbara G. Walker, page 467:

"Nevertheless, adherents of the true religion violently disagreed as to the circumstances of its foundation. In the first few centuries A.D. there were many mutually hostile Christian sects, and MANY MUTUALLY CONTRADICTORY GOSPELS. As late as 450, Bishop Theodore of Cyrrhus said there were at least 200 different Gospels revered by the churches of his own diocese, until he destroyed all but the canonical four. The other Gospels were lost as stronger sects overwhelmed the weaker, wrecked their churches, and burned their books."

Confession 4

The World Book Encyclopedia - Volume 2 (B) 1989, page 282, 284:

"The early church probably accepted the four Gospels as authentic, even though THE AUTHORS WERE UNKNOWN. Gradually, the church associated the Gospels with two of Christ's apostles, Matthew and John, and two companions of apostles, Mark, and Luke. TRADITIONALLY, they are considered to be the authors of the Gospels."

"The first generation of Christians preserved memories of Jesus' teachings, deeds, and crucifixion largely BY WORD OF MOUTH. The story of Jesus was not written down in the gospels until the second generation of the church."



Confession 1

The Gospel According To Matthew - Leon Morris- The Pillar New Testament Commentary, page 13:

"It is widely agreed by critical orthodoxy that this gospel [Matthew] WAS NOT WRITTEN BY MATTHEW or for that matter by any close personal follower of Jesus."

Confession 2

Companion God - a cross-cultural commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, George T. Montague, S. M., pages 5-6:

"It has been TRADITIONALLY believed that the Matthew credited with authoring this gospel is the same as the apostle Matthew. There are serious problems with this view, however. For one thing, if Matthew the apostle were the author, WHY WOULD HE NOT USE HIS OWN MEMOIRS OF JESUS RATHER THAN DEPENDING ALMOST TOTALLY UPON MARK?"

Confession 3

Matthew - the teachers's Gospel, Paul S. Minear, the Pilgrim Press, New York, pages 3-4:

"I have chosen the subtitle "The Teacher's Gospel" for a double reason: The author of this Gospel was a teacher who designed his work to be of maximum help to teachers in Christian congregations/ The author is called Matthew, although ACTUALLY HIS NAME IS UNKNOWN; also unknown are the names of the teachers in his first audience."

"It is not easy to identify this particular author. ORIGINALLY, THE BOOK [MATTHEW] LACKED A NAME."

Confession 4

Matthew's Christian-Jewish Community - Anthony J. Saldarini, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, page 1:

"This study will argue that the Matthean group and ITS SPOKESPERSON, the author of the Gospel of Matthew, are Jews who believe in Jesus as the Messiah and Son of God."

Confession 5

Matthew - by Arthur Robertson, page 8:

"NONE OF THE GOSPEL WRITERS IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES IN THEIR WRITINGS, but from earliest times, Matthew was recognized as the author of this gospel."

Confession 6

The Gospel According To Matthew - commentary by A. W. Argyle, Cambridge at the University Press 1963, pages 1, 15-16:

"The titles of the books of the New Testament WERE NOT WRITTEN BY THE AUTHORS THEMSELVES. This title [Matthew] is derived from Church lectionaries. In the oldest codices (i.e. manuscripts in book form) the four Gospels were bound together and called 'the Gospel', and the separate parts were headed 'according to Matthew', 'according to Mark' and so on."

"Behind the literary sources lies oral tradition. The Gospel was originally proclaimed BY WORD OF MOUTH IN THE preaching and missionary activity of the early church."

Our knowledge that the Gospel according to Mark is one of the sources of this Gospel [Matthew] helps us in considering the problems of the authorship of the Gospel."

"The words 'according to Matthew' which we find in the heading of the Gospel WERE NOT WRITTEN BY THE AUTHOR, but became its title by the middle of the second century A.D. THE WORK ITSELF IS ANONYMOUS. IT CAN NOT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN BY THE APOSTLE MATTHEW, because it is based on the Gospel of Mark. An apostle would not have needed to depend upon the writing of one who was not an apostle."

Confession 7

The Gospel According To Saint Matthew - The Clarendon Bible - Under the general editorship of the Bishop of Oxford and Bishop Wild - With introduction and commentary by F. W. Green, M. A., page 15:

"The first Gospel [Matthew] IS AN ANONYMOUS WORK. When first quoted in the letters of S. Ignatius of Antioch and others, it is cited as The Gospel. In no case is the title of a book in the New Testament part of the original document; not does the title 'according to' necessarily imply belief as to authorship. It may mean that the subject had by treated by others."

