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Predictions for 2007

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Last year, 2006, was riddled with predictions that ranged from the patently absurd to the downright terrifying.  Luckily, not many of those predictions bled through into our 3-D arena.  From my point of view, it seemed a rather tame year.  Sure, we had a flurry of devastating tornadoes, a world wide heat wave that nearly broiled our brains, and a few enormous cyclones that were on the scale of unforgettable Katrina.  But what else is new?  Frankly, my opinion of people who make predictions has, over the years, eroded into a sort of cynical disdain.  There is, however, that one prediction that hits it right on the nose straight out with no ambiguity.  These of course are far and few between; and most of the others are just common sense observations that many of us could just as easily make if  we're so inclined—and we are. We just don't cloak them as visions-of-the-future and have the gall to flatly state they will happen because some ethereal entity or inner voice told us so.


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  • I'm including the prediction by Sidney Has No Horses again only because what didn't occur last year just might very well come to pass in 2007.  An indication that this will be a stronger winter for the northern regions of the U.S. has already manifested as of this writing (2006-12-16) in the storm that blew over Washington state and Oregon in December.  Some of the more horrific events may not happen, such as the tsunami that will knock L.A. back to the Stone Age, or the eruption of Yellowstone's super volcano.  If the latter were to happen, then we're in a world of trouble and anything else will be irrelevant fluff.  Some people have said directly that his prophecies were nothing more than drunken hallucinations.  For those of you unfamiliar with Sidney's prophecies, click on the link above.

  • In 2006 I read two books by Dr. Carl Johan Calleman on the Mayan Calendar. The books, in unshaken language, designates the ancient calendar as the mother of all oracles because of its breath and scope in using "time" as an indicator of what's in store for humanity.  Unfortunately, because of its shrouded mystery, not much has been gathered from its encrypted and very convoluted message, until recently.  Calleman spells out what the Mayan Calendar is without ambivalence, leaving the reader with a better understanding than any other source I've come across thus far. Check out his website. And for those who want a quick, distilled and very simplified, childlike version on what he has to say, there is a free e-Book you can download from Mayan-Calendar-Code.com. When you understand what's being said, historical events and world news take a different meaning altogether. You can approach this knowledge anyway you like, but the timeline is getting shorter and shorter.  After Mel Gibson's  Apocalypto, Calleman's information presents the other side of the coin.  Surprisingly, both The Passion of the Christ and his Mayan epic converge in Calleman's scholarly findings, strange as that may sound.  Also, for Dr. Calleman's assessment of the Mid-East crisis, click here.

  • In keeping with the increased interest in the year 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, The Year 2012 blog should draw some hits.  It's a collection of posts about current events that foreshadow what is coming our way, changing us forever from the inside out, baking our bodies, minds and souls with "cosmic energies" that are bombarding us right now as never before in history.  Also, an interesting video on this subject titled The Doomsday Clock -2012 goes deep into historical sources as well as modern day Illuminati-Alien connections.  The piece runs over an hour, but worth it.

  • The Mayan Majix website has four predictions for 2007 from as many seers.  Basically, they say that because of the period of "transformation" we're all experiencing, things will change for the better, but not without some road bumps along the way. They also have an extensive list of predictions from an assortment of people, dead and alive. Check it out.

  • John Hogue, eminent Nostradamus scholar, says, "Beginning with this year and running through 2008, we cross a line drawn in time between the "late afternoon" and the "night" of one very long "day" in cosmic time. This "day" also marks the end and the beginning of two great ages. Many are quite enamored with signifying the year 2012 as the end of time and history as we know it by purported calculations and prophecies attributed to the Mayan Calendar. I tell you sincerely, that events in 2012, however earth shaking for good or ill, will weigh in as an afterthought or a continuance of what began to take shape from events for things to come in 2007--2008."  For more, click here. 

  • According to Mind Power News, Tibetan monks remote view and see the world between 2010 and 2012 "prepare for the ultimate dooms day."  By 2012 the world will come to the brink of nuclear war.  This isn't that difficult to believe.  What does sound a bit off the wall is that ETs will step in and save the day. Read full story here.

  • On fourthdimension.net you can have your tarot reading done with the Aleister Crowley tarot cards.  For those unfamiliar with Crowley, he was one of the leading ritual magicians of the 20th century, and reputedly the biological father of Barbara Bush.  And, yes, there is an uncanny resemblance.  If there's any truth to this rumor, it explains much of what W has been up to all this time.  If it's the genes, well, he just can't help himself.

