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j. l. navarro



Ancient yellow sun;
Brazen coastal seasons.
Foreign sky and
Seamless beauty
Glistening relentlessly
Against March winds.

Friendly fiendish females
Laughingly desire hot
Silky fingers flattening
Frolicsome figures forever.

Stay the moon.
The Watcher floats
Patiently from Heaven.
Time changes personal desire.
Planets strike fire.
Stars laugh tonight.

Today is found.
Rest yesterday's emotions.
Share new beginnings.
Repress the past.
Take boring time away.
Open the moment.

China sun curves beyond
The clouds.
The watcher shocks our nerves.
Lights break the calm.
Peace is never found.

Troubled peace rages.
Poison is poised.
The viper strikes.
Swift pain scuttles
Across the world.
Merciless fever comes

(This poem won on 6/1/01)

Silky radiance shone,
Lifted softly.
The sun seen free
In cradled fusion.
Time alone will laugh.

Blue fire soaring, holding
Children's lost desire,
Singing waves of wonder,
Cupping scented music
Of found peace.

The drought is found.
We awaken.
Stars crash and
Strike fire.
Heaven never interferes.
Time ends.

Soft moon floats in
Heaven, touching calm
Stars beyond strife.
Loud rain patiently
Crashing desired hopes.


Loud rain.
Calm laughter.
The Watcher lights
Heaven with strife.
Time patiently floats
Beyond the clouded sun.

Desire laughed;
Her smiles sleep
Softly in crystal
Memories, French
Kissing shimmering
Phantoms in eternal
Forgotten dreams.

Frumpy cheerleaders seek
Young children to caress
Golden beds of marigolds
Nestled in soft blue
Summer skies.

Evil desires crossed
Your silent mind.
Daggers remain bleeding.
Mocking lips laugh as
Cursed eyes demand
Love crimes.

Lady love travelling alone,
Sharing silky images of
Found desire and yesterday's
Very earthy laughter.

Swarming bees and birds
And singing saints surely
Reign in summer days of
Budding laughter.

You're a tweaker,
Without backbone,
Pretending your dog
Riko lives around
The neighbor's
Crumpled sofa.

Singing dolls laugh
At paper dreams.
Fresh vased flowers
Wasting lovingly away.

"I cuss till my voice
Hurts, lad," Dad explained.
"I dare any man to stand
Stronger epithets."

Silence knows our love.
Sadness hides my rage.
Falling words laugh their anger.
Tomorrow conceals my tears.

Darkness reigns through
Mangled cracks and rushes
On to silence's soft desire.

Magic shadows dancing in
The stealthy night.
Moon and prowling clouds
Ablaze in the open sky,
Pulling stars to earth.

Trees pushing the breeze
Against the crystal moon,
Sweetly whispered white
Lies in my ears.

Emerald mockingbirds scattered

In ruby skies.

Summer's sunburst season

Touching cradled fields.

Pensive moments resting

On distant dreams.


Cloudy sea mirrors

Yellow sun glistening.

Rivercat humming frenzied

Lies to laughing commuters.


Rain keeps crashing patiently.

Sun curves beyond heaven's

Lights, touching moon and

Planets and tingling stars.


Female end stirred into

Ploughed desire,

Caressing shared love

Beneath shim'ring waves

Of madd'ning laughter.


Time found our laughter

In scented recollections.

Your thoughts take soft

Desires to heart.


Come near and touch the
Songs, hear the whispers,
And taste the sounds of
Life's final symphony.

Mute man haunting

Displaced wombs,

Pumping unstoppable

Agony; slashing spasms,

Killing and burning. 


Beseeching death.



Star-filled skies like aging jewels.

Ocean heaving; wearied waves stretching.

Balmy seashore and moonlight breeze

Caressing weathered sands.


Insane and tingling,

You'll patiently break

The peace and crash the

Sun and moon beyond the

Planet's delicious strife.

Time will touch elsewhere,

Beyond China stars.

The Watcher stays awake.

In Heaven, nothing happens.

Changes interfere.  

Haloed piety whispers earthly
Desires to plump old men with
Repented hands and wet stigmata
On their bloomers.

Nagasaki twister pirouettes

Along the mushroom dancer's

Haloed cloud, plunging

Images of Hell adroitly in

Open-ended obliquely covered


Today we gather autumn's wilted
Faith and turn another year's
Resurrected hope and hungry
Heart's into winter's sunlit

Planets strike and stars
Stay calm beyond Heaven's
Tingling fire.
Love and sane desire cloud
The Watcher's lights. 

Dreams fly to
Stormy skies.
Again I die,
Laughingly aglow
In delicious ways.
Your smile blooms.

Flamboyant watermelons
In obese bonnets jazz it up
In hot fields listening to the
Pink summer breeze.

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