j. l. navarro

Cantina El Gusano

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Illustration by Jeremy Jusay



In the dusty border town of La Boca del Diablo there is a cantina known to the locals as El Gusano. "The worm." It is widely believed that Pancho Villa built the original structure nearly a hundred years before to mystical specifications in order to speak openly with the devil. This arcane folklore is cloaked in mythical ambiguity, but the building nonetheless has unusual properties that make it peculiar in extraordinary ways. The configuration of the building is unusual in that there are no proper right angles, all the windows and door frames being shaped slightly off kilter; the walls and floor as well are not set in orthodox form. The oddly shaped building is discreetly located on the outskirts of the dust-laden town where its weather worn adobe exterior shields the uninitiated from the bizarre occurrences that take place inside its walls.



This story is included in The Blood Cake Vendor and Other Stories.


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