  • Matthew and Susan Ward are mother and son.  Matthew was killed in a 1980 auto accident.  Fourteen years later, her deceased son began to telepathically communicate with her.  It's a fascinating story, with even more fascinating information coming from Matthew about the "other side."  It's interesting to note that these two souls "planned" their inter-dimensional communications long before either was born.  What Matthew has to say about the near future for humankind is very much in keeping with what others have said, albeit from a very different angle.  The relationship reminds me of Ruth Montgomery and Arthur Ford.  They had a similar arrangement that started when Ford passed away.  There is, however, one thing that Matthew stated back in his December 2003 message that bothers me -- that Saddam Hussein's capture was a fraud.  I don't think they would have continued the charade without taking prints and a DNA sample to make absolutely sure the man in question was the real deal.  In the October 2006 message he assures us that, "Hillary Clinton will not be elected president in 2008 even though she is a strong Illuminati member."

  • Pat Robertson, famed televangelist from The 700 Club, believes that 2007 will be "the world's last year." He reasons that 2007 makes forty years since the Six Day War and four hundred years since the founding of the Jamestown settlement in 1607.  I'm not sure what this has to do with "the world's last year," but he undoubtedly bases his statement on the prophetic maze of the Bible. He also believes, because God told him, that a terrorist attack on the United States would cause a "mass killing" late in 2007.  "I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear," he said during a 700 Club broadcast. "The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that."  Concerning the erratic weather we’ve been experiencing, he thinks we're in for a rough ride in 2007.   What I find interesting about this is not what he's predicting, but that he still gives investment advice to his television audience on  a weekly basis.  Is this the sort of thing people do before all hell breaks loose, invest in the stock market, or buy rental properties?  Check Robertson out on YouTube talking to his co-host about the good times that await us.

  • Also, in keeping with the biblical perspective, there's this site, Armageddon.org, which has a lot to say about the hard times we face in 2007.  They have a lot of cheery stuff concerning: nuclear holocaust; devastating tsunamis; earth-asteroid collisions; killer volcanoes, etc.  But more importatly, another site with a similar title, Armageddon.tripod.com, says 2007 will bring us not only the Battle of Armegeddon but the return of Jesus Christ Himself! More fun than you can have in one viewing.  Drop by either site if Armegeddon's your thing. 

  • Christians aren't the only ones waiting for a "savior."  Iran's Ahmadinejad and his spiritual handlers are also waiting for someone called the Mahdi.  Below is a video that will clue you in on what this is all about:

  • On SpirituallySmart.com they keep a close eye on world affairs and who's really running the show.  For a host of videos and print information, check them out.  Though slanted, they do make sense, in a weird sort of way.

  • Lou Valentino offers us an array of predictions for 2007.  There are the expected ones, such as "the War on Terror will continue," Iraq will keep crumbling, etc.  But he also says that "Humanity has two choices over the next two years. We can continue down a path of destruction and death and destroy ourselves and our planet or we can move into a new era of peace and harmony and stop violating the laws of nature."  By mid-2009, "America will have the lowest crime rate in the world with a three day work week. Stress levels will be balanced and our connection to an intergalactic spiritual government of races that are more evolved than us will guide us to a level of peace we have never experienced on this earth."  This tells me that we get our act together and make the right choice.  Also, "The Pleidians [aliens from the constellation Pleiades] will make themselves known this year and any attempts of any country to strike with a nuclear bomb will be intercepted or shut down. They will only intervene if there is the possibility of a nuclear attack."  Check out his site.  He has a lot to say.

  • Tom Kenyon channels the Hathor's.  These guys are from Venus, according to Kenyon.  His website is first rate.  The message is pretty much in keeping with everything else that's been said about the coming times for planet Earth; times that we are in the midst of right now.  For those of you familiar with New Age thought, the Hathor's will echo everything that other "messengers" (angels, ETs, etc) have been reporting for the past twenty-five years.  Nothing new here, yet curiously interesting.

  • Nikki, who seems to have no last name, and bills herself as yet one more "psychic to the stars," predicts for 2007: An explosion around Rockefeller Center will cause havoc. Part of the UN will collapse as it is in session. Orient Express will derail and kill hundreds. And a whole lot more.  She accurately predicted the death of the Crocodile Hunter in Februray of 2005,  among many other accurate predictions.  She seems to have a pretty good track record.  

