j. l. navarro

Wind and Sand

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Art work by Mary Wyant



On the outskirts of La Boca del Diablo, there lives a Zuni medicine woman who fashions creatures from wind and sand.  Some say she was there before the Conquest, and she was there long after the mushroom cloud of the first atomic blast settled over the desert floor.  Now and again, people saw her creations and knew they were hers when they crumbled before their eyes into what looked like mist from a distance, giving ample testimony that they were the work of the reclusive shaman.  People would glance at the sky and see a hawk in flight and then abruptly witness it come to earth as scattered sand.   Some people believed that she was created from the same fine grain because her settlement was never found in the same place within a week's time.  Her name was She Who Riddles.




This story is included in The Blood Cake Vendor and Other Stories.


Sample story.