j. l. navarro

Where the Devil Lives

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The concept of Hell is a muddled state of consciousness that only the mind can overcome.

---anonymous demon

It's been said that the Internet is a metaphor for the collective consciousness of humankind; that if you look hard enough you can find whatever it is you're looking for.  Pete Olivetti believed this implicitly.  Being a lifelong student of the occult, he was convinced that it also held portals into other dimensions, places that were established by unearthly forces to entice, entrap, and seduce.  The problem was finding them, and knowing them when you did find them.  He had found a variety of bogus websites that claimed to possess occult power and willing to dispense this power to the right initiates, usually for a fee.  These were as legitimate as a three-dollar bill.  He knew what he was looking for and, so far, he had not found it. 




This story is included in The Blood Cake Vendor and Other Stories.


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