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Sidney Has No Horses

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Aug. 28, 2006:  Looks like Sid was off the mark.  Not surprising.  Most prophecies seldom come to pass on time if at all, and if they do, they are less than what was expected.  Sometimes, however, the vision is forecasted prematurely, meaning that what didn't happen when predicted might occur at a future date.  I am therefore going to leave this notice up.  If anyone has any word on what Sydney has to say regarding his aborted or possibly delayed forecast, let me know and I'll add it here as an addendum. 
Nov. 3, 2005:  Here's a recent prophesy that's currently posted on some internet sites.  I've posted exactly as I found it.  If legitimate, I think the message is important because of the earthquakes and weather related tragedies the world has experienced these past twelve months.  From what I've gathered elsewhere, these strange weather patterns are not going away anytime soon.  It's said they will increase dramatically over the next year, and beyond. 
I've had a few inquires from people concerned that this may be a hoax.  Aside from the phone number in the message itself, there is a website for the Cheyenne River Lakota Nation, on whose grounds the tribal meeting was held.  On the contact page there are phone numbers and an e-mail for Robert Walters, the man who introduced Sidney Has No Horses to the attending audience.  If you have any questions, I suggest you direct them to the parties concerned.
Nov. 18:  Regarding the validity of this prophecy, here are some comments that are posted on OmahaTribe.com from two individuals who have tried to contact Mr. Has No Horses.  It must be kept in mind that these opinions do not validate or invalidate the message one way or another:
Re: Lakota Prophecy 
nativeapple (native_apple@hotmail.com)
on Nov 16, 2005 - 01:42 PM
I have some relatives who i have called on this sydney has no horses and he is a person who drinks and tries to be this spiritual person but everyone knows that his words are just words. I have called his number since i read this and i still have not talked with anyone for any questions that i have for sidney......
Re: Lakota Prophecy
by pmerrick on Nov 18, 2005 - 09:41 AM
I have also called the number that was posted in the artical and I to have not yet been able to talk to anyone. It was not my intention to cause fear for anyone [for posting the message]. I have chosen not to let this interfer with my life. Everyone has that power. However, the message that I recieved from this was, become more aware of the great mystery and take care of yourself and family by doing what ever it is that you do. Sweatlodge, N.A.C. Catholic, Mormon, whatever. and that will allow you to feel safe again.

For the sake of comparison, I'm including a message from WambliWW, a member of Shirley Maclaine's forum on her Encounter website.  I do this to contrast the implication that Mr. Has No Horses is a man who drinks and is compelled to speak empty words:
WambliWW:  I have heard Sidney Has No Horses speak about the great pain which the Lakota people feel about having the Black Hills taken over; and then despoiled and mined for gold and other ores. I have no idea whether the word Gold was meant to be God and was a typo, but Sidney's impassioned comments which I heard in 2004 certainly suggest that he believes Gold has caused much upheaval for the Lakota people in deep and enduring ways.

A recent NPR episode said that something like 40 tons of soil is processed, using environmentally toxic methods, to produce no more gold than there is in a single diamond ring. This currently mined gold is being called "dirty gold". It is happening all over the globe, at least particularly in Third World countries. But that in and of itself is a whole OTHER thread for discussion!

I have sat in ceremony with Lake Wakpamani Oglala Lakota medicine man Sidney Has No Horses. I feel deep gratitude and am humbly honored to have spent some time with an elder, a holy man, from that circle; that Elder has been a teacher and friend. There are Heyoka medicine men in that Wakpamani circle; other Oglala heyoka were Black Elk, and Crazy Horse too.

My friend and teacher, the Elder I mentioned above, confirms that the words in the message are Sidney's. Sidney wants the message circulated, just as the Spirits asked him to spread the message in his own way at the outset.

In my humble experience, Sidney is a good man, a powerful medicine man. I have sat in Yuwipi ceremonies led by Sidney, where the Spirits came in and spoke about the coming natural disasters as Mother Earth cleanses herself. In 9/04 yuwipi, we were told that in 2005 storms of unprecedented strength and frequency would characterize the hurricane season, and that this would be the beginning of such seasons from now on. Many things that are complimentary to Sidney's message were told to us during those yuwipi ceremonies in 2004 and 2005. In respect for the sacred nature of yuwipi ceremonies, I will choose not to share more details from those events. I can confirm that, in my own experience, the Spirits DO come in, to offer healing, and to tell messages for the good of the human community.

I just want to say that I have sat with this man, and the information is authentically coming from a man who is doing all he can to keep the traditional ways alive, to help the young people in his community from the addictive substances that are rampant in Rez life, and which are symptomatic of so much of the toxicity in the world around us.

By the way, the number in his message is Sidney's home phone number; it is listed in his wife Janet's name. The Wakpamani circle is traveling alot, in response to this email message from Sidney; apparently many are asking for help looking at these prophecies, and how to respond in a good way, so Sidney and other medicine men from Wakpamani are going where they are called.

I just want to support Sidney, not toot my own horn in his wake. I have been very blessed but much love, guidance, and support on the Red Road, and I wish to give back - and give forward - in whatever ways I can. This message board is one good place for that.