  • Revelation13.net offers a whole array of predictions.  Last year he predicted that the Chicago Bears would win Superbowl XL in Detroit Michigan.  Of course, this was not the caseFor 2007, some predictions include a tidal wave hitting the East Coast, and the possibility of Al Qaida using nukes.  The creator of this site firmly believes that the Antichrist is none other than Russian President Putin (which isn't too far off the mark), and that an alliance will be formed between Russia, China and Iran, bolstering Iran's chances of acquiring nuclear capabilities sooner than later.  The site is extensive and much of what's said is fanciful, to say the least.  Some of these predictions are based on Hollywood movies and the inherent symbolism embedded in them.  If you have nothing better to do, check it out.

  • Conscious Media Network has a host of visionaries who speculate on everything from the Mayan Calendar to settlements on Mars.  It's one of those rare sites that offer more than you expected.  The information is both intelligent and entertaining.  And what's even better is that the interviews are on video.  I highly recommend this one.

  • Aaron Russo is a successful Hollywood producer/director.  The following video is about things past, but what Russo relates is the very crux of what we are currently enduring right now, a very nefarious plot that is unfolding everyday and leading us to God knows where.   It's not odd that this information is coming from a member of the entertainment community.  What is interesting is the extent to which he presents his views.  This sort of stuff is left to people like Icke, Jones, and other assorted conspiracy buffs.  But Russo takes it a step further.  He offers alleged firsthand information that comes directly from Nick Rockefeller--yes indeed, those Rockerfellers.  His latest film production America: Freedom to Fascism (2006) arrived on the scene with next to nothing by way of publicity, for obvious reasons. Hats off to him for his display of some very big cojones.  Without question, the video below is something you don't want to miss:

  • Elizabeth Baron channels St. Catherine  and her predictions for 2007 include, but are not limited to: "There will be some catastrophes and four hurricanes will be a part of this, especially in Florida, There will be a bit of suffering there in the future."  And, because of the "great transformation" the world in going through, "will bring spirituality in a way that is so beautiful.  This year, you will see more people having prayer meetings in their homes, more people turning away from television religion."  Also, the next president of the U.S. "will bring more peace and will be sent by God to run the politics of America and will get along with the other two parties.  There will be three parties established in the next three years."  Check out her site for more insights.

  • Jane Doherty covers it all.  Everything from celebrities to politics.  Her blog touches on an array of predictions for 2007: Stem cell research will advance in 2007 and yield exciting information for medical cures; Iran, Russia, Pakistan/Afghanistan, China will have major earthquakes; Tennessee will be in the news for earthquake activity in that region.  And here's one I find very interesting: Condoleeza Rice will play a part in the 2008 elections as Hillary becomes more prominent in the election. It is possible that she will be tapped to run as vice president. Check out her website and her blog.  She has a lot more to say.

  • On January 17, 2007, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist moved the "doomsday clock" two minutes closer to midnight.  They cite various reasons, including global warming.  Check out their website for further reading.   

  • This one is just too good to pass up.  The Pentagon, as reported on the Guardian Unlimited site, foresees  that by "2007 violent storms smash coastal barriers rendering large parts of the Netherlands uninhabitable. Cities like The Hague are abandoned. In California the delta island levees in the Sacramento river area are breached, disrupting the aqueduct system transporting water from north to south."   I wonder where they got the information on this one.  Remote viewing maybe?

  • Psychic Christopher Reburn says that 2007 will reveal that Simon Cowell will admit he battles with depression.  The 2007 Hurricane Season will include 8 Hurricanes and 11 Tropical Storms.  Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie will break apart in 2007.  Saddam Hussein will be put to death in the early part of 2007 around February.  He has a lot more.  Check him out.

  • Exodus2006.com designated 2006 as the beginning of the "time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations" (Daniel 12:1).  In support of this premise, bible codes and scriptural interpretations are used to back this up.   It's also advised that true believers make their exodus to the mountains of Ethiopia for safety.  I have no idea how many people took advantage of this warning, but it seems to me that whoever did might have jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.  For those interested in consulting their bibles regarding The Book of Daniel and the year 2006, here's a page by J. Botha that explains the mathematical and historical means by which this date for the beginning of the "time of distress" is arrived at. 

  • Maria Shaw is very much into healthy eating, staying happy and enjoying life to its fullest.  As far as predictions go for 2007, they come in the form of individual sun sign predictions. So, if you want to know what's in store for you according to the stars and Maria's insights, click here.

  • Below, Tara Greene gives us a video tarot card reading for 2007.  The video runs 5 min 15 sec.  On her website there's a full page devoted to 2007 predictions.  There are various pictures of her in full psychic regalia as well and,  according to reviews and testimonies, she is right on the money in her divinations. 