Confession 8

The Gospel of Matthew - Sacra Pagina, Daniel J. Harrington, S. J., Editor, page 8:

"NOTHING IN THE TEXT NAMES THE AUTHOR; the title "according to Matthew" was not part of the first edition. The author no where claims to have been an eyewitness to the events that he describes. WHY DID HE RELY ON MARK AND Q AS HIS WRITTEN SOURCES RATHER THAN HIS OWN MEMORY? Yet if the traditional ascription is rejected, then we are still hard pressed to explain why the Gospel was assigned to Matthew. Was "Matthew" a missionary to the area in which the Gospel was composed? Was he considered to "patron" of the community? Was he responsible for some early stage of the special Matthean tradition (M)? At any rate, the ANONYMOUS GOSPEL OF MATTHEW seems to have been composed around A. D. 85."

Confession 9

Matthew's Majestic Gospel - Ivor Powell, page 14:


The message was probably memorized and orally passed on from one Christian to another."

Confession 10

Matthew - Spirituality for the 80's and 90's - a Gospel commentary by Leonard Doohan, pages 10-12:

"Since the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and subsequent developments in biblical criticism, New Testament scholars have seriously questioned the traditional view based on Papais. The point of departure for this more recent view is the internal evidence that Matthew's gospel was not written in Aramaic or Hebrew, as Papias said, but in Greek. The Greek gospel is not translation Greek, but rather the original language of this gospel. Moreover, as we shall see, source critics have shown that Matthew is dependent on Mark. IT IS UNTHINKABLE THAT AN EYEWITNESS SUCH AS MATTHEW THE TAX COLLECTOR, DISCIPLE OF JESUS, WOULD BE SO EXTENSIVELY DEPENDENT ON A NON-EYEWITNESS SUCH AS MARK. The Matthew we have was written in Greek, is dependent on Mark and written later. WE MAY NEVER KNOW HOW THE AUTHOR OF THIS FIRST GOSPEL RECEIVED THE NAME OR PSEUDONYM OF MATTHEW: INDEED, WE MAY NEVER KNOW HOW, OR EVEN IF, THIS WORK IS TRACEABLE TO THE EYEWITNESS DISCIPLES OF JESUS. The author known to us as
 Matthew was not an eyewitness, but a brilliant theologian, highly educated in Judaism and profoundly committed to the Lord."

Confession 11

Matthew - Evangelist and Teacher - R. T. France, page 73:

"The presence of Matthew in the list of the Twelve has been used as an argument against his authorship of the gospel. On the assumption that the gospel was originally anonymous, it may be suggested that its association with Matthew was due merely to the desire to find an apostolic name to attach to it in order to enhance it authority in the church. Among the Twelve, Matthew would have no special claim to be so honored, since he was almost as obscure as any of the others. But the fact that this gospel alone has an account of the call of Matthew under that name might be sufficient reason to posit him as its author. In other words, the association of the gospel with Matthew is due to his presence in the apostolic list rather than to any historical association he may have had with the book. But we have seen above that the assumption of the anonymous circulation of gospels, after which names were attached to them purely by guesswork, is historically improbable. It is more plausible to
 suggest that it was pseudonymously attributed to Matthew by the original author, and that in the course of the church's use of the gospel as that of 'Matthew', WHAT BEGAN AS A LITERARY FICTION CAME TO BE ACCEPTED AS FACT."



Confession 1

Commentary on the Gospel of Mark, by William L. Lane, page 21:

"The Gospel which bears Mark's name IS ACTUALLY ANONYMOUS..."

Confession 2

The Gospel According To Mark, by James R. Edwards, page 3:

"Like the other canonical Gospels, the Gospel of Mark NO WHERE IDENTIFIES ITS AUTHOR, nor even, as is the case with Luke (1:1-4) and John (20:30-31), the occasion of writing. The titles of each of the four Gospels, which WERE ASSIGNED ON THE BASIS OF CHURCH TRADITION, appear in the first of the second century."

Confession 3

The Gospel of Mark, by B. Harvie Branscomb, M.A. (Oxon), Ph, d. Professor of New Testament, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, page xxxi:

"Here again one must begin with indications which the Gospel itself supplies rather than with traditional views. Although the book itself is completely anonymous...It must be kept in mind that THE TITLE TO THIS BOOK WAS NOT A PART OF THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT."

Confession 4

The Gospel According To Saint Mark, by A. W. F. Blunt, B. D., page i:

"Many people on first approaching the study of the gospels are, often unconsciously, under the influence of two preconceived ideas: (1) that the Church started with gospels in its hand; (2) that these gospels were written freely by eyewitnesses. BOTH THESE IDEAS ARE ERRONEOUS. The process by which the four gospels came to be written was not so simple as this."

Confession 5

The Formation of the Gospel According To Mark, by Etienne Trocme', page 248, 257:

"As we have already remarked several times, the thoughts and feelings of 'the author of Mark' (that is to say the writer who composed Mark 1-13, who is of markedly greater worth than the narrator and translator of Mark 14-16 and than the timid editor who combined the two documents to form the canonical Mark) were bound up with Palestine It is customary, when one is studying AN ANONYMOUS WORK LIKE MARK - in particular the original Mark - to find an author for it. Let us respect that custom - VAIN THOUGH IT MAY BE to do so, considering our ignorance of the personality and career of any of the few first century Christians who might come to mind."

Confession 6

Sowing The Gospel - Mark's world in literary-historical perspective, by Mary Ann Tolbert, page 35-36:

"In a broad discussion of current views of genre to be found among literary theorists. Thoms Kent Comments: "Certain of our generic expectations, or what we expect to encounter when we begin to read a text, is determined part by what we know about a text's history, its author, its genre." Such claims leaves the interpreter of the Gospel of Mark in some despair, for THE HISTORY OF THE PRODUCTION OF THE TEXT, ITS INTENDED AUDIENCE, ITS LOCATION, ITS DATE, AND ITS AUTHOR HAVE ALL BEEN LOST IN THE DUST OF CENTURIES...An anonymous author writing in koine Greek to Greek-speaking, predominantly Gentile audience during the second half of the first century C. E. is about as specific as our knowledge can be concerning the history of the Gospel's production."

Confession 7

Mark: The Sorrowful Gospel - an Introduction to the Second Gospel, by John F. O'Grady, Paulist Press, New York/Ramsey, page 70-71:

"Most works on a Gospel will begin by responding to some of the curious questions associated with the origin of that Gospel: Who actually wrote the Gospel? Where was it written? When was it written? These questions are of particular interest today, since by now MANY PEOPLE HAVE HEARD THAT THE NAMES WE ASSOCIATE WITH THE GOSPELS MAY NOT BE THE NAMES OF THE ACTUAL AUTHORS...THE GOSPEL ITSELF NEVER STATES ANYTHING ABOUT ITS AUTHOR, ITS ORIGIN OR THE TIME OF COMPOSITION...With regard to the question as to who wrote the Gospel of Mark, first we should recall that NOWHERE DOES THE AUTHOR IDENTIFY HIMSELF. THE SAME IS TRUE FOR ALL THE GOSPELS. Matthew does not identify himself, nor does Luke; in the Gospel of John the author seems to identify himself with the beloved disciple, but this cannot be equated with the apostle John (21:24)."

Confession 8

Mark's Gospel, by John Painter, page 3:

"Like the other Gospels, MARK IS ANONYMOUS. The title of the Gospel, though quite early, IS AN ADDITION appearing in longer and shorter forms..."



Confession 1

Saint Luke by C. F. Evans, pages 1, 4, 7, 8:

"THE ORIGINS OF LUKE'S GOSPEL, LIKE THOSE OF THE OTHER GOSPELS, ARE OBSCURE...THE OTHER GOSPELS ARE ANONYMOUS WORKS, each, it is supposed, originally written to and for a particular community (or communities) to give instruction and guidance in the Christian faith and life, perhaps to correct false teaching, in the opinion of some for liturical use. LUKE'S GOSPEL IS ALSO ANONYMOUS, but it is personally addressed to an individual, Theophilus, by means of a preface probably intended to cover the whole work. Later statements on Lukan authorship appear to be either repetitions of those already cited, or LEGENDARY. Thus the statement that Luke wrote as a follower of all the apostles - Irenaeus may have got that by taking pasin = 'all things' in Luke 1:3 as masculine - is made in order to ground the Gospel and the first part of Acts on the firmest possible basis; BUT IT IS PLAINLY FALSE. The Gospel [Luke] is based largely on Mark's and ON OTHER ANONYMOUS TRADITIONS, written or oral, while
 the first part of Acts would seem to depend on locals traditions about events that are already a long way back. The statement that because he was an inseparable companion of Paul Luke's Gospel is a written version of the gospel Paul preached IS ALSO PLAINLY FALSE."



Confession 1

Studies On John And Gender - a decade of scholarship, by Andreas J. Kostenberger, pages 17, 23, 35, 37, 42:

Chapter Two - Early Doubts Of The Apostolic Authorship Of The Fourth Gospel In The History Of Modern Biblical Criticism.