On Nov. 23, I received this email:
Just thought I would let you know......I called the number.....got through and spoke with a man......tho I didn't ask his name, he said he was taking messages........asked me if this was a good call or bad call......I proceeded to tell him I believed it would be in support of the message, so if that is good, then it was a good call....

I did ask for clarification......yes, there are typos.....instead of Gold, it should read God...I had a most informative, enjoyable phone conversation.......my personal thoughts are....the message is out......we can sit in fear of it.....or we can do something about it......God has given us the message, but also free will to change what lies ahead......

Thank you for taking time to read this, but thought it may  be benificial to others to pass along the information about the typos.....


*In keeping with the spirit of this e-mail and with the message From Sidney Has No Horses, click here for an interview with a Mayan Elder, Carlos Barrios, as recorded on the Mitch Battros show. And for further "indirect" information on this same subject, click here.  You will be directed to Red Elk's website, specifically to a page explaining the significance of the Crystal Skull and how it relates to the matter at hand.   

Message from Sidney Has No Horses:

Mr. Chairman, thank you and Council, with us is Sidney Has No Horses. He is a medicine man from Oglala and Mr. Chariman, he has a message that he's going to all the tribes, all the reservations with that came out of a ceremony and I feel it's a good message. I visited Mr. Has No Horses and so at this time, I'd like to get the floor for him.

SIDNEY HAS NO HORSES: Mitakuye Oyasin. All my relatives.
I'd like to get in the middle if I could, I really don't like to use the mic. My name is Sidney Has No Horses. I'm from the Pine Ridge Reservation. You probably know my father, his name was Dawson Has No Horses. He was a yuwipi man, a powerful medicine man. My grandfather's name is Frank Fools Crow. He was also a powerful medicine man.
Six months ago, we had a ceremony, in this ceremony, two angels came to me and they talked to me and they told us of the devastation that would happen to the islands and the Indian Ocean. They told us of the earthquakes that would hit Japan. They told us of the earthquakes that will hit South American and the they also told us of the Tsunami that wiped out all the people and they told us of the hurricanes that came to Florida, the one that came to New Orleans and the one that went to Texas. There's one more hurricane coming to wipe out another city.
Two weeks ago, we has a cermony, Sitting Bull came in and he talked to me; Crazy Horse , he talked to me; Chief Big Foot talked to me and they asked me to go to the Seven Council Fires and to the Council People and to warn all of these Fires, within six months.
There's going to be a tidal wave that's going to wipe out Los Angeles. Within six months, there 's going to be an eruption in the northwest with the volcanoes. Two eruptions within six months. They say from the eruptions of theses volcanoes, the ash is coming, the Missouri River will be destroyed. They say the water that we drink from the ground is going to be no longer drinkable. These hardships are coming because Gold is bringing this.
Whether you believe in Christianity, Native American Church or the traditional way, if you read the Bible, we are going into the fourth seal. There's diseases coming that are going to wipe out our children and like this man said here, meth -methaphetamine on our rez is very bad too. If we don't stop that, it's going to destroy the next generation. Many vegetables are going to be born into our tribes.
When I'm done here, I am going to Standing Rock and I am going to stand in front of them, their council and tell them the same thing I am telling you now. This winter is going to be very cold for a long time. Ranchers are going to lose their horses and cows because it is not going to warm up.
The price of propane is going to skyrocket and sometimes they are not going to be able to deliver the propane to our families. This food issue in the Bible, it says one day there will be no food in the store's shelves. If you look at the hurricane, a lot of the stores, there's no food on the shelves. These people lost their homes. They can't drink the water and so I come because of the mighty chiefs that talked to me and because of who I am. They tell me, I need to warn the tribes.
Today, I came here without announcement, but to see you all gathered like this, I know God is on my side to see you gathered. The Sisseton-Wahpeton tomorrow will be gathered at 10o'clock and they will hear what I have to hear. The Flandreau people are gling to be waiting for me tomorrow evening. I 'm going up to Fort Yates here, I'm going to talk to them even if it's after hours and so I thank you very much for letting me come in and I'm thankful that I got all of you together at the same time.
I offer you all a handshake. My name is Sidney Has No Horses I'm from Batesland, South Dakota. You might want to write this down. My phone number is 605-288-0097.
We incorporated ourselves through the State of South Dakota to let you know that we are serious. Within six months, we are going to be living in hell of a world and these chiefs have talked to me and my cousins. If you ever want a ceremony, you get ahold of us and we will bring you a ceremony to let you believe.
But the chiefs tell me, some of you have good hearts. Some of you have good mind. Some of you have spirituality. You are the people that will take heed on the words I bring and there's a lot of people that didn't believe us when everything we told them has happened and my President, Cecilia Fire Thunder, I talked to her yesterday and she supports because everything I told her would happen to our tribe has happened.
The power of God, he knows what he's bringing to us and in three years, as the keepers of Mother Earth, if the Seven Fires do not come together, there's going to be a meteorite that will be coming and it's going to hit off of San Francisco and they told us that the Seven Council Fires,, theses Seven Fires never has hate and jealousy toward each other. Ive been trying to get the medicine men of Oglala to be in unity, but they can't and now Gold asked me to come and get all the Tribal Councils together and all the tribes together.
That's a very hard job that he's giving me. I'm very nervous as I stand here in front of you, but I tried to look you all in the eye to let you know thatI'm for real and so at this time, there are food for thought, things you can think about in the next six month and this little time you have given me. I thank you.
Now I'm going to Standing Rock I will be going to every reservation.. Maybe the tribal members will get together and at least the tribal presidents will have a ceremony for all you to hear and believe in God.
All my relatives. Mitakuye Oyasin.
You have my phone number and so if any questions, please contact me.