  • For those of you who didn't know, this is The Year of the Pig in traditional Chinese astrology.  It officially starts Feb. 18, 2007 and runs until Feb. 6, 2008.  It's forecasted that, "There will be many disasters pertaining to fire and water : fire disasters, volcanic eruptions, wild forest fires, fire arm explosions, bomb attacks, even possible nuclear threats; earthquakes, avalanches, heavy rains, torrential floods, unceasing sea winds, reflux of sea water, defeating atmospheric frosts and meloncholic dampness."  For more, click here.

  • El Brujo Mayor, aka Antonio Vazquez, is a Mexican warlock and he sees a lot of things for 2007.  Among his visions are: Fidel Castro will not live past the month of May, and the "wall of shame" along the US-Mexican border will not be built.  For complete story, click here.

  • Here's a blog that belongs to Toronto psychic Abella Arthur.  You may want to drop by now and then to see what she has to say as the year progresses.

  • Sidney Friedman has a documented hit ratio of 71%.  Here is some of what he sees for 2007: 1) In the U.S. markets, the tech sectors will show a remarkable gain of about 20%. 2) The Dow will flirt with 13,000 but then will retreat to approximately where it began, perhaps even lose some ground. 3) Nehru jackets will return to fashion. 4) Krazy Glue(tm) will save lives. 5) A female assasin will stalk Washington D.C. 6) There will be a major scandal in Mutual Funds, causing resignations and perhaps even suicide. 7) There will be a deadly nuclear accident in the middle east. 8) The Chicago Cubs will make it to the World Series.  His website is all about Sid and little else.  The posted predictions come from an article I came across.

  • Dr. Louis Turi, an astrologer with a wide track record, predicted "Serious decision pertaining to the war in the Middle East will have to be taken by the US and British governments (and its allies) during the peak dragon in March and September 2006/2007. The entire region will ally against the west and will force the US into a much-needed adjustment.  Expect serious unrest in the US internal affairs as the unhappy population will demand an end to the war in Iraq."  Also, the Vatican will work harder to save Christianity because of the dying Pisces age; serious ice cap depletion and rise and increase warming of water; more freaky hurricanes.   ...That was for 2006.  He sees pretty much the same for 2007.  Click here to see what astrology portends for us in 2007, according to Turi.

  • Olga Meliton considers herself a  "psychic advisor."  She thinks that by mid-year "it shall be a better world."  However, she also believes the War on Terror will continue for the next ten years before peace returns.  On top of that, she thinks that flu symptoms will be "rampant" and brought on by birds and fishes.  She has more to say.  Check out her site.

  • In 2006, astrologer Robert Camp said that January 31, 2006 would be the beginning of a very bad karmic period for President Bush and this could develop into serious consequences for him.  Mr. Camp was right on the money with this one.  But was that really such a hard call?  So far I have not found anything for 2007, but he has an interesting page called the Card of Destiny reading.  So if you want to know what the day will be like for you, check it out.

  • Brianspredictions.com  is run by a guy, Brian Ladd, who dreams his predictions.  In 2006 I subscribed to his newsletter for a while and then had to let it go.  The predictions were getting increasingly bizarre.  In some cases, you got the impression that he was wishing the worst for the person in question for no better reason than to project ill-will upon someone or something.  In some cases, many of his predictions were not only incredibly mundane but would have been difficult to verify.  Some were so far off the wall that they were almost laughable.   Had any of the more severe ones occurred, L.A. would have been buried under rubble and Governor Schwarzenegger would have been in his grave.  Brian also has a way of injecting his visions with a sense of unavoidable doom.  It's as if his resentments bubble up in his dreams and then he passes them off as future events.  For a sample of what he says, click here to see what he had in mind for 2006.  To date (2006-12-16) he's recorded 3,754 "dream-drawings."  He sleeps, dreams, wakes up and makes drawings representing what he's "seen."  His site boasts that he is "the world's most accurate psychic since Edgar Cayce."  As of this writing, he was in the process of avoiding his electricity from being turned off.  Funny, for a guy who can predict winning lottery numbers, how he can't seem to muster enough cash to pay the light bill.

  • In the same league as Brian Ladd, there's Sherry Shriner.  And though they are in the same league, they are certainly playing on different teams.  Sherry, for those of you who may not know, is a woman with a Calling, as so many people who follow Christ and the God of the Bible sometimes are.  Her stance is somewhat hybrid in that she mixes UFOs, Illuminati and Old Time Religion into a clockwork of mystery and intrigue.  Virtually all of her predictions for 2006 went unrealized.  It's not surprising.  Nor is it the first time she has struck out.  Of course, it's not easy (if at all possible) to know God's Agenda.  For 2007 she has much to say.  Briefly, she states: "The weather will be a destructive force this year, rainy, hot and barren, much destruction caused through Satan's war on mankind and it will escalate and get worse. Civil war will break out in many areas and troops will be moved everywhere to begin to take control of the masses."  Also: "The Lord said the locusts are coming in 2007. What or who are  the locusts? The fallen angels, the 'aliens.'"  And: "Death, death, death. 'Terrorism', war, plagues, diseases,  poisoned water and food supplies, bio chemical attacks against the populations  of the earth in the form of vaccinations, cures, and the foods we eat. It's  everywhere, coming from everywhere, and going to escalate to more and more and  more."  For her entire 2007 predictions, check out her blog entry and numerous websites. 

  • Along with Sherry, and yet also on another team, is David Icke who has put religion of any sort on the back burner but still feels very much at home with Alien and Illuminati conspiracy theories.  Let's face it, they're a lot of fun, even though there isn't a scrap of evidence to support them.  These are people who have rehashed their out-of-the-box beliefs for years now and, unfortunately, have yet to submit any verifiable proof.   God knows, I've been searching for a long time as well.  There are countless relics that suggest the possibility, but no hard authentication.  If their writings are an indication of where Icke and Shriner have been, it tells us exactly where they're headed in 2007.  Actually, it would be interesting to see reptilian aliens running around hand in hand with Satan, or finally seeing the Antichrist make his majestic entrance.  But what are the odds?

  • Psychic Nancy Bradley will tell you what's in store for 2007 if you subscribe to her bi-monthly newsletter for $25 a year.  According to her site, top government officials, the medical community, and celebrities around the world read Nancy's predictions.  I guess this means the price is worth it.  She also does paranormal investigations with her husband.  So if you have a ghost in the house, or a missing loved one, you might want to give her a call.

  • Rose  Schwab says that within the next 5 to 10 years, "Extraterrestrials will be living openly within our communities. We will be teaching them and they will be teaching us." For more insights, check out her site.

  • In 2006, Dr. Hassen Charni predicted (among many other things) that George W. Bush would be assassinated and that Israel Prime Minister Sharon would "loose his place ."  One hit, one miss.  He predicts that 2007 will be an apocalyptic year.  For instance, the Atlantic Ocean will produce a tsunami and the U.S. will experience great floods and storms.  This page is in French, so for those of you who don't read French, use your translator.

  • Dmoz.org has a page that offers predictions way beyond 2007.  There are 41 links on the page titled Society: Future: Catastrophes.  Should be enough to keep you busy for a while.  In the same vein, there's the Pole Position predictions.  Some of the sites posted go way, way into the future.

  • Terry Nazon's site offers free daily horoscopes and general predictions for 2007.  The celebrity forecast is featured as well, including thumbnail briefs on Rumsfeld and Bush.

  • The Remote Viewer is a site that deals with the subject as well as other psychic issues.  If you're interested in learning how to become a remote viewer, they give lessons.  As far as 2007 is concerned, someone by the name of Michael St. Clair has an article titled Astro-Outlook 2007-2011.

  • CaliforniaPsychics.com has a page that tells us what's in store for Britany and Paris, Lindsay Lohan, and a few others.  All very predicable guesstimations.  The site has a host of psychics for hire.  I counted 33, a magic number.  The Masons love it.  You can subscribe to their services for a fee and get the lowdown on what's in store for you.   Or, if you're like me, you'll just take your chances.  As of this writing, they have  not yet released their weightier predictions for 2007, but they do have a press release available for viewing.                

  • AfterLifeNews.com is about death in all its forms and theories.  After death, I guess 2007 or any other year would be irrelevant, except for the fact that you may have died that year.

  • Alma Carey's site doesn't have anything specific on 2007, but there is a video of  a seance that's interesting in a ho-hum sort of way.  Her site design is first rate.  And like most sleek websites, the print is tiny, so you may have to increase the text size.

  • On the Royal Blue forum there are an assortment of predictions that directly affect the snobbish world monarchies.   These are the people who are Illuminati connected and allegedly have alien lizard blood running in their veins, according to Sherry Shriner and David Icke. Among the predictions are: Prince William will lose more hair and not get engaged to Kate Middleton; Princess Stephanie will shack up with Charlene's Dad; Prince Albert of Monaco will announce yet another illegitimate child .  Etc.