"When did doubts regarding the apostolic authorship of the Fourth Gospel first arise in the history of modern biblical criticism? The question of the authorship of the Gospels is a knotty one. As Stephen Neill points out, the Gospels belong to a class of writings that share the following characteristics: "NO ONE OF THEM [THE GOSPEL] GIVES, IT ITS TEXT, THE NAME OF THE AUTHOR; THE TITLES WHICH WE FIND IN THE ANCIENT GREEK MANUSCRIPTS FORM NO PART OF THE ORIGINAL TEXT. No one of them gives any indication as to the date and place of writing." He asks, "IF AN ANCIENT WRITING IS OF THIS ANONYMOUS AND HOMELESS CHARACTER, BY WHAT MEANS, IF ANY, IS IT POSSIBLE TO FIX IT IN TIME, AND TO ESTABLISH WITH SOME PROBABILITY THE NAME OF THE WRITER?...Collins contended that Jesus or his apostles should have clearly settled the question which writings were canonical rather than leaving it up to later councils to dispute with one another "about the genuineness of all books bearing the names of the
 Apostles."...However, even as ardent a supporter of the apostolic authorship of the Fourth Gospel as Schleiermacher could insist that in apostolic times very probably anyone conscious of being in essential agreement with what an apostle had taught "was able to regard the publication of his writing under the apostle's name AS A WHOLLY ACCEPTABLE FICITION" AND THAT GREEK LITERATURE PROVES THAT SUCH PSEUDEPIGRAPHY WAS COMMON...The term "the Gospels according to "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, then, refers to the Gospels as they were written on the basis of the REMINISCENCES AND INSTRUCTION of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John BY LATER REDACTORS. In his critique of Eckermann's position, Staudin drew attention to several issues that occupy New Testament scholarship to this very day: the rootedness of the radical dichotomization between the teaching of Jesus and the theology of the apostles in rationalism; the question regarding valid criteria for the determination of the authenticity of

Confession 2

The Gospel Of John - edited by Barnabas Lindars, S. S. F., the Attic Press, Inc. Greenwood, S. C., page 28, 33-34

"The traditional view is that the evangelist was John son of Zebedee, and that he is the person referred to in the Gospel itself as 'the disciple whom Jesus loved.' This view still has its supporters. Even such critical commentators as Brown and Schnackenburg retain it up to a point. But the objections to it are formidable."


"But, before we look at this, it is necessary to review the evidence of Papias, which has been used to support another theory of authorship - i.e. NOT JOHN THE APOSTLE, BUT AN ELDER OF THE SAME NAME."

"The ANONYMITY of the Beloved Disciple must be taken seriously: John did not wish his identity to be known. THIS LEADS TO THE QUESTION WHETHER HE CAN RIGHTLY BE REGARDED AS AN HISTORICALLY IDENTIFIABLE CHARACTER AT ALL."

Our search for the author of the Fourth Gospel has produced only negative results. THE ATTRIBUTION OF IT TO JOHN THE APOSTLE IS NOT WELL FOUNDED. The Beloved Disciple is not the author, nor even a person who could have supplied eyewitness information, in spite of 21:24. WE SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW WHO THE AUTHOR WAS; in this commentary he will be called 'John' for the sake of custom and convenience."

"IT FOLLOWS THAT THE FOURTH GOSPEL CAN LAY NO CLAIM TO SPECIAL HISTORICAL RELIABILITY. In fact, THE FICTIONAL approach to descriptions of character, exemplified in the figure of the Beloved Disciple, WARNS US AGAINST GIVING TOO READY CREDENCE to the numerous circumstantial details of the narrative."

Confession 3

St. John's Gospel - A Commentary, by R. H. Lightfoot, edited by C. F. Evans, Oxford at the Clarenton Press.

"...the evidence which shows that the gospel may have been in circulation soon after, if not before, the end of the first century makes it possible to hold that it could have been written in old age by a younger contemporary of the Lord. Moreover, it cannot be decisively urged that, since the character of the gospel shows its author to have been an original thinker and theologian, HE CANNOT HAVE BEEN THE JOHN WHO IS DESCRIBED IN ACTS 4:13 AS AN 'UNEDUCATED LAYMAN'..."

Well, there you have it - some of the references in my collection.

I will be adding the rest of them soon.

This collection contains only about half of the references I've collected.

Sincerely Yours In The Defense Of YAHWEH's Word,

Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh



the end


Message: 19       
   Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 10:45:07 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>
Subject: Christian Reactions To The Christian Confessions Against The Gospels

Dear List,
I warned you to get out of my group if you did not want to hear things that were against your religion, your god, and your most precious beliefs.
Now, you have an idea why I say this.
The Christian confessions of the gospels being forgeries are true!
Some of you have contacted me in defense of them when you should have left my group when I warned you what was coming.
Some of you  say that those are old arguments that have been refuted.
They were never refuted but only swept under the carpet by Christians "only."
Those quotes where not by anti-Christians!
They were by mainstream Christians themselves!
Look at the titles of those documents and the names of the authors.
They come from most of your Christian denominations of both Protestants and Catholics.
Don't attack me, attack them!
Your Christian leaders, who are not anti-Christians but rather deep believers of Christianity, decided to let people know the truth about the gospels.
And, some of you are contacting me saying that those quotes were by anti-Christians when they were by mainstream believing Christian who got tired of lying to the people.
You may wonder, what does all this have to do with UFOs and Spaceships?
Well, you see, it is mainly Christianity that has deceived the world into not realizing that YAHWEH and His Angels are superhuman beings who travel around the universe in spaceships.
Now, the question is?
If Christianity has deceived us concerning who the Creator and His Angels really are, where they are at, what it is like there, and how the Messiah is coming back, then what else have they deceived us concerning?
Well, in this group, I am going to tell you all these things so that you will know  the truth about YAHWEH, His Angels, and His Messiah.
Why are the Christians so very upset with me?
The worshippers of Christianity think that I am a liar and a false prophet only because they don't understand the things I say.
But, If they were to listen to me to see if I am telling the truth, they would understand and turn against those who have been leading them.
There religious leaders know this and don't what to lose power over the people because their eyes have been opened to the truth about how their leaders have been misleading them.
What does this have to do with the purpose of this group,
Well the secret to summoning sightings, like I do, is that a true summoner must enter into a covenant with YAHWEH and to abandon the organized religions he/she has been infected with.
YAHWEH's Angels may use you for a photo shoot here and there, but you will never summon sightings consistently unless you have sworn allegiance to YAHWEH, His name, His Character, and His Laws for eternal life and have abandon "all" other religions to prove your loyalty to YAHWEH.
Before you can abandon all religions other than YAHWEH, you must know why you should come out of all churches and never enter into them again for the rest of your life.
In this group I will explain:
1. the secrets about UFOs and Spaceships in the bible
2. the secrets about the bible and what the Luciferian translators deliberately altered in it to deceive mankind
3. and the true way for souls to be saved and enter the Eternal Kingdom these space beings are setting up in YAHWEH's name on earth
The best is yet to come...
Stay tuned...
Sincerely Yours In YAHWEH,
Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

Message: 20       
   Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 17:54:29 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>


Dear List,

The following are mainly on line references that let us know that the god of Christianity is really a pre-Christian pagan god whose name was adopted in the newly formed European Christian faith as the name of our Messiah.

The Christians go crazy when you bring out this kind of information.

But, the thing about it is that you see the name of this pagan god in the modern day form of the Christian messiah's name.

The pagan god's name is ESUS and when you look at the name J-ESUS, you actually see the name, and even Christians can not hide that fact.

Now, the question is, what in the world is a pagan god's name doing in a non-Hebrew name for the Messiah who spoke Hebrew/Aramaic as well as his people?

I know how this came to be, and with the blessings of YAHWEH, I will reveal it to all of you later.

Email this introductory information to all your friends and post it to all your groups.

To the Christians, I say, I have not lied, but you have!

Your leaders know that the name J-esus is the name of a pagan god, and in your Christian New Testament, you tell us that there is no name under heaven whereby souls can be saved except the name of J-esus.

But, this is a recent, newly created concept that your bishops put in the New Testament when they wrote it and that Paul, who abandoned YAHWEH for the new religion that was forming, taught peopel.

But, from the time of Adam, men had never ever been required to worship Jesus for eternal life because they worshiped only YAHWEH.

This concept of eternal life being based on the name of Jesus never existed prior to the Christian movement.

It is really a newly created Christian concept that has no antiquity and that men, prior to Christianity, never heard of before, because it was foreign to them and all the holy prophets.

However, the thing about this is that in order for their Jesus to be the only way souls can be saved, is if it was so from the beginning, up unto the flood, and after the flood, up unto the time the New Testament was created.

There would have to be a flow of such a claim from Adam to us today; however there is not!

The flow of this kind of reasoning started with the rise of Christianity not long ago compare to how long men have been worshiping on earth.

But, what you see is that from Adam up until the time of Christian reasoning, the only name whereby souls could be saved was YAHWEH!

The Creator can't possibly change the name He established from the beginning to a new name to be saved by in these times because once He makes a decision, He can not change it unless there were conditions attached.

There were no conditions attached to His name, YAHWEH, being the only name whereby souls are saved.

YAHWEH was exclusively the only name on earth whereby souls can be saved for all times.

And, the Christians deceive the world by saying that YAHWEH gave all power in heaven and in earth to His son, and that now people should worship his name like all Christians do.

This means that YAHWEH gave up trying to save men with His name that he used from the beginning and that He retired His name from salvation!

This is impossible, because YAHWEH can not change, Malachi 3:6.

And, everything YAHWEH does is forever, Ecclesiastes 3:14.

Now, what has happened is that the early Christians switched the name of worship to the god of the newly formed religion of Europe and have now deceived the world with it.

I can prove exactly how, when, where, and why, but I have said enough right now.

This is what you do, study the links and the statements below from my research and you will never ever look at the name J-esus the same again.

From now on, every time you see the Christian god in it, you will see the pagan god ESUS in that name.

How can you avoid it?

It's staring you right in your face, but all humanity has been kept ignorant of who you, your parents, children, and friends are really worshiping in Christianity.

Can't you see that some is not right with the modern name for the Messiah?

I am not saying the Messiah did not come, I am saying that he came but what the Christians wrote about him is a complete and total lie!

Follow my line of reasoning below and understand who the Christians have you really worshiping.


















There you have it.

To those Christians who have come against me lately, I say, now post this to you groups and your web pages against YAHWEH and me like you have been doing.

I will go into greater detail about the origin of the name Jesus later.

Next, I will show you how that the name Christ is really the great god of Indian Christna or Chrishna.

Sincerely Yours In The Defense of YAHWEH's Word,

Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh


Message: 22       
   Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 11:44:38 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>
Subject: The Latest Threat To Kill Me And All My Followers

Dear List,
Here is the latest threat to kill me and any one who listens to me.
In it, he said:
> you fucking towelhead if i knew where you are at i wil kill you and all your followers

Well, if the damnable fool Christian thinks that I fear dying for mine, then they have another thing coming!
I am a soldier of YAHWEH who is willing to die at any moment for the most holy and wonderful YAHWEH!
To hell away with dieing!
A man who has not found any thing worthy to die for has no 'real' purpose in life.
I am the commanding general of the armies of YAHWEH on earth!
My open enemy is 'Spiritual Bondage in all it's forms and manifestations."
My battlefield is the human mind.
And, my weapons of war are pure and unadulterated truth!
Truth in its purest form shall ultimately defeat the lies of the enemies of righteousness.
I am the defender of the name and knowledge of YAHWEH.
I am the Prince of Truth and the Guardian of Eternal Life on earth!
And, if Christians think that they are angry now, just wait until they get a load of YAHWEH out of me!!!!!!
The best is yet to come.
With the blessings of the most holy and wonderful YAHWEH, I will do all within my power to utterly destroy the lies of Christianity and all other religions on earth!
Yours In The Defense Of YAHWEH's Name,
Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

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you fucking towelhead if i knew where you are at i wil kill you and all your followers


Message: 23       
   Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 11:28:29 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>
Subject: A Christian Idiot's Response - Now who is the fool here?

Dear List,
One of you in the group told one of your so-called biblically learned friends what I said about the so-called Gospels.
His friend responded back with this message against me:
Why do you entertain this fool? You might want to consider explaining to him that there is arceological evidence for the new testament as well as eyewitness testimony, as well as geographical evidence, as well as the dead sea scrolls which show that the bible we have today is identical to the scriptures back then. Also PY is wrong to say that in the old testament people were saved by the name of Yaweh, Isiah is merely one of many old testament books that speak of a coming messiah. 
Now here is my response back to the member who sent me this:
He is the fool because all the evidence, and eyewitness evidence really came after the gospels were created and started to be believed.
As for the dead sea scrolls, they, like the Hebrew and English OT, point to the Messiah. And, the Messiah did come, but the Christian version of him is a damnable lie, plain and simple.
Listen, any person who says that people in the OT were not saved by the name YAHWEH, are a complete and total idiot.
I am saying that the Messiah came, and he shall come again, but the Christians have and all ways will be liars, until they are wiped out by the real Messiah when he comes.
Listen to me and not that fool!
He has been blinded and is trying to blind you, and bind you in his deceit.
Then, you will be save.
Dear List,
The eyewitness testimony was forged in the Gospels, as well as the gospels themselves.
And, there is not eyewitness testimony, that I know of outside of that of the fraudulent Gospels.
How can it be if it is all a damnable lie!
And, there can not be found any indisputable "arceological ... geographical evidence" this nut case spoke of as relating to the Messiah, except for that which came to be after the New Testament took over.
All this evidence is nothing but evidence created by the early Christians when their movement first started.
Now, consider this, I admit that there may be "arceological ... geographical evidence" of the true Messiah found that the Christian discovered and rename as their J-Esus, but that does not mean that it is about their J-Esus.
Also, consider what that fool said here:
"Isiah is merely one of many old testament books that speak of a coming messiah." 
First of all he creates an illusion that there are many old testament books when there are only about 39 of them. And, only a few of those few books prophesied of the Messiah.
Now, I am aware that Christians have gone into the OT, and gleaned everything they possibly can from it that they can claim relates to their gospel story.
I have collected all of them, and I can say that most of them can be proven as false.
And, those there are prophecies of the Messiah are referring to the true Messiah, and not the Christian counterfeit messiah.
The Christian mind does not consider the following, but I do:
1. that their evidences were discovered and interpreted by Christians only after Christianity was created by the Luciferians, to keep us from knowing the truth about the true Messiah
2. that their evidences, that are true, are about the true Messiah, and not their counterfeit messiah that was manufactured to lead us away from the worship of YAHWEH
3. that there is a true Messiah and a false Messiah, and the Christian messiah is the false messiah who is really Satan's messiah Nimrod in a disguised form and I can prove it.
And, to all learned men, see the flaw in the man's reasoning, and know him for the fool he is:
>Also PY is wrong to say that in the old testament people were saved by the name of Yaweh
How can any one have anything to do with a man who is so lost, that he does not realize that in the original Y document Hebrew, the Israelites worshiped YAHWEH exclusively, and were saved only in YAHWEH's name!
Also, he does not know how to correctly spell the name YAHWEH!
Finally, why does this man call me a fool when all I did was send you a collection of Gospel believing Jesus worshiping leaders said?
To call me a fool is really calling all the Christian scholars whose quotes I used a fool!
To the member who sent me this response, since he called me a fool, I say: "Why do you entertain this fool?"
What you need to do is separate yourself from that idiot and serve only YAHWEH at my hands as my student so you can get the purest knowledge of YAHWEH available on the earth!
Sincerely Yours In The Defense Of The Knowledge Of YAHWEH,
Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

