j. l. navarro


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Poem for a Nude Woman


Your tender, blushing flesh, moist with

Steaming sweat, meets my rigid passion; 

Reaming your gorged soft cunt relentlessly

With bone-hard cock, I

Kiss your painted pouting lips and

Curl my horny tongue around your swelling breast.


I feel your heated body sprawled beneath me; the supple

Softness of your thigh meat in my hungry hand

Feels fine and firm to me.

White round buttocks lifts your hairy mound to meet

My ugly, thrusting thing, sweetly angered in its animal desire.


Fuck softly.

Churn your mesmerizing lust into our

Mutual maddened fervor. 

Long time honing your cherry love hole. 

Feel the streaming perspiration, slippery and cool,

Slither in crystal rivulets

Like molten beads between our glistening bellies.


Don't stop now.

"Fuck me hard, " I hear you whisper.

Recall the taste of marbled cock

Plunged deep into your luscious mouth.

With gusto now, permit your 

Gaping, lecherous wound to consume untiring lancing flesh.

Stroke the endless Rhythm of the Ages. 


And then you moan, "Fuck harder."


Feel the salty wetness coursing over curving

Limbs and fevered torsos, and call on Ero's

Death to quench your ceaseless

Unrelenting lust.


Harder still

With no remorse.

Hear the slurping sound of frenzied organs between

Your arched and yielding thighs.

Long time taking capricious pleasure.

Don't stop now.

Fuck harder still, headlong into the sweltering night.   


Come now, woman, slurp my goo into your

Fine tight cunt. Don't bitch.

Don't bitch no more to me 'bout how you need

A cock shoved deep into your hungry quim.


Take in my long thick thing and cream my

Crown with woman's cum, wash my cock

In velvet flesh and fuck me

Good tonight.


---from A Man with a Dirty Mind