  • Andy Reiss mixes astrology with psychic intuition.  Some of his insights for 2007 include: New Middle East Maneuvers & Military Scandals in Mid-Spring to September 30, 2007; India & Pakistan Could Face a Nuclear Exchange in 6 Months to 2 Years; Iran May Be Bombed Sept. 10, 2006 Thru June 23, 2007. And so on.

  • On this blog the man cites himself as a professional psychic and occultist.   He has much to say, especially about the Middle East.  Here is a sample of his vision: "President George Bush will Be Remembered As The Worst President In The American History will Be Responsible For downfall of the american influence."  Where in the world did he get that idea?

  • Advice7.com is run by a 20-something guy from San Francisco who is looking for a female companion to fill an empty part of his life.  He makes no bones about asking for donations either, to help feed him and pay the rent.  Aside from his alleged psychic abilities, by his own admission, he is a "goody 2 shoes" who also happens to be an artist.   He's looking to make new friends as well.  Some of his visions for the year 2007 include everything from clones to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  They sound remarkably like the sort of things one would say in  a bar among friends over beer and pizza.  The site has a definite feel to it.  It's oddly pleasant.  You just know, almost psychically, that the guy who put it together is "a goody 2 shoes."

  • The Unexplained-Mysteries.com forum has a thread where you can make your own predictions.  Among the ones already posted is this prediction: 2007 will have twelve months. It will not be a leap year. Other than that, the visions are cloudy.  Check them out and add your own

  • The Olathe Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation looks to be a site for those interested in paranormal phenomena of all sorts.  There were no predictions for 2007 on the site when I glanced it.  However, if you care to register, I'm sure there are members of their forum that can tell you a lot about ghost hunting and other weird stuff.  They seem to be the real deal.  This one is for the aficionado.

  • Rhiannon Waits sees animals and sea creatures continuing to act oddly with increased aggression toward humans in 2007, among other things.  From what I can see, her predictions are safely couched in ambiguity.  Check them out yourself.

  • James Van Praagh is up there with Sylvia Browne.  You know who he is.  Aside from being a very famous psychic, he also produces the TV show Ghost Whisperer.  His site doesn't specifically have predictions for 2007, but he has a series of "chat rooms" where, if you wish, can go and talk with other people with similar interests.  Might be fun.  Who knows, there might be a psychic there willing to give you the skinny.

  • On The Psychic Detective site, they have two predictions for 2007.  The first: The date of December 27th 2007 will prove to be a very important one.  I feel that an event of global proportions will occur on this date. This event is related to military actions. In December of 2007 information will be released regarding a long standing cover-up by the US government.  Clear enough?  The second one overlaps 2006 and 2007:  North Korea will test a long range missle [sic] in July of 2006 against the protests of the international community. This act will prompt naval actions in the Pacific which includes the destruction of North Korean missle [sic] launch sites.  Uncanny, huh?

  • The anonymous psychic on AdvicePsychic.Net says that golfer Greg Norman will die unexpectedly in 2007.  I've never heard of Greg Norman.  Aside from that, the fruit and vegetable industry will be under threat of infections and disease from 2007 to 2010 in Australia.  Looks like this prediction has already come to pass in the US, what with the spinach and lettuce scares in 2006.

  • Here's something that has absolutely nothing about 2007, but plenty to say about psychic scams.  Worth reading.

  • The Astrology Information blog has an entry that looks to be information from psychic Barbara Garcia for the year 2007.  It's straightforward and to the point.  Some of the items covered are: Exciting for some, startling for others, discoveries in space exploration will push back the veils of three dimensional thinking to the strange and unconventional resources of thought; extra terrestrial contact is established, in frequency sequences.  And:  A viral condition may get out of control and threaten world health in a pandemic spiral of anxiety. This is a wavering energy that may mutate into other health related disorders.  There's a lot more.

  • The TruthStar.com website gives you free astrology and numerology readings, as well as free handwriting analysis.  All services are on a personal level.  I didn't find any world events for 2007 posted. 

  • I found a page with a list of predictions by Arthur C. Clark. Clark, a true visionary, never considered himself a psychic, but for a guy whose future vision changed the world for all time, they're worth looking at.

  • Elizabeth Joyce will tell you what's up for 2007 for a fee.  She hints, however, that it will be "really, really good!"  Whatever that means.

  • Lori Belche's predictions for 2006 spill over into 2007, at least "for the first few months...." As for her past year's predictions, she's not hitting so well.  Out of the long list for predictions on various topics, the ones that have happened are singled out in red letters.    Of these, she hit the mark on Shelly Winters (crosses over),  and a few others.  Not many others, either.  Actually, just 3 out of over 50.  It's this kind of faulty track record that makes you wonder what professional psychics must think of their own abilities when they look back on what they foresaw and how everything panned out in the end.

  • For people who want to add their own predictions for  2007, Paranormal Phenomena has a page where you can do just that.  Last year they didn't do very well.  But then again, neither did many of the psychics on this page.

  • Alan Tutt has an article on How To Increase Psychic Accuracy posted on PsychicHub.comA few suggestions to achieve this are: "Spend a day walking backwards. Put salt in your coffee and sugar on your food. Wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes. Say goodbye when meeting someone and hello when leaving. Lay on the floor with your feet in a chair. Create your own language and use it for a day, speaking in no other language. If they don't cart you off to the funny farm, you'll gain a new perspective on the world. To a degree, this was one of the basic messages in the movie 'Dead Poet's Society', to learn to see life in a new way, refuse to stay in the box, and live the way you want to live."  I think Native American medicine men do similar bizarre things to sharpen their psychic powers.  Carlos Castaneda's don Juan Matus comes to mind.  Anyway, it's an interesting article.

  •  And here's another site where you can post your predictions.  They're timed and dated, so you can't cheat.  Check them out at psychics.co.uk.

  • Sue Darrock and Matthew Didier are paranormal investigators from Ontario, Canada.  On their blog they have separate lists of 2007 predictions that range from world events to celebrity deaths.  Liz Taylor is on one.  I remember seeing her on another death list in 2006.  On Darrock's death list, Donald Trump is slated to make his exit this year.  I guess Rosy O'Donnell will be happy to hear that one.

  • Dr. Petra, a sexologist from the UK, foresees more sex for 2007 in the form of a deluge of sex books on such hot topics as ‘how to have the best sex ever’, ‘how to have the best sex in the world/universe’, ‘how to have more/better orgasms’, ‘how to get more sex’, and ‘how to be really fantastic in bed’.  Didn't this happen last year as well? 

  • Levi uses the tarot to forecast. Among his visions: Iran will suffer air strikes in March or April; reports of poisoned water supply in New York, San Francisco and LA; there will be an attempt to close down or massively restrict the internet by the US Government; massive earthquakes will hit the news along with major Volcanic activity from either two or three volcanoes.   There's a lot more.  Check him out.

  • Ed Tamplin has a world predictions page for 2007 on his website.  Astrology is the medium here. Some of what he says is: North Korea will continue to be a headache; and "Saturn/Neptune will take the Arab/Israeli wars up to the next level." 

  • The Religious Tolerance website has 20 predictions that range from 2007 to 2010.  For 2007, "Jesus will appear simultaneously in Jerusalem, Baghdad, Washington, Moscow and in every other capital city of the world."  We all know what that means.   There's more.

  • Here's one for the scholars and historians, both of ancient and recent history, and history yet to be made.  Mother Shipton died in 1561 and aficionados of prophecy still look to her curious verses for signs of things happening in their time.  Click here for her complete prophecies.

  • And last but not least, for the morbidly curious, evil.berzerker.net will tell you when you're going to clock-out.  Click here to find out when you'll be making your exit.

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And here's what America is predicting for 2007.  The apprehension is not surprising, considering everything that's happened in the past seven years:
Dec 31, 7:12 AM (ET)


WASHINGTON (AP) - Another terrorist attack, a warmer planet, death and destruction from a natural disaster. These are among Americans' grim predictions for the United States in 2007.

But on a brighter note, only a minority of people think the U.S. will go to war with Iran or North Korea over the countries' nuclear ambitions. An overwhelming majority thinks Congress will raise the federal minimum wage. A third sees hope for a cure to cancer.

These are among the findings of an Associated Press-AOL News poll that asked Americans to gaze into their crystal balls and contemplate what 2007 holds for the country.

Six in 10 people think the U.S. will be the victim of another terrorist attack next year, more than five years after the Sept. 11 assault on New York and Washington. An identical percentage think it is likely that bad guys will unleash a biological or nuclear weapon elsewhere in the world.

There is plenty of gloom to accompany all of that doom.

Seventy percent of Americans predict another major natural disaster within the United States and an equal percentage expect worsening global warming. Fewer than one-third of people, or 29 percent, think it is likely that the U.S. will withdraw its troops from Iraq.

Among other predictions for the U.S. in 2007:

_Slightly more than one-third, or 35 percent, of Americans predict the military draft will be reinstated.

_One in four, 25 percent, anticipates the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The telephone poll of 1,000 adults was conducted Dec. 12-14 by Ipsos, an international polling firm. The margin of sampling error was plus or minus three percentage points.


AP Manager of News Surveys Trevor Tompson, AP News Survey Specialist Dennis Junius and AP writer Kasie Hunt contributed to this story.

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For people interested in the Bible Code, here's a brief list from Joseph Noah's 2002 book, Future Prospects of the World According to the Bible Code:
The tribulation time will be between 2005 and 2012, when       4,000,000,00 people will die.

• 2005 - False Arab/ Israeli peace treaty signed.

• 2006 - New Temple in Israel. Arab/Asia alliance formed.

• 2008 - Temple desecrated and two prophets killed in Jerusalem.

• 2010 - Third World War. H-bombs used. Biological warfare causes the ‘boils’ pestilence. An asteroid falls, having broken up into three pieces, on California, Utah and western Nevada. California floods and sinks. The Earth’s crust slips relative to the rotation axis, giving a five-degree pole shift.

• 2011 - Three more asteroids hit Russia, causing a 10 pole shift.

• 2012 - An additional three asteroids strike China, causing another 10 pole shift. Japan and the Philippines are lost underwater.

• Undated prediction of the impact of  the ‘Wormwood’ asteroid on the Arabian Gulf.

The source of these asteroids will be Phobos, Mars’s moon, according to this study. Though unlikely, that scenario is possible. Phobos will be knocked out of Mars’s orbit and broken into seven fragments, which will then fall to Earth. The fragment that hits America will be broken into three pieces by the Americans with a missile attack. This is the red dragon with seven heads and ten horns prophesied in the Book of Revelation. After 2010, no children will be born alive until 2045.

The last child born will be a reincarnation of Adam, who will be born into a community of people, numbering 144,000, who will have collected together from all over the world. These people will be the reincarnated souls of the original followers of Moses. They will hold things together for 40 years until recovery begins in 2045.


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For those enamored with Sylvia Browne, here's a Wikipedia page that offers some interesting background on this popular psychic. People seem more concerned with predictions from her than any other seer.  The predictions below come from the site and, for the most part, refer to events that were to occur in 2006.  Always good to review things in hindsight:
  1. There is going to be an increase in plane crashes.
  2. The natural disasters we have been seeing in the past year will be just as bad or even worse in the coming year.
  3. New York and Los Angeles will experience an earthquake.
  4. The hurricane season will be just as bad -- we will have upwards of 30
  5. There will be major earthquakes in Mexico, India and volancoes going off everywhere.
  6. Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to lose.
  7. McCain and Kerry will announce their intention to run for the presidency.
  8. Bush's popularity will continue to decrease until he starts bringing the troops home.
  9. Bush will not be impeached.
  10. There will be no more train terrorism but truck terrorism is a concern.
  11. Britney Spears will divorce and then remarry.
  12. Bruce Willis will marry a 19-20 year old model.
  13. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are on the outs.
  14. Jennifer Aniston will remarry, but the hubby will not be Vince Vaughn.
  15. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will get married.
  16. MS and ALS patients will be pleased to hear about new discoveries with the hypothalamus gland.
  17. There will be a non-invasive manner of removing plaque from the heart and arteries that will eliminate the need for bypass surgeries
  18. SIDS will be discovered to be an allergic reaction to dairy products in infants.
  19. There will be a vaccine created for lung, colon and stomach cancer.
  20. The worries about the pandemic are completely unfounded.
  21. A hormone will be found that will keep people's weight off, making them feel full.
  22. Bush will start bringing the troops home.
  23. Aliens will reveal themselves in 2010.
Her predictions for 2007 were revealed on the Montel Williams Show in December.  Here are a few: Brad and Angelina will not last; a democrat will sit in the White House next time around; gas prices will go down in February.  For more, click here.

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"Before the time of the great Purification, they will make metal roads for iron horses and hang metal ropes in the air."

"First they will bring back pieces of the Moon which will upset the balance and unleash disastrous forces."

"Near the day of the Great Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky."

"The Purification will begin shortly after humans build a great house in the sky. By then there will be fires everywhere and greedy, selfish, power-mad leaders, internal wars."

For informative articles on Native American prophecy try these links:

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