Message: 24       
   Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 10:27:23 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>
Subject: What Are The Stars Of Bethlehem?


What Are The Stars Of Bethlehem?

a close examination of Matthew chapter 2


Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh




POB 271551
Las Vegas, NV 89127


Dear List,

Most of you know that I teach that the Gospels are fraudulent documents manufactored by the Catholic church to give people something to believe about the Messiah.

Even though I belief this, I still quote from them and point out things in them pro and con.

Many of  have read the story of the three wise men who came to Bethlehem looking for Jesus when he was born.

In  the book of Matthew, all chapter 2 (verses 1-23) is about this fable.

Let's take a look at the key verses in this chapter that mentions the "star of Bethlehem."

In Matthew 2: 1-2, 7, and 9-10, (KJV) it states:






Now, let me ask you some questions:

Is it likely that a star, in deep space, billions of miles away, "COULD NOT" be what the three wise men saw and followed?

Is it likely that a star, in deep space, would be seen, and suddenly disappear, and not be seen anymore, until it reappeared again like it did in the story?

Is it likely that a star, in deep space, can pin-point the location of a small baby under it?

If so, how can a star, in deep space, stop its journey across the sky, and then hover over, or stand or sit in a place directly over the child in the manger?

Now let me ask you another question:

Is it likely that the wise men, seeing this star, and following it, was a night time event?

My beloved brothers and sisters, the answer to all these questions is no!

The following explanations suggest that this star-like object could not be one of the stars we see in the night sky, billions of miles away, in deep space.

These explanations also suggest that the wise men saw the star-like object in broad open daylight and not at night.

For instance, in the verses I used above, this star, that the three wise men saw, was something that looked similar to a real star. It went from them and they saw it no more for periods of time.

They must have greatly missed seeing the star. After it disappeared, they must have begun to doubt what they saw, and needed to see it again and again for heavenly confirmation that they were doing right. Because of this, they must have hoped greatly to see it again.

They must have looked forward to seeing it, even desperately scanning the skies for it often. The reason why I say this is because, when it did re-appear to them, verse 10 says:


Their highly emotional reaction proves that they were anxiously hoping, very greatly, to see the star again to take away all doubt about what they all had been seeing.

If the star was actually a star in deep space, that they saw all the time, every night when the skies were clear, they would not have reacted so emotionally. The reason why is that they would have been so use to seeing the star, in the night sky, that they would not have reacted  at all.

Put yourself in their shoes. Have you ever "...rejoiced with exceeding great joy" when you saw regular stars in night sky? No you have not! And, I do not have to be you to know what your reactions are when you see stars.

Regular stars, in the sky, do not come and appear and disappear. When it is too cloudy for you to see the stars at night, after the weather cleared up, "ALL" the stars, you've ever seen in your life, would be right back in the same position and circuit they were in every time you ever saw them.

This was the same case with the wise men, and they never would have "rejoiced with exceeding great joy" at seeing stars they see every clear night!

Because all this, the star that's mentioned  in Matthew chapter 2 is not likely a star in the heavens far, far away in deep space.

Also, when you analyze these verses closely, it should be clear, to you, that no real star, in space, can pin-point a location, on earth, under it like the star of Bethlehem did over the manager. The reason why is because a deep space star is so, so far away that every point on earth could be considered under it!

In order for an actual star, or star-like object, to pin-point a place under it, the star would have to be flying very, very low in the earth's atmosphere. And, it would have to be directly over the place under it and not that many feet off the ground. This is impossible for a real star to do.

Also, consider this, those verses said that this star-like object went or flew over the manger "... and stood where the young child was." The word stood means that it stopped or hovered, in one place in the sky, over the manger. A real star does not fly through the lower levels of the sky with out burning up every one on earth!

Based on this reasoning, this star, that the wise men saw, could not be a real star that we see in the night sky! Biblical scholars, and people who read their bibles closely, know that this star is not a heavenly star.

Now, let me ask you this:

Is it possible, since the wise men saw the star on at least two different occasions: before starting their search for the "king of the Jews," and after leaving Herod, that they saw several different stars of Bethlehem?

The answer to this question is yes! It is possible that the wise men saw a number of star-like objects, from the first one they saw to the last one, and that it was not the same object each time they saw it.