The following was brought to my attention on Dec. 28, 2005.  The message was sent to "Jane" in an email who then posted it on the fulldisclosure.org website.  I'm posting it here at face value as added material to an already controversial topic:
WILLIAM CONRAD: Mr. Chairman, I am the witness, from the ceremony just now with medicine man, Sidney Has No Horses, from the Oglala. Mitakuye Oyasin, with this greeting SIDNEY HAS NO HORSES opened the meeting with a short review of the recent events which he had told were coming. The Asian Tsunami, the  flooding of New Orleans, the hurricanes that hit the gulf coast area which came to pass just as he had said, from what the spirits had told to him.

He explained the importance of heading the warnings, removing all the doubt and taking action. SIDNEY HAS NO HORSES related weather you believe in Christianity, the Native American Church or the traditional way, these hardships are coming.
He said that he was told that a great stone would hit in the ocean and that the City of Angels, Los Angeles, would be lost forever. He went on to explain that within the next months there was going to be two separate explosions of  the  volcans in the northwest. He told that a great amount of ash was coming that would travel around the globe and the sun's light would appear red and be obscured for a very long time and that the Missouri River will be destroyed.

There are great diseases coming that will wipe our children and cause much loss of life. He explained that the mosquito would be a carrier of disease passing from animals to pets to family members themselves. He said the meth-methaphedamine situation would greatly increase and destroy our youth if we did not teach them  about its dangers.

He said that winter is going to be very cold and that Blizzard would cause a loss of power but that the lack of transportation to deliver fuel would create a period of seven years with little or no heating or power. If you have a lovely electric fireplace, he said,  rip it out and put in an old time wood stove. Get a solar panel because that will be your only power. He said to save every container and fill them with drinking water. The  water sources we have now will be not drinkable and pumps will not be working. Canned fish and meats last long on the shelf and  to stock up on canned foods.

SIDNEY HAS NO HORSES said to think of the people of New Orleans who lost their homes. This is the  food issue that is mentioned in the Bible. There is no food on the shelves in the stores that were under water in New Orleans now still, there is no power in the houses, the houses are abandoned, the bank machines don't work and the gas stations are ruined. The weather will be cold for so long a time that the animals will all die. He said that in six months we would be living in a hell of a world and that this trouble would  get
worse for seven more years.

SIDNEY HAS NO HORSES confirmed that by removing our doubt and heading this warning we could work together to mitigate these coming hardships by preparing. Many people are poor but he relayed that to get ready is not costly but necessary. Blessings were given at the end of the ceremony and we were asked to bring this message to our family who were not able to come so that they could also prepare. 

Update March 3, 2006 from Mitch Battros' newsletter:
Just three days ago an article had been released indicating increased activity at Yellowstone supervolcano. This in and of itself, may not be of great interest, but when it comes on the heels of Carlos Barrios’ Mayan elders warning, it instantly demands a close and more serious look.

The exact message given to us “live” on ECM ‘Radio Hour’ by Carlos was simply one very powerful sentence: “Yellowstone volcano will begin increased activity in April”. Well here we are in the first week in March with two important news releases. But staying in typical Mitch ambiance, I remain awake but reserved in events to come. It is most important to maintain our healthy sense of discernment as we venture into fast moving events.

On February 28th the USGS issued a press release stating a newly discovered dome on the floor of Yellowstone National Park may be responsible for some unexpected geothermal activity in recent years, according to a study by U.S. Geological Survey scientists. The bulge, about 25 miles across, rose 5 inches from 1997 to 2003 and may have triggered some thermal unrest at Norris Geyser Basin, including a sudden rise in temperatures, new steam vents and the awakening of Steamboat geyser.

The findings are part of a paper set to be published Thursday in the journal Nature. Charles Wicks, one of the USGS scientists who worked on the study, said much of what happens beneath the park's surface remains a mystery, but more is being learned about the Yellowstone caldera, the bowl-shaped collapsed volcano in the middle of the park that last erupted 640,000 years ago.

Geologists discovered the dome on the northern rim of the caldera several years ago, and Wicks and others used satellite images and other tools to track its swelling. Wicks and his colleagues theorize that molten rock moved out of the caldera and beneath the area of the inflating dome, which has been named the North Rim Uplift Anomaly. The floor of the caldera sank as the molten rock left.

Is this the beginning of increased activity at Yellowstone supervolcano? Only time will tell, but I can assure you, these eyes will be watching very closely as April nears.


Here are two sites that monitor volcanic activity: