j. l. navarro

Zeke's Dilemma

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Grant Cook



When all was said and done, Zeke Strange ended up with two mysterious penises growing on his forehead like snakes boring out of his skull.  Looking obscene and foreign, lengthy and thick, these peculiar appendages were capable of impressive erections that resembled fleshy insect antennas when plumped and gorged with blood.  Though the tissue stood tall and firm, they produced bone-dry orgasms, unable to ejaculate so much as a drop of semen.  A good thing, he thought, because he would most likely need two pair of testicles and spare prostates to complete the package.  When flaccid, the baffling penises hung down the sides of his face, away from his eyes, dangling past his chin like comatose eels, touching his chest.  These curious attachments appeared unexpectedly in his middle age seemingly out of nowhere. 




This story is included in The Blood Cake Vendor and Other Stories.


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