Now for my final question:

Is it possible that the wise men saw these sightings in broad open daylight and not night?

Yes, indeed it is possible, and it was daylight and not nightime when they saw them.

The way you can know this is when you consider that they saw these sightings right after leaving Herod. It would, more than likely, have been in the day time, during business hours, when government officials were normally available.

Also, when they saw the sightings, they were journeying.

This suggests they saw the stars of Bethlehem during the day. Because, since the dawn of time, people journeyed when the sun was up. They made camp at sun down, started a fire, cooked food, and rested for the night. Then, they got up, about sunrise, and continued on their journey.

The reason why they did this is simple. At night, they have a hard time seeing where they were going. Because of this, journeying at night was not likely. But, most likely, these sightings appeared in the sky to them during the day time.

For centuries, people have been wondering what was this star or stars that the three wise men encountered?

Well, I know for a fact what they are because they have appeared to me over 1,500 times for the last quarter century!

The stars of Bethlehem are the most common type of UFOs called glowing orbs.

They are either physical, circular flying glowing objects or they appear as balls of energy or lights.

They appear in the sky above a person, group of people, or a place.

The balls of light or glowing energy balls can fly through the walls of your home, stop in mid air inside your home, so you can look at it, and then fly back outside through the other wall of your home.

These glowing orbs look like stars and appear during the day or night. When they appear, they are either far up in the sky or only a few feet off the ground.

The most holy and wonderful YAHWEH uses glowing orbs to make Himself known to people.

And, just like the stars of Bethlehem were a sign so people would know where the Messiah was, so are they signs that the most holy and wonderful YAHWEH has chosen me to be His prophet.

Do not misunderstand me. I am not claiming to be the Messiah. I have never claimed this, and I never would.

The fact remains that the stars of Bethlehem have appeared to me over 1,500 times for over a quarter century!

For more information, please go to:



Yours In The Love Of The Magnificent And Merciful YAHWEH,

Prophet Yahweh

Seer of Yahweh


Message: 25       
   Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 12:02:47 -0700 (PDT)
   From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>
Subject: Josephus Concerning The "Stars Of Jerusalem"


Josephus Concerning The "Stars Of Jerusalem"


Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh



Prophet Yahweh
POB 271551
Las Vegas, NV 89127


Dear List,

Many people, of various faiths, say that the "Stars of Bethlehem" are appearing on my signal because I am using the power of the devil to summon them.

And, they declare me a false prophet who should be killed and have threaten to do so or made public calls for their religious warriors to assassinate me.

Yea, very soon, the first of several assassination attempts, to take my life, shall take place.

They are saying, right now: "Man, that fool needs to be put to death."

These religious gangster,  do not consider that I call down these sightings in YAHWEH's name and honor.

Neither do they consider that the scriptures in the Old Testament and New Testament validate what is happening with me because you can read the bible and see where the same things happened then.

I sent you all the letter titled:

What Are The Stars Of Bethlehem?

It was based on the star-like object that appeared to the wise men and led them to the Messiah.

Even though this same star like object appeared then and now, to me, I am fastly rising to be the most hated man in all of Christianity.

What the haters do not know is that the star of Bethlehem was also captured, outside the bible, in the historical writings of our father Josephus.

But, instead of Bethlehem, the Star and another object, referred to as "a comet," (by Josephus) appeared again over Jerusalem during the great battle between our nation and the Romans in 70 A.D.

The return of the "Star" over Jerusalem, at this time, signaled to the Romans that they would be victorious in defeating us.

To our fathers, it signaled that the Supreme Being, YAHWEH was tired of us serving the gods of the region. These sightings also signaled that He was going to allow us to be defeated as a nation and led away into slavery, by the Romans, as He foretold of by His prophets.

The following is what Josephus wrote in his book:

"Wars of the Jews," book 6, chapter 5, section 3, sub-sections 288 - 289 it states:

(288) "Thus were the miserable people persuaded by these deceivers, and such as belied God himself; while they did not attend, nor give credit, to the signs that were so evident and did so plainly foretell their future desolation; but, like men infatuated, without either eyes to see, or minds to consider, did not regard the denunciations that God made to them."

(289) "Thus there was a star resembling a sword, which stood over the city, and a comet, that continued a whole year."

Now, as I said in my release to you called: What Are The Stars Of Jerusalem?, the stars are the same glowing orbs that have appered to me over 1,500 times, over a quarter century, and recently allowed me to film them.

So, now you see that religious as well as historical sources prove that the UFOs I am filming are not of the devil.

They are from Almighty YAHWEH!

Hey, I can't help it if many of you have not been initiated into the secret truths concernign how YAHWEH works, that your religious leaders have kept from you, and as a result, you are completely ignorant of the truths I speak!

Sincerely Yours In The Love Of YAHWEH,

Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh